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18 hours ago, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

Cheap and refurbished for most of it. Probably an ASUS motherboard, intel CPU (i3 if I can get a good deal) and whatever's on sale/refurbed for the rest. I'll reuse my GPU. 


Doctor BossMan and I came up with a quick Newegg cart. I can get this price down by going refurbed or shopping around for some of these parts.


How urgent is the build? Rumor has it that AMD will sell a quad core ryzen for $130, and AM4 motherboards up for pre-order are looking to be reasonably priced. You'd need DDR4, but it'll be a much superior system with more upgrade potential. Down side is that the 4 core chips are expected to come out either Q2 or H2 of this year, so it could be a few months

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Wait until Ryzen is released. Early reports and benchmarks indicate they're great value for money. And if a new one is still too expensive, people will probably be dumping their Intels for bottom-of-the-bin prices.


Edit: What Xlucine said, too.

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Also, I've been able to knock about $30 off of the price by replacing a few parts with refurbs.



Current price without shipping/daily deal searching/dumpster diving is $307.44


We'll see what else I can scavenge to put the price down lower.

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