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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down

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7 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

North Korean Strela-10 modification






Those things caught my eye.  I'm assuming they just bumped things from 4 to 8 ready missiles instead of employing something domestic, but I have no real idea.

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New British SAM




Launcher unit

The launch unit is mounted on a MAN SV HX60 4x4 truck, mounting a crane for self-reloading, and 12 launch tubes for CAMM missiles mounted at the rear of the chassis. In road condition, the missiles are lowered to the rear part of the truck chassis. In firing position, two groups of six all-weather canister missile launchers are erected to the rear of the crew cabin.


The CAMM missile has a minimum operational range of less than 1 km and a maximum range greater than 25 km. It has a weight of 99 kilograms, a length of 3.2 meters, a diameter of 166 millimeters and reaches a supersonic speed of Mach 3 (or 1,020 meters per second). In flight, the missile can receive mid-course guidance via a data link before the active homing radar seeker takes over for the final approach to target. The missile is based on the ASRAAM infra-red air-to-air missile, sharing some common features and components but with updated electronics and an active radar seeker. The CAMM is ejected "cold" from the canister by compressed air and a pistol, which fire the missile 100 ft into the air before its rocket ignites, making integration of the missile easy on all kind of launching platforms, very differently from missiles such as ASTER, MICA, ESSM and all others, which are launched "hot", requiring a far more complex canister and launcher vehicle, capable to handle the stress, flames, heat and exhaust of an hot launch.

Radar and control components.

Linking the missile system into the Royal Artillery’s evolving Land Environment Air Picture (LEAAP) system which uses the Falcon trunk network, Saab Giraffe radars and Link 11/16. This might also evolve is the Network Enabled Airspace Defence and Surveillance (NEADS) project ever gets off the ground and will provide a series if incremental improvements over LEAAP.


The CAMM launch unit is mounted on a 4x4 military truck chassis MAN SV HX 60. The truck is motorized with a latest-generation MAN Common Rail small block diesel engine developing 326hp and 1,250Nm torque. The truck-mounted CAMM will have better battlefield mobility. The HX 60 is fitted with a 12-speed ZF AS-Tronic automatic constant mesh gearbox and MAN two-speed transfer box. It provides seating for driver and two passengers. Add-on armor kit can be fitted to the cab. There is an observation hatch on the roof which can be used to mount a light machine gun. The truck can run at a maximum road speed of 90 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km. Without preparation the MAN HX60 fords water obstacles up to 1.2 m deep.


An interesting feature of the CAMM system in a land environment is that it does not require the radar system to be co-located, opening possibilities for concealing the launch point and attacking non line of sight targets.

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On 09.02.2018 at 9:38 PM, Scolopax said:


Those things caught my eye.  I'm assuming they just bumped things from 4 to 8 ready missiles instead of employing something domestic, but I have no real idea.

They most likely use their own missile, based on Strela-10. Northerners have their own MANPADS as well.


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China working on a Sea based ICBM counter.

Random note, the comments were pretty lulzy.  Lots of trolling between pro China and pro India commenters, not a lot of worrying about the US in the comments.


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35mm Gepard SPAAG in Qatari army livery being readied for DIMDEX 2018. Currently unknown if it's a new acquisition by Qatar or a sales pitch by the Germans.


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(sry more text than pictures - so feel free to lynch me if it`s the wrong place)

The MEADS project in Germany is again in motion.
After being in stasis and having vanished from the news for nearly a year, the constitution of the new government brought finally some motion
in the case. The ontracts for the TLVS (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem - tactical airdefence system) were already ready to be signed in
february 2017, but some weeks later it was announced in aearly march the same year that no contract will be signed before the election. Since it took months
to form a new government everything was on ice for
roughly 12 months.
But a news about a collaboartion between MBDA and Lockheed Martin on march 6th1 was the first sign of new progress. The next news came today
from Rheinmetall: http://augengeradeaus.net/2018/03/rheinmetall-macht-druck-entscheidung-fuer-mobile-flugabwehr-fuer-vjtf-2023-soll-schnell-fallen/

Quick and dirty summery:
- Rheinmetall is positioning themselves to get their share of the whole air-defence area. They might hope to grap the "big" contract together with their partner Raytheon from MBDA/Lockheed in the last minute.
- Besides this amigious plans Rheinmetall is better placed in the SHORAD area where they have already the stationary MANTIS in their product porfolio and mobile versions are seen as a hot contender to
  replaceme the retired Gepard and Roland systems. Rheinmetall is pressuring the politics here with a reference to the German component of NATO`s VJTF2 in 2023.
- According to Rheinmetall a mobile mantis version could be ready in three years
- Additionally they are talking about the possibility to combine 40mm airburst ammunition used for example by the AFV Boxer`s AGL and new ballistic computers to counter small UAVs.


2 Very High Readiness Joint Task Force. Since there is a russian but no english wiki article see this for basic info: https://shape.nato.int/nato-response-force--very-high-readiness-joint-task-force

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