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   Ka-52 are going to receive Izdelie 305/LMUR long range ATGM



   The upgraded Ka-52M combat helicopter, armed with the new “Product 305” long-range missile, is due to complete state trials by October 2022, according to materials posted on the government procurement website.

   “Participation in the state joint trials of Ka-52M helicopters in terms of modernization. Refinement of helicopters according to the results of the SJT. Deadlines: beginning - December 1, 2020, ending - September 30, 2022, ” TASS reports the text of the documents.


   During the modernization, the Ka-52 will receive a new long-range missile “Product 305”, which was previously armed with the Mi-28NM attack helicopter. The materials of public procurement indicate that the new machine will receive a unit for interfacing with this missile, a launcher for it, and a command radio line for using new missile.


   In addition, the helicopter will be equipped with a new round-the-clock sighting system, new on-board communications and data exchange systems, a new fire control system, new satellite navigation system and others.
   According to the materials, the first two helicopters will be created before the end of November this year by re-equipment and refinement of existing machines. The transfer of gunships for flight testing should take place before May 31, 2021.





KA-52M helicopter makes first flight


   In AAK "Progress" of the Russian Helicopters holding (part of the Rostec State Corporation), the first flight of a prototype of the newest modernized Ka-52 helicopter took place.


   The new Ka-52M helicopter is equipped with an upgraded optoelectronic system with an increased target detection and recognition range, a new digital drive, which will improve the aiming accuracy when firing a cannon. The upgraded Ka-52 also received a new radar complex with an active phased antenna array and a guided missile with an increased range.

   The Ka-52M main rotor blades are equipped with a more powerful heating element, which will allow the helicopter to operate in the entire temperature range, including Arctic conditions. The helicopter is equipped with landing gear wheels with higher bearing capacity and wear resistance, as well as lighting equipment based on LEDs. The modernized Alligator also has a new cockpit interior, which will ensure the fulfillment of modern ergonomic requirements, including when piloting in the dark with night vision goggles.


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   The Russian Helicopters holding (part of the Rostec State Corporation), within the framework of the Army-2020 International Military-Technical Forum, has presented a new-shaped all-composite helicopter blade that will increase the maximum speed of the Mi-28 and Mi-35 combat helicopters


   During the tests, the flying laboratory based on the Mi-24 helicopter, equipped with a set of new blades, reached a speed of more than 400 km/h without making circuit changes to the helicopter design. At the same time, we managed to maintain a low level of vibrations and loads, which indicates a high potential of this development ", - said the general director of the holding" Russian Helicopters "Andrey Boginsky.

   Currently, the blades with a new profile are undergoing factory flight tests on a Mi-28N helicopter.







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