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   The Ministry of Defense decided to return to service the aircraft-launched medium-range missiles Kh-22. For many years they remained the main caliber of the long-range supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers, but in the early 2000s they were withdrawn from service. Their modernization and repair were not envisaged. Now it is decided that the remaining Kh-22 will be put into service again. According to experts, after the completion they will equal the characteristics of the latest cruise missiles Kh-32.


   First of all, this cruise missile is designed to destroy enemy ships, radar stations and well-fortified strategic facilities (military bases, bridges, power stations, etc.). During the deep modernization of the Kh-22, the elemental base of the ammunition will be almost completely replaced. As a result, the rockets will receive unique abilities, equaling the characteristics of the modern missile Kh-32, told the "Izvestia" military expert Alexei Leonkov.


   "The modified ammunition will by its characteristics significantly exceed the rocket on the basis of which it was created," the expert said. "- The upgraded Kh-22 will equipped with a more powerful engine, while the warhead will be reduced and the volume avaliable for fuel tanks will be increased. This is almost double - up to 1 thousand km - the range of their application."


   In addition, according to Alexei Leonkov, the missile is equipped with a new EW protected guidance system with radio command correction and georeferencing. Instead of an autopilot, a modern automatic control system is planned to be installed. The upgraded version is created for actions in the conditions of the strongest counteraction of the enemy's antimissile and anti-aircraft defense.


   Work on the creation of the Kh-32 began in the early 1990's, and the first launches were carried out in the mid-2000s. Speed of Kh-32 - not less than 5 thousand km / h. The ammunition can be used from various heights and considerable distances, both for area and point targets. The main carrier for the Kh-32 is the Tu-22M3.

The inherent combination of speed and unpredictable flight trajectory makes this missile virtually invulnerable to anti-aircraft complexes and enemy fighters. After starting from the aircraft, its engines are switched on and Kh-32 immediately starts a sharp climb and goes to the stratosphere. Having reached the set speed, the engine of the rocket is transferred to the march mode of operation. At the final stage, the ammunition attacks the target in a steep dive at a hypersonic speed.








   VKS of Russia in October will receive a new air attack complex


   It is specified that this is a Tu-22M3M bomber with a cruise missile Kh-32


   The new air strike complex, the modernized long-range Tu-22M3M bomber with a new supersonic cruise missile Kh-32, will be delivered to the Russian Air Force's Long-Range Aviation in October. This was reported by TASS source in the defense industry complex.

   "According to the plan, the first Tu-22M3M with the new supersonic cruise missile Kh-32 will take up combat duty in the long-range aviation in October this year," the source said.

   Earlier, the general director of PJSC "Tupolev" Alexander Konyukhov told TASS that the first modernized Tu-22M3M will be completed in August this year.

   Another source in the defense industry explained that the Tu-22M3 was taken from the long-range aviation for upgrading to a new level, so it does not need long-term tests, "only a few flights will be conducted to confirm the declared technical characteristics." The source specified that the aircraft in the course of modernization received new avionics, a sighting and navigation complex and other on-board radio electronic equipment. "The aircraft will get NK-25 with a full resource," the source added.

   TASS does not have an official confirmation of the information provided by the sources.



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May 23, 1964 - the first Soviet UAV
   Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 444-178 of May 23, 1964, the system of long-range unmanned photo and electronic reconnaissance DBR-1 "Yastreb" was adopted by the Soviet Air Force .


52 made, in service from 1964 to 1979.


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21 hours ago, juretrn said:

I heard the fanboys at Defence Forum India claim that, so it must be true.



Well, it is an Indian weapon, but it was actually designed by Russians and not DRDO.  That is a reason to be optimistic about it.

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As reported by the TASS agency on June 3, 2018, the Russian aircraft industry can upgrade the An-124 Ruslan heavy long-distance transport aircraft and resume its production under a different brand. This was stated on Sunday by a member of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on the development of aviation Yuri Sytnik on the air of the radio station "Moscow Speaks".

Apperently it will be called Slon (Elephant)









Load and range







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IMI and IAI (Israel Military Industries and Israel Aerospace Industries respectively) launched a joint project to develop, market, and build an air to surface missile with a 150km range, flying at supersonic speed in a ballistic trajectory. Made especially to avoid air defenses.

It is speculated that the IAF will be the first customer of this weapon system. 

A missile was already fired in a test shown in the video in the article.


It appears to be the materialization of numerous separate IMI and IAI projects named SkySniper and Mars.


The new missile is called RAMPAGE and will enter production within a year.

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Mirage 2000N retired after 30 years of service in the FAS


Interesting bits on the history of the FAS and it's evolution over the years in the article




The 2/4 Lafayette will make the transition to the Rafale B

A Mirage 2000N will fly one last time for the 14th of July 2018



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7 minutes ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

The only weapons I can think of are either 2 MOAB's, or 2 quad packs of GBU-28.


By the way, @Bronezhilet how effective of a strategy is it to use multiple bunker busters on the exact same spot in the absence of a larger one that could bust a bunker in one hit?

No idea. I mean, it's not like you can't do it, and it'll work, but its not like 2 bunker busters in the same spot will go twice as deep as 1. As for the actual effectiveness: No idea.

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Azerbaijan like Israeli products.




Those guys look like videogame bad guys. Tactical benches and medals attached to shoulders spotted.



This one is serious, IAI Harop loitering munition. 





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