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  1. Youtube general?

    And here I thought Maddox faded into obscurity like the talentless hack he was back in the early 2000s. This retard is still relevant to anyone?
  2. Bash the F-35 thred.

    To be fair, that's not really a fair question since you could apply that to literally every "modern" weapons system known to man.
  3. I'm.....optimistic I'll have one by no later than January. .....Though, seeing the production numbers on them and how many get shipped here, I expect said optimism to be dashed into bits like a group of jihadists inside of a room with a Voitenko Compressor going off.
  4. General news thread

    Ok YES, so it could be alot worse, but at least the coup leader doesn't have "near record shitting on economy", "deposing people of certain skin colors so that other farmers could have their lands" and "literal ethnic genocide" on his list like Mugabe yet. .......not that we know of at least.
  5. General news thread

    I'm actually hoping the coup runners are successful on this one, I mean they can't possibly be worse than Mugabe himself can they?
  6. DRDO; India's Porsche

  7. Bash the ATD-X thread

    Well you see, an aircraft must meet the requirement of "being able to actually fly."
  8. Bash the ATD-X thread

    That and unlike the Japanese, the Chinese have advanced to the point where their aerospace industry can design and manufacture aircraft without outside help with the JH-7B, J-20 and J-31 being proof of that. (Look at all of Japan's previous fighters, even their "indigenous" ones would've been impossible without US assistance. I'll be fair and not count the J-10 since there is some circumstancial evidence that GD helped with the original project.) It's like, The USA, Russia, China, and some Euro nations like France and Sweden are really the only ones left capable of designing competitive aircraft these days without outside assistance, Though I'm sure I'll get bitched at for forgetting someone.
  9. Comrade Ensign you must tame the beast that is of communist letters! (Akula missed her chance to post this because AKULA IS DOG!)
  10. Yeah It's 100% a small sized primer, here's an overhead view for a better shot. And for those of you who have never seen standard .45 ACP with a large pistol primer, here's a fired Federal HST round casing in .45 ACP.
  11. Yeah it was Herter's. Basically, I bought 2 boxes of these just to try them out in my FNX-45 Tactical, I expected the failure possibility to be high because, not only of the odd jacket but the fact I haven't used aluminum cased ammunition very much, it's also unusual that even the .45 ACP variant uses a small pistol primer instead of a large. The fact it''s like 100% budget ammo also didn't help my concerns. .....Surprisingly I had zero malfunctions in the slightest and the Nylon jacket left almost no noticeable bore fouling and it cleaned out about as easy as any copper or brass coated bullets after a day of shooting. The trend of Polymer coated bullets may be an actual thing to look into.
  12. I bought some (I think Herter's?) ammunition from Cabela's while visiting relatives that had a blue Nylon coating and an aluminum case. Federal is late to the party when even store specific brands are doing it.
  13. I'm not sure if this the reason with the US tested FALs in particular but, "disposable" magazines for the longest time were anything but disposable, and actually rather expensive a pain in the ass to properly manufacture. Might've been in the event magazines were low on supply but ammo was more abundant. (at the end of WW2 for example, MP44s had far less impact than people will have you believe, you'd be lucky to even get 30-60 rounds for one, even luckier still to actually get a damn magazine and blessed to get 2 to use them for the damned things.)
  14. Which is why most of the talking I do regarding the PLA is done on the Chinese speaking parts of the internet very few dare to venture into.
  15. 8x57mm Mauser and 7.92x33mm Kurz were designed during that time and the Germans are always right about everything. CHECKMATE ATHEISTS!