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    • By sevich
      I realize that sandbags provide little to no armor protection, but soldiers still used them on tanks. Would they mitigate the effects of HE warheads, or the blastwave of HEAT warheads?
    • By Molotav_DIGITANK
      M1 CATTB
      pic from TankNet.
      I feel uncertain whether its cannon's caliber was 140mm or not, I found a figure at the document AD-A228 389 showed behind, which label the gun as LW 120.But in many ways I've found its data in websites all considered to be 140mm.

      AFAIK,the first xm291(140)demonstrator was based on xm1 tank, and the successor was the''Thumper'' which was fitted with a new turret look like the CATTB but still m1a1 hull(Maybe it was CATTB's predecessor? )

      I will really appreciate if anyone have valuable information to share
    • By Belesarius
      New high velocity 125mm tank gun reportedly starting testing for the Chinese military.  Not surprised that the data disappeared off the university website at all.
      Edit: 125mm/60? oO
    • By chebuRUSHka
      I was wondering what were the Rh-105 penetration capabilities with 60s and 70s ammo?
      This is the only information i found thus far:

      Thank you sovngard! 
      130mm @ 60° @ 2000m
      150mm @ 60° @ 800m
      What about 100m and 1000m? What about 0°?