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  1. Mogensthegreat

    Lets talk about languages

    New History Channel show: Cowboys and Vikings https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXCxNFxw6iq-Mh4uIjYvufg/featured This chanel would be equally appropriate in the General Archaeology Thread, as this guy has tons of videos about Norse Myth as well as the Old Norse language.
  2. Burgonet (2,15 kg: steel, silver and gold, false-damascened, gold-leaf, roped, Germany 1560 French close helmet with a crest in the shape of a dragon, ca. 1630 Gilded helmet of General George Castriot, Italy, ca. 1460 Griffon Bourguignotte by Negroli (c1540-1545) A morion helmet lavishly decorated with historical, mythological, and biblical subjects, including portraits of Alexander the Great and Sabina, wife of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Brunswick, ca. 1560
  3. Golden neckpiece from the royal grave at Tolstaja Mogila kurgan. Scythian, Ukraine, 400 BC. Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the world, 5th century BC. Scythian @Collimatrix Are either of these in your Scythian Art book?
  4. Boar spear, Austria 1680 149.9 cm, 1,6 kg or 3.5 lb steel, brass, staghorn, leather, wood, and silk velvet
  5. Mogensthegreat

    I Learned Something Today

    TIL that average height in Europe is still lower today than it was in pre-Neolithic times. https://ourworldindata.org/human-height#mesolithic-times-middle-ages-subsistence-societies-and-modern-foragers
  6. Mogensthegreat

    Lets talk about languages

    https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/influence-of-mongolian.2588910/ Apparently the Russian words денги (money) and лошадь (horse) are Mongol loanwords.
  7. This is clearly a ploy to delegitimize the totally trustworthy and important and one hundred percent relevant press even more and get more people to actually keep up on what's acctually happening listen to his awful, racist evil twitter... and... and... breitbart is bad... and alex jones.. and... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/08/trump-farm-bureau-federation-nashville/1014464001/ Oh come on, and this is obviously a distraction to make us ignore all the concentration camps he's building... and... charlottesville... and... racism... and... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/08/trump-signs-bill-upgrade-martin-luther-kings-birthplace-national-historic-park/1015174001/ Ooh, a POLL that shows Trump's approval is down! Remember how all the polls we've ever cited have been 100% accuate?!?! This PROVES he's going to get impeached! Blue Wave! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/opinions/wp/2018/09/03/maybe-trumps-incredible-poll-drop-is-real/?utm_term=.a948b1703790
  8. Mogensthegreat

    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    Definitely not part of the Illuminati.
  9. Oh, so it's not the Russians, it's the Dutch under @Bronezhilet puppeting the US?
  10. Mogensthegreat

    Ornithology Updates

    Hummingbirds are total goddamn bastards. So, due to the drought here in Colorado, my dad has set out some hummingbird feeders on the front and back porch. The hummingbirds, wasps, and chipmunks flock to it, because there is nothing else in like 12 miles for them to get delicious, delicious sugar from. Now, there are two kinds of hummingbirds in the area: rufous hummingbirds and broad-tailed hummingbirds. Rufouses have orange coloring and a flourescent red/orange throat and broad-tails are bright green with red throats. Both are attracted to the feeder, but there is one key difference: RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS ARE COMPLETE ASSHOLES. There are two rufouses and about a dozen broad-tails that gather at the feeders, and whenever a broad-tail goes to the feeder, the rufous (one of them stays at each feeder) comes and chases his ass away. If there are two, he chases both away. if there are six broad-tailed hummingbirds, the rufous will chase every single one of them off one after another, stopping only to eat for himself. I have seen this occur at least once at each feeder. I knew rufous hummingbirds were more aggressive, but jesus... This is why the Aztec war god Huitzilopotchli's name means "hummingbird of the south". This is why the rufous hummingbird is my new avatar.
  11. Mogensthegreat

    Youtube general?

  12. CNN still doesn't understand many things about Trump, shockingly.
  13. Comrade Dogski is greatest Soviet agent!