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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!

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No idea where this rumormonger came from, obvious full of nonsense, nothing is true in fact.<_<

What he said such as the magic ceramic/composite applique armor tiles on 99 and 96 which is a 10+ years old rumor widely spreaded in Chinese forums and other internet platform..

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6 minutes ago, HAKI2019 said:

3D MODEL https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5963550108?red_tag=018160103935041d504fc2d5628c1ebaa7ea1190ef76c66c26

  Reveal hidden contents











   Pictures didn't loaded for me, re-uploading them to imgur from the link (thanks for it).















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Type 05 AAAV has the V12 150HB engine from the Type 99 MBT.


The output on water is 1580 hp and reduced to 700 hp on land. During high speed water operation, it uses sea water intake for additional cooling for both the engine and the intercoolers. There's a new quad-turbo prototype of this engine that output 2100 hp on water.  

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