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His visual aids are slightly better than last time:




Netanyahu claims it's true.....QED it's a crock.  :mellow:


That creature wouldn't know truth if it bit him on the arse.

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Netanyahu over the years..

1992: Iran “3 to 5 years” from nuke

1995: “3 to 5 years”

1996: Iran threat to “all mankind”

2002: Iraq on way to nuke “no question”

2009: Iran “1 or 2 years away”

2009: Iran can make a bomb

2012: Iran “few months away”


Who cares what he says in 2018?

Iran is lazy.

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Extremely interesting comment from our Foreign Ministry about the possible US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal [called here SVPD]


   The withdrawal of the joint comprehensive action plan [SVPD] on the Iranian nuclear program will negatively affect the US itself, Russia expects that Washington will make wise decisions, the director of the nonproliferation and arms control department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov told journalists.


   "If there is a breach of these agreements on the part of the US, it will probably be necessary to impose sanctions against the US I am speaking here figuratively, but if they violate the agreements backed by the UN Security Council resolution, the United States itself will suffer," he said.


   At the same time, he said that Moscow is counting on Washington to make "wise decisions".


   He stressed that in any case the Russian Federation would benefit, even if the US withdraws from the deal. First of all, in the economic field. "It will be even easier for us from an economic point of view with Iran, we will be able to supply whatever we want" he added.


   Ermakov stressed that if the US withdraws from the SVPD, then Russia will consider the continuation of its existence, proceeding from its own interests. "We will try to work out a format that would be acceptable both for European countries and for China. If it is profitable for us, we will continue the operation of the SVPD. If we understand that the US has gone so far as to destroy it, we will consider what to do next, " he said.


   The Russian diplomat stressed that there is no question of either renewing the sanctions of the UN Security Council against Iran. "The violator here is the US. There can not be any talk about resuming the sanctions of the UN Security Council," he said.
   Yermakov added that Russia generally opposes sanctions.


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Yeah, sorry about that.....But it looks like you got better.


Israel has been squabbling with its neighbours for my whole life.....I'm fifty this year.


Gets kind of boring to tell the truth.

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3 hours ago, Ramlaen said:



I don't know if it's because we don't have these kind of historical structures in the states and that makes me value them more, but this kind of shit really pisses me off.


Well I don't like it either, especially since the city is quite exceptional in itself and I find that it ruin the sight.

Though the event didn't made it to the national news so the protest must be pretty minor.


Can't judge tastes in arts I guess:rolleyes:


It's temporary anyway and if there's one thing I'm pretty sure is that they made sure that it would not damage the site and that it can be removed easily.

The laws on preservation of national monuments are pretty strict.

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