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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down

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9 hours ago, mr.T said:

Whatever the system , sale is a master stroke . Prying away from NATO one its strongest members , doesn't matter if things pan out ,but sure is one heck of a wrench thrown into the Nato machine inards. At the same time it will weaken not only NATO but Turkey as well as its own partners will start sanctioning it. If Russia is smart it will harnes some of the Turk tech as in some fields they are quite advanced.

   This is result of Turkey policy, not Russian. Erdogan started all this crap and we jush cashed in.

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The contract to purchase two Iron Dome systems for the U.S. Army’s interim cruise missile defense capability has been finalized, according to the deputy in charge of the service’s air-and-missile defense modernization efforts.

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