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A little more abot TVG from otvaga


   The solid-state wave gyroscope (TBG) is the representative of a new generation of gyroscopic devices built on new physical principles. Its basis is the theory of waves.     

   Structurally, the TBG consists of a sensitive element in the form of a hemispherical resonator and an electronics unit. The product has a small weight and dimensions, it does not have rotating parts, as well as elements that can fail from large oscillation amplitudes. Uniqueness of the device provides a lot of parameters, in particular, the minimal in comparison with analogues the time of readiness, the maximum wide dynamic range, high resistance to mechanical influences.


   The application of the TVG allows successfully solving the problems of increasing accuracy, reliability, vibration resistance, impact resistance, providing the possibility to work in conditions of high radiation background, strong electromagnetic field, etc. Possessing a whole complex of characteristics that are inaccessible to the traditionally used instruments - mechanical, laser and fiber optic gyroscopes - TVG will be beyond competition in modern control systems. Gyroscopic instruments of the new generation can be successfully used both for military purposes and in the civilian sphere: in industry, oil production, quality control systems for roads and railways, for building the origin in the orientation system in robotics, for building orientation systems in cosmonautics, in navigation systems and control systems for water and air traffic, ground transportation. According to Marat Ziyatdinov, many enterprises are interested in purchasing these devices.



   I also add that a standing wave is conserved for a considerable time in the resonator in the absence of power supply, which allows to take into account the displacement accurately when turning on the power. Roughly: a powerful EMP caused the safety circuit of the power circuits to shot down, when they are turned on, the TVG can immediately restore the final position of the PTS or allow for the offset in the BINS.


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