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  1. You know, in my travels around the internet I have come to realize that there is one common thread wherever I go that has an open comments section... It has become my online security blanket. That thing is comments by Don. No matter where on the internet I go, if it has a comments section, there he is. Well, except the crazy conspiracy theory sites and Solomon's blog... I think I'm probably the only SH user he hasn't banned yet.
  2. If you actually scroll all the way back to the intro for that page of hilarity, he ends the intro by saying " Together, maybe we can make the firearms community a better place. (but probably not) " dude is pretty much my hero now.
  3. General news thread

    At this point politics and professional wrestling are so close to the same thing that if you're not tuning in at least partially for the smack talk you'll just get your heart broken by the lack of real action.
  4. General news thread

    What I wouldn't give for Trump to tweet "if CNN says shithole one more time I'm gonna punch someone in the cocksucker" Just send these assholes straight into fucking orbit... Fuck Elon musk and Space X! Trump's Twitter account boosts shit to geosynchronous for pennies on the pound!
  5. Syrian conflict.

    Hey looser is that chick Partisan Girl by chance posting out of Australia?
  6. General AFV Thread

    Send it to Turkey they'll fix it...
  7. General news thread

    I can actually confirm the North Carolina Mayo thing... Only place I've ever been which had squeeze bottles of mayo sufficient for each table plus baskets of individual serving mayo packets in 3 different places on the Continental breakfast line at every hotel. Well at least we won't run out of f***ing mayo at BREAKFAST! on the plus side, no granola anywhere in sight.
  8. I Learned Something Today

    After 8 years in Portland Oregon (the actual capital don't listen to what those fuckers in that other place say Portland is the capital of Oregon and quite possibly the Western hemisphere, just ask any Portland native they'll tell you!) I came to Utah and went 2 weeks before I even SAW a pothole. Not only that but (including my multiple trips out to the hinterlands, aka everywhere in Utah that's not the "Wasatch front") I have yet to drive on a road that hasn't been resurfaced in the last decade! Even in Portland (the real capital of Oregon) the roads etc they're proudest of at best get a once a decade refresh and meanwhile the city has actually decided that neighborhood street upkeep etc is not what property tax money should go to at all... Going from Oregon to Utah has been as night and day different as when I used to cross back into Arizona after a week in Mexico. If they got this matchup that wrong I have no faith in any of the others.
  9. I Learned Something Today

    Yeah and showing Utah as lower quality than Oregon?! How high do you have to be? So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this study is full of shit... I really don't feel like I'm taking much of a risk by saying that
  10. I don't blame Israel at all for having "reservations" about technology transfer to India... If they don't outright steal your shit and back out of the deal they shit up your whatever's reputation by making shit tier "we coulda got better copies from dara" copies which they'll do everything they can to get into the legitimate supply line even if you have contract riders to prevent such failed qc items from leaving the factories. Basically, fuck India with a rusty spork
  11. General AFV Thread

    I did something kinda similar with a skidsteer once (except I overbalanced and dropped in nose first not sideways) but I like to think I'd be smart enough to keep a tank off of foot paths.
  12. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    I'm glad to see other people savage this SJW shitfest.... Says a guy who runs around with pretty much nothing but actual real empowered interesting and very tough women, unlike the shitty bitchy little do everything for me expect no credit and no respect for it cunty fifth wave what the fuck evers they murdered my beloved star wars with... Not that I have feelings one way or another about the movie or anything.
  13. Wow so check out the OSU Cassie robot... See mom, those battle tech novels weren't trash!
  14. Yeah it's a real thing... An example from my own life. I occasionally buy very unloved, but mechanically correct used tools and turn them into other home brew tools. It has never once occurred to me to sell something when I get rid of it for more than double what I put into it, and often I just give them away to make room for the next iteration. There are times when I've put ten or even twenty times my initial purchase price into what I have created. But since my name isn't Haas or Allen Bradley I don't expect anyone to recognize the value in my kit bash automation. I recognize that, I'm ok with it, I don't do it for the money... Realistically by the time I sell something I have either gotten a fair exchange of dollars to fun out of it, or it has pissed me off enough that just not seeing it anymore is worth whatever it costs to make it go away. I'm probably just weird though
  15. But I put a ton of money into this! Yup and that's how you made it worth $90 Also known as the this is why even Realtors don't talk about fucking sweat equity anymore effect! Turns out most people couldn't find style, craftsmanship, and or their own ass with both hands a set of flood lights a navigator a lead car a chase car and a god damn gps
  16. Even worse than tapco CBPRS.... Tapco for people who are stupid AND have too much money!
  17. General AFV Thread

    I take it none of you picked up on the 40mm CT autocannon that sits next to a breech loaded (but still variable charge accepting mortar) is also supposed to be TRIPLE FEED. Is anyone else mentally picturing this guy and sparky welding up a surplus power Ball drawing rig from the great state of Louisiana to use as some sort of demented link less feed drum for this fucker yet? Because I am
  18. This is why I have parts bins, and will take parts my buddies "don't need anymore" because they got this or that... If I decide to sell a gun i raid the bins to put it back as close to wallet neutral as I can manage. I actually fairly regularly engage in the gun guy's equivalent of arbitrage where I'll buy something, harvest it for parts, rebuild the gun from bin parts, and resell for a small "loss" compared to what I bought the gun for but nowhere near the "used prices" for the parts I harvested.
  19. The Aglockalypse

    It's nothing all that exciting. Just your average pretty vanilla g26 with g19 barrel and slide, Goshen hexsites (because they work for me), and +2 round base plates with the "pinky hook". The gun set up this way fits my body shape, preferred carry options, and wardrobe in a nice inoffensive way. It's a gun i can carry daily without tailoring my wardrobe or etc to the gun, yet can still shoot proficiently to much more than 21 feet if I were to ever really need to. For my life and my needs it's about perfect. It rides around with me at all times and leaves me that nice warm feeling of dependability / reliability that condoms and full coverage car insurance give me.
  20. Wow... Go Ruger!! That is altogether a pretty exciting offering. This is an offering that says, yeah you could get a hi point a sub2k or a budget AR based PCC... Or give us $50-$150 more and just get what you actually want! Considering that you don't have to piece anything together and even the MSRP price point, I'll be very surprised if this doesn't do extremely well.
  21. The Aglockalypse

    Lol this is how I ended up with a mutant g26 carry gun...
  22. The Aircraft Carrier Shitstorm Thread

    I know people who would pay to ride that ride
  23. The Body Armor Thread

    They got a tripod!! I am so excited for them... Feckin tripods are like the unicorns of sandland
  24. Yeah I counted a crap ton of things wrong with that... Even before you get to the highly specious individual "comparisons" As an example the gun tube life... Yes if you have WORSE metallurgy and gun production techniques AND several times the barrel life your cannon must obviously be superior.... Or it may not be able to pen an abrams to save it's life! One of the two