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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!

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Type 91 improved IFV variant of the Type 90 series of export APC, excellent little workhorse vehicle.


Hopefully it attracts some sales here.

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MZD-2 Dual Purpose cluster munition designed for use in various delivery systems, this has actually seen combat in the form of various insurgent and rebel groups in the Middle East mainly.






With a multi tool for scale.


And an AA battery. (the one on the right is an M-42)




Inside showing the HEAT cone within the plastic casing holding the 3mm steel BBs



Fragments and shrapnel from a recovered casing after being used in 122mm rocket systems by Hezbollah, Circa 2006.



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AFAIK that thing mounted near muzzle is laser for training games. Type 89 is a TD that was made to counter hordes of Soviet T-72s. It is a primarly direct fire vehicle with 120 mm gun (later China accepted 125 mm guns for MBTs).

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I don't know, Calli. Although it have IFV-like armor - around 50 mm in the frontal parts.

Type 89 is like combination of Merkava, Gvozdika/Akatsia and Sprut-SD, modern SU-152 Taran :-D


Rear door.

Strange vehicle for modern days.

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Chassis of that TD looks familiar, but i don't remember where i saw it.

Type 89 internal layout. Ammunition is in same places as with Merkava tanks (Siman 4 have several rounds in turret bustle)


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This is ZBD 08, looks like BMP-3 backwards - engine is in the front and "Troichatka" in the ~rear part of hull. Kurganets with unmanned version of BMP-3 turret will probably look similar to ZBD 08.


















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