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  1. No, it's not Now as to the question you're really asking judging by the next page and a half of thread, former four star Generals are people who you definitely shouldn't blindly respect either. I mean, is what is going on right now incredibly disturbing because we see as many "high level people" talking the way they're talking right now? Fuck yes! The rule of law, the status quo, and the social contract have all catastrophically failed and the fucking rats are trying to position themselves as best as they can for whatever comes next based on the information they have available to them and the former allies they believe that they can still trust at least marginally. Now, the rest of the world laughing at us though.... Who the fuck cares? They're more inept corrupt unable to function and hypocritical than we ever thought of being! (That's definitely a bad thing mind you, the world is circling the toilet bowl I'll give you that) But seriously here, the brush you're painting Trump with really has far more to do with the stereotypical American total lack of awareness about foreign politics, political figures, and scandals being used as a sadly effective weapon against a sitting president by persons with their own agendas! I mean for the love of fuck Walter... Really? British politics= sodomy with a side of snobbery French politics= blowjobs between bouts of nepotism Don't even make me bring up India or fucking Germany here! Holy fuck! When you have a combination of unreasonable expectations and a lack of general awareness about politics other places, yeah trump might look like an unmitigated disaster and profound embarrassment to the nation. But honestly, I'd hoped more people could figure out that if Trump was ACTUALLY that much of an anomaly in those circles he never would have gotten in! (Silly me I also hoped said people would then start asking pointed questions about just what the fuck is going on in the beltway and board rooms of our media companies, so I guess we've all been making stupid ass assumptions about the intellectual capacity and curiosity of the American public... C'est la guerre and all that shit)
  2. The Aircraft Carrier Shitstorm Thread

    Wow... Thanks! Your references to putting in the cuts and the classified structural shenanigans this requires opens up a new perspective on several things.
  3. One was a shrub the other was a fucking idiot.... Still don't know which was which, but either way there's no points to be made meeting with a potted topiary nor a fucking retard
  4. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    On the plus side, you just bought an m4 today... Which is still pretty ridiculously awesome.
  5. Beautiful piece man! It always makes me happy to hear that a not jackass has gotten something that otherwise may have ended up in the hands of a jackass.
  6. Random Nuclear Stuff

    Tox, Rossi is a certifiable piece of human excrement scammer. A business he had before the e-cat thing was killed petrodragon and was supposed to be doing large scale hazardous waste remediation into benign and environmentally friendly stuff. He got busted instead taking the hazmat out to deep water and dumping it instead. I can't remember whether he actually did any jail time over this or not, but if he didn't he only barely avoided it.
  7. "Pigs" Have A Hard Job

    Amateurs... You're not supposed to get all the way undressed, if she's more than a C cup or less than 4 inches shorter than you wear combat boots for extra pedal reach, and it's really best if she can bump shift with her elbow while facing backwards if you're going to do it in a manual transmission car.
  8. Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    Am having flashbacks of American 180 laser sights...
  9. I Learned Something Today

    To think 50 or so years later my troop leaders started searching my backpack before trips after "the incident".
  10. That's a little scary. Realistically how safe would the mortar guys be? Would the first guy's face being more or less dead nuts aligned for him to boresight down the tube at least serve as sufficient ablative mass so that they don't lose the god damn mortar crew too?
  11. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    But mig 15.... !!! *Mumbles* See, this is why I just ask questions about this stuff at this point because it seems like everything I think I know from reading even reputable sources seems to be somehow tainted with stupid.
  12. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    So is it fair to say that between his ww2 and post war design efforts Kurt Tank was a legitimately pretty good aircraft designer?
  13. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    That project is pretty cool and will likely fit our needs quite well provided it's cheap enough and the adapter/mount Kits are too.
  14. I told them going long on Bitcoin was a mistake
  15. General news thread

    He's not, but in other news indictments were handed down against eastern European shit posters who appear to have went on an international carding junket and will never ever actually be prosecuted... Or really even be proven to exist / correctly identified. So fuck Duterte and him actually wanting to bring attention to a REAL ISSUE! WTF! If we start paying attention to real issues where will the madness end? Next thing you know people might actually want real change!
  16. General news thread

    Umm... My what big rocks you smoke? No those are not crack smoking implements, and further if you're gonna smoke cocaine off tinfoil that's not how you do that either... I reserve the right to not incriminate myself further, but yes I'm very certain of these things. (Note, that's not how you smoke heroin off tinfoil either) (Note 2, not meth either or even yaba etc)
  17. General news thread

    Just don't ride the Buffalo people sometimes keep in their back yards here and you should be fine... I rode the Buffalo, there's nothing more embarrassing than the property/Buffalo owner deciding it's not even worth shooting you or calling the cops because they're having too much fun watching the Buffalo try to kill you.
  18. That Tucker Carlson thing was unbelievably bizarre, I could not disagree with or roll my eyes at a single thing he said. What strange land is this where people like this are the last public voices of reason we have left?
  19. Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    That guy is a badass... Speed walking with his buddy over his shoulder like that, they should give him another wife or something. (Houthis don't seem like the medal giving types so I'm going for something practical here)
  20. Sturgeon can you help me out with a link here... My Google has decided to go full retard and I'm getting shit about ice hockey and college sports by search result 4 and the first 3 are crap too.
  21. Well damn the fake news types... I ran across it as I was getting ready for bed. Didn't check it very thoroughly.
  22. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    But but the boos all tell me that German planes were set up far better from the human factors standpoint!!! Did the boos lie to me?! Actually seriously, I do hear a lot about this human factors stuff and how they had automatic lean/rich adjustments and such to make their planes easier to fight (other than the ridiculously small cockpit thing I've read you guys talking about) so why the hell would they not have multiple axis adjustable trim? It's weird how they seem to have obsessed over micro details yet habitually screwed the pooch somewhere in the macro / system integration fields... Had to be all the meth, that shit'll do this to you every time!