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  1. Killing Pluto

    This topic is a bit late. https://www.amazon.com/How-Killed-Pluto-Why-Coming-ebook/dp/B003F3FJTG
  2. That's impossible, you're literally asking Reddit users to use tools they straight up don't have. Just don't worry about them, you actually have an audience here (and people who read here who will spread it) that actually have to ability to think.
  3. I remember that, Sun_Leader or something like that right?
  4. Well being that both hardcore WT/WoT forum posters and pretty much all of Reddit in general (not just the WT section) have a pretty big reputation of being home to some of the biggest autistic basement dwelling horsefuckers on the English speaking web, I wouldn't worry to much about being attacked here by that demographic. Also thanks for more writings. Funnily enough, it was never really Waffentrager that bothered me though, It was the fact he was too connected to Daigensui/Sumeragi that always raised questions though. (if you need to ask who that is, spare yourself the mental agony of finding out.)
  5. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

  6. Come to think of it, I was thinking about this. Was the Sterling SMG family the last good indigenous UK gun design before their small arms design ability turned to India level or am I missing any?
  7. @Sturgeon You have a good eye by the way, I went back today after reading up on them and it is infact a pre import model, apparently the guy who owned it sold it because he was near bankruptcy and unfortunately just had to sell a lot of shit according to the story. Even before he told me it was rated at 90% condition, I would've easily believed him as I looked it over beforehand and It's in beautiful shape. TLDR: I now have an RPK clone I guess, kind of wish it was an RPK-74M clone but hey, what can you do?
  8. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    You forgot the STAFF. .....5th times a charm maybe possibly?
  9. Oh, funnily enough that's EnsignExpendable's website, he's posting in here right now.
  10. I have another photo of the Cartridge, but you have to promise not to share it since Akula had to pay the owner money for the rights to it and the rest of the documents it came in.
  11. Asking price was $1,200, but the Gun Library clerk said he'd do $1,100. Fuck, I should go back.
  12. Saw this and legit wanted it, but I don't really know much about the reputation of the manufacturer or how well they do in the art of RPK-foo (But RPKs are fucking radical man.) Armory USA, some company out of Houston.