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  2. If you're referring to Andrei's death wave torpedo, that "could" be something like it I guess, but this was back in the 50s-60s when Hydrogen Bombs were first discovered. It was called the T-15 and, while it was supposed to be carried on the outside of the delivery submarine due to the massive projected size (1500mm in Diameter), that's probably not it.
  3. I don't know, Andrei Sakharov did once propose putting the warhead of the Tsar Bomba in a torpedo in the very early 60's before he turned into an activist, the idea being to clear a naval base or an area of a coastal city with a tsunami before an amphibious landing. As far I know the idea just stayed on paper though.
  4. General AFV Thread

    They do offer armor upgrades actually. (As well as some other newer options that didn't exist at the time the VT4 just came out.) Edit: not sure if it's the exact package as used on the VT5, but extra passive and ERA for the sides and other areas is now offered for the VT4 design to clairify.
  5. HAHA, We have outwitted dirty Putin tactics by simply calling them what the designation sort of looks like! American (and Seafood everywhere) wins again!
  6. That's the thing, I don't actually know why it was made. And yeah, the receiver and barrel are surely significantly beefier than on the QJY88, you can tell just by looking at it. (I'm guessing because it's harder to fuck with a co-axial or other vehicle location mounted machine gun if it overheats or some shit than an infantry served one.)
  7. The Shipwreck News Thread

    Well you see it's not our coast so there's no reason to care good sir.
  8. Greatest things in life. 1. Hailing Satan 2. Stealing post content from Akula. Solenoid fired 5.8mm machine gun.
  9. Can confirm, new pistol is really good if you're not dirt poor ingame. It's still not going to do much to "FORT" (clearly not Ratnik) armor ingame, but it blasts right through Kiver and PACA.
  10. General AFV Thread

    How are Israelis so good at the art of flipping over Tanks and other AFVs? It honestly baffles me.
  11. To be fair to the designers, it does seem like a perfectly thought out design for any countries that do have such strict regulations. I could see it being viable, though re zeroing the scope after every dismount would be a bitch.
  12. Surprisingly it looks pretty good, I like how it's not perfect because a lot of video games make thermal scopes absolutely perfect when, unless you spend an absolute fuck load on one (I have one for my M300 that was over $20,000, It's basically military grade and incredibly good but, even then not magical arcade video game bullshit good), they're not even close to how they're portrayed in video games. Like how some won't even take into account background interference/surrounding object temperature or various atmospheric conditions. They've said they're not finished with the Thermal scope yet since they need to fuck with the game engine first to get it 100% accurate but, I'll wait and see how that turns out when it happens.
  13. If said custom work was done for someone really famous and they (or their family after they die) sell it afterwards? ......realistically speaking though, no.