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  1. There's like, literally 2 licensed gun shops that have an import partnership to the US so far because they're rare as fuck. ....And they're sold out every time I call both of them
  2. Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    "I understand bringing the Enfield, but was the 1907 pattern bayonet necessary?" "You really need a surplus flamethrower to defoliate the camp site?" "Is bringing an AAVP-7A1 to this park and the boating docks even legal?" "Why are you pointing the pre B CZ75 at ME!?"
  3. Hahaha I actually know who this is.
  4. Bash the J-20 thread.

    Honestly I'm going with the theory still that they were just doing a functions test, or maybe seeing if it did work with the guidance system of the 90mm guided rocket systems. 2002 is an old plane, it will never see service so I doubt they'd go through that much trouble without seeing if it works at all first.
  5. Bash the J-20 thread.

    I edited the post but, as I said in the edit, my theory is that, since the testr plane they used is number 2002 which is the second oldest prototype, maybe they just use it to test strange shit like this at this point.
  6. Bash the J-20 thread.

    Actually they've had guided 90mm rockets for quite a long time now, I just think that the J-20 of all planes is perhaps the most bizarre choice yet as a mounting platform even though model number 2002 is the second oldest of all the prototypes so it's likely just used as a test bed for random things at this point. (these are likely training or unguided rockets though.) It's an old post so the comparison picture between the BRM1 and the standard unguided rockets got wiped when the forum updated to version 4.2, I reupdated the it though.
  7. Bash the J-20 thread.

    Has the PLAAF's obsession with mounting 90mm rockets on everything gone too far?
  8. Oh yeah, We have Gun Fu Guru to take his place as CEO ultra fanboy prime though.
  9. The Whirlybird Thread

    Somwhere in Kentucky, @Meplat has already though of 50 ways to weaponize this.
  10. DRDO; India's Porsche

  11. DRDO; India's Porsche

    Hey, that's like, double the budget of the Tejas design program.