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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down

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Largest caliber gatling gun ever built. 37x219mmSR, later rechambered to the more modern, stronger 35x228mm NATO you all know and love, all at 3,000 rpm. $$$

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Do the Dutch have any interest in getting THAAD, or are they going to stick with PAC-2/3 for now? Side note: I've heard rumors that PAC-2 is actually better at anti-air than PAC-3 (reasoning is that PAC-3 is more optimized for ABM.)

Also, holy shit THAAD had a long dev cycle. I know a Patriot crewman who retired in the 90s, and he said that when he was in THAAd was supposed to be coming "any day now".

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