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Competition Rules

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(Please note, these rules apply to future contests, not to the current contest regarding medium tanks.)


Every month hahahah, year, Sturgeon's House has a design contest, and the winners are awarded cash prizes. However, there are some ground rules. They are:

1. The contest must be a design contest of one kind or another. Just about any subject is fair game, such as armored fighting vehicles, fighter jets, cargo aircraft, small arms, electronics, radars, whatever.

2. There are four different kinds of participants. The first is the Solicitor. He creates the requirements for the contest that the Contestants must fulfill, and he also selects the three Judges for the contest. Solicitors may apply to me (the Admin) to create a contest, which I may approve if I like it. He then sets requirements to his liking (and individual requirements may be mutually exclusive with others), and the Judges evaluate the submissions created by the Contestants according to criteria outlined below.  The fourth type is the Sponsor, who provides the cash prize.

3. Submissions must include a graphic of some kind that incorporates some form of art or engineering. Examples that I consider to be acceptable are: A. A piece of original shaded and colored art showing the vehicle, B. A 3D drawing in Google Sketchup, C. A 3- or 4-view drawing in AutoCAD or scanned from drafting paper, D. A render of a solid model in Solidworks. Anything roughly equivalent to this level of effort is acceptable. What I would not consider to be acceptable would be: a. A Pimp-My-Gun "render", b. an MS Paint photomanip, c. a drawing in a sketchbook, etc. It's true that any one of these mediums could be used in a highly creative way, but the examples shown here do not really reflect the minimum level of effort we're looking for. I highly encourage judges to dismiss (i.e. not judge) submissions that do not meet this criteria.

4. Judges should further evaluate submissions based on their technical merit, conceptual creativity and cleverness, and the maturity of the overall concept. Often, contests will include requirements that cannot all be met except through pseudoscientific wankery (which should count against a submission, unless the contest calls for it explicitly), so Judges should consider submissions according to their own concept, so long as it at least attempts to meet some of the original requirements.

5. While the Solicitor selects the three Judges, he himself cannot be one. Further, the Judges selected may be vetoed by the Admin (me). The Solicitor may select more or less than three Judges, with Admin approval.

6. The Solicitor and the three Judges may submit their own designs to the contest, but they cannot take any place or win any money. The Sponsor may also submit a design, and may place and win (his own) prizes.

7. The top prize should be approximately $50 cash or equivalent. Prizes should be monetary only.


8. Sponsors are not selected, they must volunteer. Sponsors may also be the Solicitor, but they then follow Solicitor rules for submitting designs. Likewise for Sponsors also being Judges.

That should be about it, folks!


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