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ATGMs and RPGs for infantry - a thread for rebels around the world to choose their ATGM supplier.

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Google translator make it more funny than it is:


It is the middle-range anti-tank guided weapon "real-time" test shooting image carried out at the Attack Test Station on May 30th. It is an anti-tank missile capable of penetrating North Korean tank's reaction gloves and space gloves with a dual-shaped peacock warhead. It succeeded in test shooting and it is said that it is going into mass production from this year. For more information, please see the press release and footage.


Will try to make it readable:


   The Defense Agency and the National Defense Technology Quality Authority said that on May 30, they conducted a quality certification fire test on the first product of the "Hyungung", a medium range guided weapon for infantry, at the Darak test center.
   This is an anti-tank guided weapon for military use, which is replacing the aged 90 - 106mm anti-tank guns and TOW missiles. We have succeeded in domestic development in 2015 and successfully completed mass production preparations.


   This anti-tank guided weapon is the first weapon system of this type developed in Korea. It is also capable of shooting at night. It has excellent performance such as effective range and penetration power, also can be used by infantry and can by mounted on AFVs . In addition, missile have increased lethality thanks to tandem HEAT warhead capable of penetrating ERA and main armor of North Korean tanks.


* Hyungung is fire and forget weapon: A method of tracking the target by self-guading without further manipulation from operator after launching the missile
* Can defeat Reactive armor: modules equipped with explosives between the two plates, using power of explosion to propell plates against shells
* Tandem Warhead: Two warheads are placed in series on the guided missile so that the front warhead first explodes to neutralize the reactive armor of the tank and then the main warhead explodes and penetrates the main armor

   It is easy to operate because it is smaller and lighter than Israel's Spike, which is similar weapon system, and is smaller and lighter than American Javelin, and has excellent export competitiveness in terms of effective range, penetration, optical performance.


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The Government of Georgia has requested to purchase four hundred ten (410) Javelin Missiles, and seventy-two (72) Javelin Command Launch Units (CLUs) (includes two (2) Javelin Block 1 CLUs to be used as spares).  Also included are ten (10) Basic Skills Trainers (BST); up to seventy (70) simulated rounds; U.S. Government and contractor technical assistance; transportation; and other related elements of logistics and program support.  The total estimated cost is $75 million.



Also claims that Ukraine may receive Javelins as well.

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1 hour ago, Willy Brandt said:


How could go this possibly go wrong *thonk emoji*

This missile will have thermal imager sight without any magnification for some reason and it will be SACLOS guided only with missile being launched only vertically.

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First 50 MMP missiles along with 20 firing post delivered to the French army






The MMP is bound to replace the Milan, HOT, Javelin and a part of the ERYX with the planned delivery of 400 firing post and 1750 missiles by 2025.



Edited by Alzoc
Added link to datasheet on MBDA site

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On 08/09/2017 at 11:51 PM, Collimatrix said:

MBT LAW firing:


At about 2:14 a live-fire demonstration showing the top-attack mode starts.

I am not clear on how the "guidance" on this system works.  It sounds like it is largely inertial; i.e. the rocket corrects its flight in order to fly in a straight line, and the predictive sight allows a target moving on a constant heading and speed to be lead, but it cannot track a target that changes course.  But I am not sure about that.

If that is how it works, it is an interesting hybrid between a heavy, unguided RPG, and a proper ATGM.

During the sighting process, le N-LAW calculate the angular velocity of  the target. When fired, the missile will fly according to the angular velocity. 

So, the curb corresponding to 0 deg/s is a straight line. 

There is no guidance at all. The RBS is blind.

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   interesting work, authors had access to a fairly large number of weapons seized from the militants, from weapons produced by the IS itself to ATGMs, grenade launchers, etc. that were supplied to the Syrian armed opposition by the United States and Saudi Arabia and eventually found themselves in the hands of IS.






















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On 18.12.2017 at 3:14 PM, LoooSeR said:

Unknown russian RPG





Also shown recently on expo, although no public info. Rumored to be thermobaric rocket launcher developed under "Smes' " programm, weapon is somewhat similar to RPO,


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Indian procurement shenanigans, again:


A top Israeli arms firm has confirmed that India cancelled a $500 million deal to develop Spike anti-tank guided missiles and expressed "regret" over the decision just ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first visit to the country.

"Rafael has now received an official notification from India's Ministry of Defence concerning the cancellation of the Spike deal," Ishai David, a spokesman for the Rafael Advance Defence Systems Ltd, told PTI here.


Spike, in use by 26 countries around the world, is said to have been selected by India after a long and rigorous process and after complying with all the defence procurement regulations.

"It should be emphasised that the cancellation was made prior to the signing of the contract and despite Rafael's compliance with all the demands," the company said in a statement.

"Rafael regrets the decision and remains committed to cooperating with the Indian Ministry of Defence and to its strategy of continuing to work in India, an important market, as it has for more than two decades, to provide India with the most advanced and innovative systems," it added.

The company did not give a reason for the cancellation of the deal.

The cancellation comes days before Netanyahu's four-day visit to India starting January 14 and is likely to be taken up for discussion. Rafael's CEO would also be accompanying Netanyahu.

The company recently inaugurated its facilities in Hyderabad where the project was to be executed but company sources said that it is "designed to accommodate a number of other projects Rafael is engaged in with its Indian partners".

As per the original proposal, India had planned to acquire the ATGMs for the Army at a cost of $500 million. 

The Indian defence ministry has been strongly pushing for transfer of technology in procuring various weapons and other platforms from foreign defence majors as part of its broad policy initiative to encourage domestic defence industry.

Official sources in New Delhi had earlier indicated that the proposal to acquire the missile system faced hurdles when the Israeli side apparently expressed reservations in ensuring full transfer of technology as per the provisions of the 'Make in India' initiative.  


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I don't blame Israel at all for having "reservations" about technology transfer to India...


If they don't outright steal your shit and back out of the deal they shit up your whatever's reputation by making shit tier "we coulda got better copies from dara" copies which they'll do everything they can to get into the legitimate supply line even if you have contract riders to prevent such failed qc items from leaving the factories.


Basically, fuck India with a rusty spork

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"Spikes" in Romania. An "integrated start control unit" (ICLU) was used, which is a new modern digital launcher for SPIKE missiles. This block allows you to obtain target data at a farther distance and to integrate missiles into the tactical network. photo: Rafael


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India, stop


   Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi canceled the decision to break the deal on the acquisition of 8,000 anti-tank guided missiles Spike from the Israeli concern Rafael for a sum of $ 500 million.


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