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Some curiosity. Czech Ministries of internal affairs and defence started a massive airlifting operation to carry medical supplies from China because the local production is way too small for the current demand due to COVID-19 spread (funily part of the stuff is produced by Czech companies having production lines in China). Such an operation has never ever happened in our history. At the moment it looks like around 10 planes take part in the operation to carry hundreds of tons of equipment stored on three Chinese airports (Shen-Zen, Shanghai and I forgot the third one). Antonov Airlines An-124, army Airbus A-319, two Czech Airlines A-319, China East B-747F and possibly up to five SmartWings B-737. The smaller planes fly through Novosibirsk where they refuel. An-124 refuels in Baku as it looks like the Ukraineans can't enter the Russian airspace (or maybe it would take too much time to arrange it). Most of them will land in military airport in Pardubice which can take even the An-124. Some in Prague Kbely (military Airbus), some in Prague Ruzyně (China East). 


At the moment the situation is that one army A-319 landed in Prague Kbely yesterday with COVID-19 speed-tests and some protective equipment. One ČSA A-319 is currently in Novosibirsk refueling on the way to China. Another one will start from Prague in one and half hour. The An-124 is on the way from Kiev to Baku.  


The COVID-19 spread seems to be relatively under control here due to early implemented very strict measures but we'll see how it evolves further. Most of the cases have connection with skiing in Italy and Austria in late February and early March. 


Anyway this situation shows that even small country like ours need to have proper airlifting capacity. Currently our army has only one A-319 and several CASA-295 planes but those are useless for cargo flights to China. In my opinion we shall have at least one or two planes like KC-390 (which is moreover partially produced here in Prague).



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A correction because finally the airlift looks somewhat different. At least three An-124 flights will take place (it looks like both Antonov and Volga-Dnepr) and three fligts per week for at least six week by China Eastern A-330. Today first A-330 arrived and the An-124 is loading in Shenzen now. 

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   Speaking about COVID-19 and situation in Italy:



   A convoy of vehicles with medical equipment intended to be shipped to Italy to fight the COVID-19 virus. Russia will send to Italy eight mobile teams of virologist and medical specialists, aerosol disinfection complexes for vehicles and territories, and medical equipment. The group of about 100 people included the leading specialists of the Russian Ministry of Defense in the field of virology and epidemiology, who have significant international experience in combating epidemics.















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