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Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

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   The T-72 model, which was created during the exercises in Bulgaria in July 2016, where joint exercises of Bulgarian and American tankers were held at the Novo Selo training ground.


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1 hour ago, GMerlon said:

Couple more from the same site:


This one is a little interesting for the fact that it's an X1A.  They've basically taken it back along the line of Stuart evolution, but not all the way since they stopped at the M5 and not the M3 like what the X1A was based on.  Build here is 


I kind of enjoy the look of that hodgepodge Japanese tank in the first post 

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3 minutes ago, LoooSeR said:

   At least it is boxy enough to represent German tank from WW2.


I thought this looked like Forged in Fire, and sure enough was.  Apparently the gimmick of this Veteran's Day episode was that the contestants had to 'salvage' parts of the tank to make a knife.  Insert joke about knives' quality here.


To someone's credit at least, it seems (to me) as though they were going more specifically for a late Panzer IV ausf. D here.

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