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  1. I don't know why you think it was a nightmare to repair, replacement of springs was something that could be done at company repair workshops without much difficulty. As for taking up room inside the vehicle, the British actually praised this solution because it did not increase the height of the tank or require skirts like their own tanks had. Although the British always had a pretty complicated relationship with suspensions.

    Actually I wonder, there is nothing stopping one from making a tank with both interleaved road wheels and a Christie suspension...

  2. 11 hours ago, Alex C. said:


    The CIA knew about it in 1953 according their archives:





    The new Soviet gun was described as fitted with a 30-round magazine, a “wooden” or “wire” folding stock, and a “handle grip.” The agent also describes the AK-47’s gas piston operating system, describing a “gas returning metal tube” that caused the bolt to recoil and eject a spent cartridge. Overall, the new weapon was described as “very similar to the German World War II submachine gun,” probably meaning the German StG-44 assault rifle. The new submachine gun round is described as “somewhat longer than for the PPSh (submachine gun) and the top of the projectile is more pointed.”


    Obviously this is limited information but between then and ‘56 they almost certainly found out more about the gun.


    They talk a lot about the collapsible wire stock on the "German submachinegun", so it's probably the MP-40.


    Although maybe one could argue that the CIA started the rumour that the AK is a clone of the Stg.44 ;)

  3. Anyone played Battle Academy 2? It's on sale and seems pretty good, but I've played Slitherine's earlier offerings and they were WAY too dense for me. 




    Also Steel Division 2 is steeply discounted, can anyone recommend that?



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