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North Korea, you so crazy!

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   New missile launches from Best Korea. This time they used non-ballistical missiles, probably Best Korean "Iskan-Cho".


   DPRK launched several missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan

   According to the agency Yonhap, the rocket flew the distance from 70 to 200 km

   The DPRK on Saturday carried out a test launch of several short-range missiles from the Wonsan port area on the east coast of the country. This was reported on Saturday by Yonhap, referring to the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff (CLS) of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea. According to the KNS, the missiles flew a distance from 70 to 200 km in the direction of the Sea of Japan. "Our military is closely watching the actions of North Korea in close coordination with the United States," the KNS said.

   The Japanese government also stated that the missiles were not ballistic and did not reach the exclusive economic zone of the country.

   The last time Pyongyang conducted missile tests in November 2017, when a new Hwaseong-15 missile was tested. Following the launch, the DPRK stated that the Hwaseong-15 missile could carry a nuclear warhead, and the entire territory of the United States is within reach.



   Probably those were used:




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Rocket-tractor forces of Best Korea  

Have some Western propaganda:  

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Hopefully shit is sorted. Having been in Korea for a time, I do not want what I saw destroyed.

My memories are of a friendly, gregarious people. Albeit a bit prone to overcharging.(Not that I noticed).

(Which is another story. I'm used to paying the posted price. That is very verboten in South Korea).

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