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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

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We live in a era where our cities are armed with steel and concrete. Computers and electronics barricade our minds. It doesn’t change the fact that there exists a lot of strange phenomena, bizarre beyond reason or logic. Most folks just don’t see them, that’s because we cling to order to any tiny happiness that comes our way and we bust our humps to blind ourselves with our desires and our pleasures. There’s a world of darkness out there. Beyond time or space. A world filled with evil that is undeniably real and in that world there are things that run wild!


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If I haven't posted it before, Myrkur is definitely worth a listen. Amalie Bruun is a natural musical prodigy, who started in pop and folk, and transitioned into a bizarre hybrid between Loreena McKennitt and black metal:





I saw her live on Behemoth's tour. Really impressive stuff.

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One of my favorite singer/songwriters, frontman for the now disbanded Gaslight Anthem and The Horrible Crows for a stint. Brian Fallon is amazing. 


He just came out with this new single from an upcoming album. He's coming back to the sound from Gaslight in a wonderful way.

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