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Randall Munroe is an Ignorant Philistine Who Lacks Taste

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Honeycrisp best apple, pineapple is garbage unsuitable for human consumption, watermelon and pomegranates should be way up at the top of the tasty scale, peaches at the bottom.

Wild Raspberries/wild strawberries/wild blueberries are all my favorites for flavor intensity and for having proper texture. I cannot touch California farm bred strawberries with all their mealy white crap in the middle. Farm bread blueberries just taste so watered down compared to wild, and the texture gets bad again.  Not a huge fan of the base flavor of watermelon, but will eat it to have fun spitting the seeds on a hot summer day.


Peaches and plums I don't object to the base flavor, just the texture.

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Trigger warning.


Nor seriously.


Don't look down below this.


You looked down below that didn't you?


OK, here's your second chance for a trigger warning.


Don't look below this.


If you are afraid of gore.


Or Algore.


Or pomegranates.






This is all on you buddy.


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Grapefruit is a controversial subject. As has been shown in the previous four pages. In that spirit I present to you...


Peeled grapefruit or woman's vagina?


Edit: Also that article has a story lede for the ages.


as someone who has seen alot of tata's in my day, even a fair amount being illegitimate, that is pretty awful "breast augmentation"




mauybe thats a good deal or something, but they dont even look like tits, they arent event fake this


Everything about their shap and placement is completely foreign, they looks like some animea drawing of some girls neecaps behind curtains 

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I wonder if there is some way to connect Terminator robots to grapefruit?


Quick! To the Google machine!


*clickety clackety, boop*


Search engine results yield...



Never change Internet. Never change.

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