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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!

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On 3/30/2019 at 9:20 PM, Akula_941 said:

just an improved protection Type-59-1 prototype, nothing too fancy,what they are researching are likely used on Type-69-2A



Very interesting tank. Are there any other images of this machine? Perhaps this is a prototype of Type 69-I tank.

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   From Dambiev


   In the announcement of the Chinese analogue of the television program "Military Acceptance", footage inside the Chinese heavy IFV VN-17 developed by the China Ordnance Industry Group (a subsidiary of the Chinese military-industrial corporation Norinco) were shown for the first time.
   VN-17 is the new heavy 30-ton IFV based on the VT-5 light tank with a 30-mm automatic cannon and HJ-12 new generation ATGM.

   HJ-12 AFAIK are something like MMP or Spike, "4th" gen ATGM.


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   New Chinese assault amphibious APC. Screens stolen from Dambiev's LJ and otvaga. Looks like vehicle is armed with 8 unguided rockets and mine-clearing rocket with linear charge. It is also equipped with mine clearing knifes in front of the tracks.







   Probably 2 rockets are located here, according to rails.













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7 hours ago, Scolopax said:

I recall this getting posted in here a while back. So it's an APC and not a dedicated breacher vehicle, or perhaps it is somewhere in the middle and carries engineers?

   There is no much info that i saw about it, i suspect it is no longer proper APC, but a dedicated amphibious breacher vehicle that can work just after making its way to the land.

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   VP22 MRAP


   As reported in the program "Science and Technology of National Defense", aired on the Chinese television channel CCTV7, units of the People's Liberation Army of China began to receive armored vehicles of increased protection VP22. The armored car was developed by Norinco Corporation and has a 6x6 wheel formula. Its layout is reminiscent of a Russian armored vehicle of high security "Typhoon-K".















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