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  1. Call me funny but I'm thinking it's based on it's little brother, this guy. http://patents.google.com/patent/US20100170385A1 I'm also really wondering if we'll see the Knight's rising chamber gun patent make an appearance as well... https://patents.google.com/patent/US20050262750A1/en This Knight's armament patent specifically.
  2. roguetechie

    Gun Science Library

    Meplat, the one Chinn was working on was blow forward. This one is a long recoil constant react/FOOB (firing out of battery) gun designed by Russell S. Robinson, it even lists him as the design engineer in this proposal. A whole bunch of Colt's proposals in this era came from them buying his company. (Robinson Improved Conventional Armaments / RICA) The SAR archives seem to have a pretty substantial chunk of them too including the CR-26 26mm gun/cannon, the lightning system, both his .50/.30 and 9x19 or .45 ACP SSB designs (but not his .30/.15 stuff), and I'm pretty sure that the GPAM had heavy involvement by Robinson and are all in the SAR archives. GPAM gun CR-26 feed system patent illustration CR-26 gun picture
  3. roguetechie

    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    The key thing to keep in mind with Tony and small arms is that his only purpose in writing anything / posting data is to support his slow dumpy low drag gpc concept. He quote mines worse than a young earth creationist with absolutely no hesitation. As far as he's concerned the answer is his gpc and he will straight to your face tell you that only western militaries will ever issue body armor en masse, smart optics can make up for the ridiculously slow time of flight his solution imposes, smart optics will open up engagement ranges that will let a force armed with his gpc pick off the enemy at their leisure at greater than 800 meters regularly, and that full auto fire is all but dead for military individual weapon purposes. Why will he tell you these things? Simple, because if even a single one of those things winds up not being the case his GPC basically becomes completely untenable. And yes, he has said every one of those things to multiple people more than once over the course of multiple years. It's frustrating to watch to say the least, but I'm not writing this because he pisses me off. I'm writing it because it's important for people to know that they're getting pitched not just having a conversation.
  4. Reading the YouTube comments on BF5 Official reveal reaction videos would likely cause the heads of several members of this site to explode. Like the guy who identified the US GI star sporting and OD green kettenkrad as a Churchill class universal carrier... I get that the wolverine claw prosthetic traumatized some people, but damn! Also what was up with that LMG? It looked kinda like an mg45 with ppsh-43 brake and a pistol grip from a STEN mk ii as a foregrip. I liked it personally, but it sure was strange.
  5. roguetechie

    AK vs. M16 Through History

    China reused everything it could of the hugely varied stocks it had accumulated by the end of the war between the Communists and nationalists. It's actually downright impressive, even if some of their solutions might have been a bit on the sketchy side.
  6. roguetechie

    Syrian conflict.

    That is far from the case and fuck you very much too... If you can get that from what I said, that says EVERYTHING about YOU. I have a problem with the person not the ethnicity religion or etc, which I have made quite clear. I hate assholes not JEWS ... I guess I have to be that fucking specific so I will be. I'd think it would be clear by how I can be very strident about certain political stuff with other posters, but if they post something about the Gerlach periscope I will happily discuss that with them and upvote posts of theirs that I like on other parts of the forum. It's my opinion which I reserve the right to have, and to change at any time should circumstances change. But I sure fucking won't let someone weasel out of having me say what I think because of some notional whatever that makes them somehow above reproach. And I also won't sit still and let people back handedly imply that I'm calling someone out because of some concealed racism rather than because I think they're being a smarmy asshole.
  7. roguetechie

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    Not as many as I used to be?! And I still like the guppy plane. At least Tox shares my appreciation for the guppy.
  8. roguetechie

    Syrian conflict.

