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  1. True, but he did mostly the same process as that for vodka, but for a pretty simple deviation to make good ol' yeast-feed.
  2. First step in vodka production.
  3. The Crossout thread.

    Strange build: Backwards-facing Executioners, why?
  4. Best SS reenactor

    No matter what you do, I don't think any scenario regarding the composition of the Nazi Party is Goering to win them the war.
  5. Swords And Their Historical Context

    Weebs are bad people.
  6. Youtube general?

  7. Lets talk about languages

    Since I've been studying Latin in school and also Russian in my free time, I've been noticing some curious patterns regarding the inflections of each. The verb conjugation endings are nearly identical between the two, but noun declension is way, way different. To show: Russian 1st conjugation verb endings: Latin: Singular Plural Singular Plural -yu -yem -o -amus -yesh -yetye -as -atis -yet -yut -at -ant But if we look at nouns, it's totally different. For starters, Russian has an extra case compared to Latin, the instrumental, used when something is an instrument in an action. In Latin this would just be another use for the accusative. Russian 1st declension noun endings: Latin: Singular Plural Singular Plural Nominative -a -i -a -ae Genitive -i (noun stem) -ae -arum Dative -ye -am -ae -is Accusative -u -i -am -as Prepositional -ye -akh -a -is Instrumental -oi -ami I can see how they would be somewhat similar, both being Indo-European languages, but why one part of speech would be inflected so similarly, but the other so differently. Also, question for better Russian-speakers than me: How, in speech, are Й and И distinguished?
  8. Forum Improvements and Changelog

    New smiley suggestion:
  9. The Mustelid Appreciation Thread

    Oh, Texas, never change.
  10. Best SS reenactor

    Short Nazis got... Short Nazis got... Short Nazis got... No reason to live...
  11. The Mustelid Appreciation Thread

  12. Folk tales

    Cool collection of Russian folk tales: https://russian-crafts.com/russian-folk-tales.html
  13. The Meteorology Thread: Irmagerd

    Due to all the fires in Washington and Montana nearby, where I am in North Idaho it's been... interesting weather-wise. The air smells smoky, everything has a reddish tint, AND THE SKY IS FUCKING PINK.
  14. Youtube general?

    Worst Star Wars remake I've ever seen.
  15. Are different strains of yeast very picky about the types of sugars they will process? I know certain brewer's yeasts are labeled as beer or wine yeast, will "beer yeast" only work with the sugars in cereal grains for example, or does it just do better with those as opposed to, say, grape sugars?