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Found 1 result

  1. Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Ending and consuming lifeforms

    This is a thread about hunting, fishing, and otherwise obtaining wild animals for sustenance or other purposes. I have fished and hunted a ton throughout my life. I can give you guys some great jerky recipes if so interested. This is also a place to make fun of hunters. Because hunters are people too, and thus stupid. This is a place to make fun of the "I gotta git mah three hundred mangum fer mah white-tail", the "Damned black rifles ain't sportin", the "if you ain't spendin' $10,000 to kill a deer ya ain't really huntin'", people. Because, my GOD. I hate that shit. I can't stand hunting shows. I can't stand the people that take it super seriously. I can't stand the people that don't clean their own kill or wait hours to get the skin off of the deer. Then they complain about the "Gamey" taste of the meat. No shit you idiot. Hunters can be so incredibly stupid, it's absurd. So flame away guys. Because hunting is simple, 90% luck, and 10% common sense. TOXN TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING TRIGGER WARNING It's Thanksgiving, and I spent some time in a blind on a small piece of property my family owns. Went out today with my m44. My girlfriend went with me. But that's beside the point. Took a doe. A very fat doe. The fattest damned doe I've ever skinned out. We skinned it out and put the meat on ice (What meat was left, really). Two back straps, two hams, and tender loins. Left the shoulders, since it wouldn't have been worth trying to salvage them. 203 Grain Brown Bear soft points, destroyed both shoulders and lungs through the rib cage. It took about 20 steps, and I found it in the woods just a short distance. Deer run when shot. I've only ever had one deer ever drop within a few yards of where I'd shot it. And it was with a 30-30 (Don't tell Sturgeon). I've tracked deer for 100+ yards that didn't have lungs or a heart anymore. Distance was about 70 yards (or 800 yards in George Hill metrics). Bayonet was out. It had to be, in case the beast charged me.