    I can appreciate that, everyone has their own reasons for coming to the conclusions they do. The whole Israeli Palestinian thing is a complex issue with a metric shit ton of propaganda disinformation and et cetera constantly being spread by several dozen different interested parties Because of this it's inevitable that people's opinions will wildly vary. And a good portion of us are bound to have very good reasons to support what we believe even though we may all believe different things! I absolutely believe that you have very good reasons for feeling as you do, just like I have very good reasons for believing as I do. It's very possible for both of those things to be objectively true even if our views are in opposition.
  9. roguetechie

    Syrian conflict.

    I'm just going to leave it at thank you very much for so clearly and thoroughly demonstrating how spot on my issues with you are... This is precisely the arrogance and etc I was referring to which is an all too common ingredient in your posts. And for the record, I'm an American BITCH I can say whatever the fuck I please to you without needing an excuse or approval! Feel free to fuck yourself with a chainsaw if you have a problem with this. You don't get to dictate shit to me, and the sooner you realize that the sooner we'll get along.i give zero fucks about you or your voting habits etc.... Don't want me to call you out? Simple, don't be a smarmy smug arrogant little fuck and I won't.
  10. roguetechie

    General news thread

    The interesting thing is they appear to have fully figured out as a species that a human on a bike is an easy target. Now if only we could teach deer traffic safety.
  11. roguetechie

    General news thread

    No the arguments against aren't clever at all, on that I definitely agree. any time they get a chance to catch a significant number of the active terrorist group members in the open where they can kill them is a good thing all around. I have no issues separating my dislike for individuals from my support for or against a cause. Israel's choosing to handle this right now is also perfectly understandable and a great choice. The Saudis have kinda given them a green light, they have a president in the US who has their backs, Syria is kinda busy at the moment, and Iran is too... They've done a great job at doing this at a time when it's most likely to be accepted as a fait accompli by people outside of their borders. And morally, they did the most reasonable people can expect them to by reaching out one last time with stern warnings about the consequences of rejecting their overtures. I don't honestly see how it's even a question of who is in the right on this one, and I think it sucks for Israel that they get called the devil no matter what.
  12. The US Navy has a Marine mammal program too that seems to do pretty similar things to what they were doing there. (I say seems because the information is pretty tightly controlled and there isn't much to go on) My thinking is that they obviously must have some pretty substantial advantages to be worth the cost and etc. One of the things I've heard is that they may be used against enemy combat swimmers.
  13. roguetechie

    General news thread

    Jeeps, To be clear, I fully support Israel on this one which is why if you go back and reread my post to Zuk you'll see that i focused on the messenger and the delivery. I know that these days there's really not a lot of subtlety to most online shit flinging, but in this case it really was just about me calling out a jackass for being a jackass. I don't particularly care whether a jackass is on my side or the other, I'm still going to call them out for being a jackass! Really, I'm much more likely to call out jackasses I happen to share a position with because them spouting their jackass bullshit inherently weakens a position I believe in. It's for the same reason that I'll smile and say that's nice to some frothing at the mouth special ed field trip escapee engaging in a rousing harangue for the other side. They are doing more damage to their own position than I ever could, so it's in my best interest to let it continue. Just like gun owners by and large police themselves when they see unsafe behavior and et cetera. It's obviously better for us to handle it in house where it doesn't become one more anecdote aimed squarely at separating us from our rights.
  14. roguetechie

    Syrian conflict.

    I'd like to be enlightened too since I'm actually 99% sure your view and mine are diametrically opposed on this issue LOL. He is so incredibly arrogant though that he apparently believes that any criticism of him is a criticism of Israel... The reality though is all I was ever saying was that he comes across as so immensely smarmy and unlikable that even people like me who fully support Israel want to knee jerk react and rescind that support because of the way people like him condescend, patronize, and otherwise just plain serve as absolutely horrible spokespeople for their cause. But I guess we're on the same side or something, don't worry it shocked me too.
  15. roguetechie

    General cars and vehicles thread.

