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   Some info about Izdelie 305/LMUR/Prefix ATGM from otvaga.


   In the original version of product 305 (formally product 79) there was no radio datalink at all, then it was added to unify it.
   Actual work at the training ground showed that it is practically impossible to conduct target detection in flight, it very much depends on the operator and the interaction interface.
   There were real cases of switching targets in flight, which actually confirms the fundamental possibility of additional reconnaissance in flight and the defeat of an unobserved target.
   But this is with an experienced crew. Those who watched this process called it “rocket kung fu”.
   When the helicopter was replaced during the tests (it flew away for maintenance), the new crew (who had not worked with the new weapon system before) could not perform it. And this is in prooving ground conditions (although in difficult weather conditions).

   Analogy - imagine that you have a large myopia (optics is the bottleneck of the guidance system) and you have to drive a Formula 1 car. Some skills are needed here. At the same time, raw software (it was updated directly at the test site during testing, since it’s easy to reflash the product). And traditionally we do not know how to ergonomics.

   In the absence of intelligence, the probability of a successful launch of the 305 product for an unobserved target, in my opinion, is rather low. Given all this and the price of the product, it is likely that there was no such requirement.



   Initially, the development of product 79 was initiated by the MoD, but due to greed and stupidity, the work was actually "frozen" for several years.
   A relatively small number of samples were ordered for testing, funding typical for MoD - a small advance, and payments at the end of each R&D stages.


   In view of the failure to meet the deadlines (because of the MoD, without details - this is such a failure, a joke) the stages were not signed and not paid. The topic could really stall and close before reaching the test.

    Another customer “spied” this development, appreciated the possibilities and ordered for himself.
   Additions were made to the original requirements (a radio datalink was added - to control the target being hit and the ability to "divert" at the last moment, if the intelligence was not correct).
   The launch mode for an unobservable target was not considered in view of the specifics of the "work" of the customer.
   Product code has changed to "product 305".

   A larger number of products was ordered. The issue of financing was removed - 100% advance payment of all work (all stages) at once, simultaneously.
In fact, the completion and testing were paid and accepted by another customer.


   MoD then conceived the test results of "product 305". Defense Ministry almost for free then received a new rocket, almost without risking anything (investments were several times smaller) if the topic "did not go" (there were really many difficulties and problems, we went right on the edge).



   There was also a joystick, but real control from the mouse would be easier, but this could only be realized for a stationary post.
   The operators asked to implement a product control algorithm, but they could hardly formulate what they needed. Sometimes it seemed that it would be better to cope with the statement of the problem by younger people with experience in computer games.

   Many things seemed to work well on the ground and even when flying by helicopter, but in autonomous flight it was already worse, the speeds were higher, the reaction time and target designation were shorter.
   As a result, the trial and error method turned out to work out a more or less working sequence of commands, an indication of the modes, a non-linear response of the mark on the screen when controlling the joystick


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Algerian Su-30MKA crashed today killing both pilots. The reason is not clear at the moment. 


Iranian Shahed-129 crash-landed at the Iraqi border. Maybe repairable.


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   Moscow. February 6. INTERFAX.RU - The MiG and Sukhoi companies will unite in the structure of the UAC for the development and production of all Russian combat aircraft, the corporation's press service said.

   The head of the association will be MiG Corporation’s CEO Ilya Tarasenko, the press service of the Rostec state corporation said.
   At the same time, he will retain the post of deputy general director of the UAC for military-technical cooperation. The former head of Sukhoi, Igor Ozar, is leaving the company.
   The United Aircraft Corporation clarifies that Tarasenko will be engaged in the formation of the UAC Military Aviation Division on the basis of the Sukhoi and MiG. The structure will be engaged in the development, production, sale and maintenance of the entire line of current and promising combat aircraft.

   Umm... Mikhoy? SiG is already taken... so SuG?

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The Air Force has cancelled the Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon program, one of the two major hypersonic weapons being spearheaded by the service.


ARRW is on track for a early operational capability in FY22.


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