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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!

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On 3/30/2019 at 9:20 PM, Akula_941 said:

just an improved protection Type-59-1 prototype, nothing too fancy,what they are researching are likely used on Type-69-2A



Very interesting tank. Are there any other images of this machine? Perhaps this is a prototype of Type 69-I tank.

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Interesting photo from the Internet:


Original text:

"Chinese BK1850 main battle tank. Basically, it's WZ1224 brought to working condition. Funny that it had autoloader for 17 rounds, but it couldn't switch ammo type"

From this page

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   Forgot to post the Most important vehicle of this parade



   Few more pics of ZTZ-99A







   I guess monitor in front of the driver is for parade only.



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   From Dambiev


   In the announcement of the Chinese analogue of the television program "Military Acceptance", footage inside the Chinese heavy IFV VN-17 developed by the China Ordnance Industry Group (a subsidiary of the Chinese military-industrial corporation Norinco) were shown for the first time.
   VN-17 is the new heavy 30-ton IFV based on the VT-5 light tank with a 30-mm automatic cannon and HJ-12 new generation ATGM.

   HJ-12 AFAIK are something like MMP or Spike, "4th" gen ATGM.


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