    +1 used cars shouldn't come with Chlamydia.
  16. roguetechie

    General news thread

    You're right I really don't have to be rude about it, but it's almost a guarantee that when I see something as asinine as what you just said I will be. The truly sad thing is you almost certainly don't see that your choosing to respond that way will sour people to actions that they'd otherwise see as legitimate. Me for example, I actually don't see anything wrong with the things going on now but because of the arrogance, dishonesty, and overall disgustingly patronizing way you "made your case".... It's a fight for me not to knee jerk WANT to find some reason I can condemn it! Bluntly, every time you speak up for your cause and your nation you do it damage by being so monumentally easy to hate.
  17. roguetechie

    General news thread

    Wow, really! Well thank God we have you here to tell us what to think.
  18. I would have made one helluva deliverator or a courier that's all I'm saying damnit! Plus the old guy gate guard rode a horse that I imagine to be a very futuristic version of the fascist mechanical horse i posted awhile back.
  19. roguetechie

    General news thread

    I'd be kinda interested in just what could be done in the way of an unlimited class human at this point. Like with so many cool things out there the biggest key would be "informed enthusiastic consent" on the part of those really going down these roads, but the reality is it's going to happen one way or another... If we at least formalize it and keep it above board where it is visible we will have a better handle on curbing the worst of the excesses. People will get hurt, they will drastically decrease their lifespans, they will have totally unnecessary amputations and augmentations, and if it's in the open we will at least have a hope of remediation of the suffering of the human wreckage as well as actually learning from what will be done either way.
  20. roguetechie

    General news thread

    Honestly when it comes to high level athletics and etc, I really honestly don't see the big deal other than maybe just outright going NHRA / IPSC and having an unlimited and a super stock class to keep the playing field level.
  21. roguetechie

    General news thread

    In other news Sammy Sosa and Mark Maguire held a press conference earlier today calling for 7 MLB starting players to be drug tested because "No one who isn't juicing can play like that".
  22. Wow, I don't think two people could get much different things out of the same books! FWIW Snow Crash and The Diamond Age are a story arc (which is why we see hiro and YT return, in the Diamond Age) and I got a very different message from the two than you did. And yeah, I saw the neo boxer rebellion connections, but you apparently missed the subtleties of how it went down. (the interesting part) Security is an illusion and the world may seem more dangerous and quick to go south on you in a very impersonal and soul crushingly completely random way, but that's just more of the length of the handle of the flyswatter which can smash your ass out of nowhere. (Yay technology) At it's core the message I got from the fiction i read was that technology will never build the bright shiny future people expect it to, only people can do that. It resonated with me, and I think others, but I also had it beat into my head that if we want that shiny future shit's gonna have to get bloody one way or another.
  23. That is exactly how I do think of it, and I even go as far as to happily admit that I'm glad it's being done. Because, frankly, it's better for me the people I care about and the developed world if it stays over there.... Plus I grew up reading shadowrun, playing cyberpunk 2020, and worshipping burning chrome and all tomorrow's parties so the whole desert wars thing never caught me off guard. Thanks to YouTube liveleak GoPro and et cetera we very much live in the world the scifi I read as a teenager told me to expect. My girlfriend and I were just talking today about several of our friends who have in the last few years made career and lifestyle choices that put us well on the way to snow crash and it's sequel the diamond age... (Right down to China going balls out at 3d printing and open source) I'm not surprised by any of it, and while I don't look forward to the time of suckage we appear to be on the precipice of, I feel deep down that enough of the right moves have already been made for us to muddle our way through to the brighter tomorrow I know is possible. I'm pretty sure that everything I've just said makes me an asshole, and a smug one at that, but this too I am ok with.
  24. Other than the whole both sides having the backing of a major power and owning ballistic missiles part, this rather endearingly reminds me of learning to fight on hockey skates.
  25. So basically Saudi Arabia's strategy will be to try and retain consciousness and hope iran hurts itself bouncing Saudi Arabia's head off the pavement / the Americans show up fast?