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General artillery, SPGs, MLRS and long range ATGMs thread.

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   According to the newspaper Kommersant in the material of Alexandra Djordjevich, Ivan Safronov and Kirill Krivosheev, "Baku chooses Polonez". Belarusian missile systems may appear in Azerbaijan as early as 2018 ". 

   In 2018, Belarus plans to begin implementation of the first export contract for the supply of ten multiple rocket launchers "Polonez". The likely customer of the system is Azerbaijan: the defense minister of this country has already visited Belarus, where he got acquainted with the technology of the MLRS production. Kommersant sources say that such a contract will be negatively perceived in Armenia, but the Iskander operational and tactical systems there must play a deterrent factor in the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations.


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Indian Army to receive 300 Nag antitank missiles

Indian Army to receive 300 NAG antitank missiles



The Indian army should at last receive its long-delayed indigenous NAG antitank guided missiles, whose range reaches 7 to 8 kilometers. 300 units should be delivered “soon”.


"The major success in the Nag programme was achieved after the DRDO missile complex developed the indigenous seeker for the Nag missile, which helped it in hitting targets successfully. The earlier imported seeker used in the missile could not differentiate between the tank and its surrounding desert sand, as the temperature difference between the two was almost negligible during the summer season. "The fire-and-forget Nag missile with the indigenous seeker can successfully target enemy tanks even in the worst desert conditions during summer with great accuracy," sources said.


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On ‎4‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 1:28 PM, Sgt.Squarehead said:

What are the paired boxes on the turret sides please?


Appears to be just an external bin for stuff. In this pic, it's holding spare ammo boxes for the roof machine gun: 

Image result for 2S19 Msta


2 hours ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

Now with Japan joining the party, it seems that wheeled howitzers really picked up:





I was honestly hoping for something more like the G6-52 or ShKH Dana/Zuzana, as I think those look so sexy. 

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G6 I understand. But Susan? Nah. I like the Koalitsiya's turret. Looks very elegant on that truck. And the Bereg, although that one has a not so good looking turret.


The most aesthetic design IMO would be a Koalitsiya's turret on a Bereg.


Russian heavy duty all terrain trucks are very aesthetic.

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5 hours ago, Serge said:


Why posting 3D renders when real thing exists?




Made by a colleague yaroslav_gunin a high-quality photograph of one of the prototypes of the 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S35-1 (OCR "Coalition-SV-KSh") on the wheeled chassis. The picture was taken during a demonstration at a training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region (Mulino?) In August 2017.


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On ‎5‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 6:52 PM, Mighty_Zuk said:

G6 I understand. But Susan? Nah. I like the Koalitsiya's turret. Looks very elegant on that truck. And the Bereg, although that one has a not so good looking turret.


The most aesthetic design IMO would be a Koalitsiya's turret on a Bereg.


Russian heavy duty all terrain trucks are very aesthetic.


You don't like the look of the Zuzana? What's there not to like? It looks like a dedicated wheeled artillery unlike the CAESAR 155 which looks like a large truck with a howitzer slapped on (I remember seeing something like that in the Jihad design bureau :D)


Related image


I too, like the look of the A-222. Only problem is it's 130mm and not 152mm so it cant get those awesome 2K25 Krasnopol guided shells :( 

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Armenian combat readiness drills included 6 Smerch MRLS delivered in 2017 from Russia. Not painted in usual camouflage pattern used by the Armenian army.










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      Official model of unknown "artillery vehicle". Yeah, Putin, we know that this is T-14. Note Gatling gun on turret right side.
      Artist impression of T-14 based on known model, by Fyodor Podporin. 

      T-14 will use Relikt ERA, which is considerable improvement over Kontakt-5 in resisting to tandem HEAT warheads and EFPs.

      Side skirts would be thicker on a real vehicle, i think. Relikt have AFAIK bigger size than Kontakt-5 ERA build-in blocks.

      Whole album with renders: 
      Video of same render from same artist:

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