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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down

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It was reported on Israeli televised news, that the Iranian missile launched in 21/01/2019 into Israel, is one with a range of 250km and has a 200kg warhead. The only rocket with such specifications, or at least close to these specifications, that I've found, is the Zelzal-3. 


The missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome which launched 2 missiles (despite being upgraded a while ago to only fire one missile at a typical target).

The Iron Dome launcher was located in the Hermon, and it was said the missile could have hit targets along the center of Israel's coastline, namely Hadera, located 125km from Hebron. This means the launcher could have been located north of Damascus up to 125km from the border. Iron Dome intercepted the missiles inside Syrian territory.


We know several things:

  • Iran previously attempted to conduct such strikes and only succeeded after numerous attempts in which the launchers were preemptively destroyed, so they may have wanted to fire the rocket from its maximum possible range.
  • Surveillance over Damascus and everything south of it is especially tight, so they may have preferred to launch it from north of Damascus, as far as possible from it.
  • The Iron Dome's range is still classified, but is said to be able to defeat rockets launched from 70km away.

The fact that the Iron Dome managed to shoot down a rocket with a 250km range, and this not being the first time actually (In 2012 I believe, a long range rocket with a 150km range was fired towards Jerusalem and intercepted by 2 Iron Dome missiles), tells us this statistic is misleading, and that the Iron Dome may have capability against long range rockets, or a limited capability against SRBMs.

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#Russia performed first military drills with the newest Buk M3 air defence missile systems, which have highly expanded capabilities, including wider range, more missiles per vehicle & higher speed of intercept




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   Anti-aircraft gunners of the Northern Fleet began training on the Tor-M2DT arctic anti-aircraft missile system. Exercises are conducted on the basis of the 726th training center of military air defense in Yeisk

   Photo: Vitaly Timkiv.


































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LockMart working with Saab and Diehl for a new medium range SAM system based off the IRIS-T and Saab Giraffe Radar.

First customer is probably UAE to replace thier HAWKs.



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