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Basically what this whole thing means is that Emperor Palputin will conquer Galaxy with Space Marines and T-72s. T-72B3s to be precise.   I posted this on other Capitalist internet site 3 mo

For future use

T-72B3, T-80BVM, T-90M, T-14, T-15 top view.  

Posted Images

2 hours ago, heretic88 said:

The agony continues... Chelyabinsk plant in deep trouble, in addition to bankruptcy, they are unable to manufacture engines for T-14/15/16. 



   Not sure about that whole thing. Gurkhan have problems with some of military companies after he was pulled away from "inner circle" sources about a year ago.


2 hours ago, Clan_Ghost_Bear said:

The google translate for that link sounds pretty grim. Is he known for hyperbole?

   Depends on the subject. Link to original article is going to Lenta, which is rather crappy media outlet. No official information, no documents surfaced so far, nothing solid to base analysis in the article itself. I suspect there are problems, but not all of them related to business. Kurgan factory that produce BMPs for example also was in kind of similar situation. It maybe a part of attempt to grab organisation under somebody influence/control or just direct purchase by one of state corp. Hard to say for sure.


   Speaking about engine, keep in mind there are many version of X-shaped engines with different characteristics, some of them were tested on tanks all the way back in late Soviet times and on Object 195 in RF. Newer versions were developed for Armata, but i suspect they still can put older versions or even GT engines from T-80s.

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3 minutes ago, Serge said:


   "True" Capitalism is possible only in sectors of economy where at least 2 aspects working together - big number of similar-ish participants of the "market" and high-competition between them, where customer is choosing company based on only product qualities. Now let's talk about what if you are bying a big civilian jet and you are "Western" country. How many companies you can choose from? Boeing and Airbus and that is all? How much your choice is affected by political situation? No big company in US ever payed to politicians? No EU weapon maker ever "oiled" possible customer outside of EU when customer was thinking about weapon purchase?

   Even in "capitalist" countries there are many parts of economy that don't have enough competitors to have high level of competition (internet providers in remote parts of the country is probably simpliest example), or where competition is happening not around a product itself, and/or have big political "baggage" tied to it. 


   We have parts of economy where there are a lot of companies that have pretty serious competition with each other, like internet providers in St.Peterburg, and we have something like UVZ, which is basically a monopolist in tank-building in whole country. Both are results of capitalism - a lot of people want internet and their money flow is able to support several companies that compete for them, while same economy/budget can't fully support more than 1 producer of tanks, which is a reason why Kirov and Omsk is out of the game. And that would be the case with "true" and not "true"/"crony" capitalism anyway.

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   Preliminary tests of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles on the Boomerang chassis completed.


   According to the director general of the military-industrial complex Alexander Krasovitsky, samples based on the unified interspecific wheeled platform "Boomerang" confirmed the characteristics stated in the statement of work


   MOSCOW, December 3. / TASS /. The Military Industrial Company (VPK), together with the Russian Ministry of Defense, completed preliminary tests of prototypes of the K-16 armored personnel carrier and K-17 IFV on the promising Boomerang wheeled chassis. About this TASS on Tuesday said the company's CEO Alexander Krasovitsky.

   According to him, in accordance with the schedule of development work (OKR) Boomerang, Military Industrial Company LLC, together with the Main Armored Directorate and research organizations of the Russian Defense Ministry, "completed preliminary tests of prototypes."

   Krasovitsky emphasized that the samples based on the Boomerang unified wheeled platform confirmed the specifications stated in the statement of work.


   "At the production facilities of VPK LLC, the assembly of new prototypes has begun in the framework of the Boomerang development center for conducting state tests. To date, the Zavod Korpus JSC, which is part of VPK LLC, has made preparations for the production of armored corps of a modified design ", - said the head of the company, adding that almost 800 units of new technological equipment were created.


   In addition, in the Nizhny Novgorod Military Engineering Center (part of the military-industrial complex LLC), new armored hull is already delivered, on the basis of which a full-size mock-up of a combat vehicle for ballistic tests and mine resistance tests will be assembled.

   Krasovitsky noted that all the work done and preparation for production will allow, after completion of state tests, to start mass production of the Boomerang unified interspecific wheeled platforms in any quantities required by the state customer.


   In June, at the Army-2019 forum, the TASS press service reported that the K-16 armored personnel carrier on the Boomerang platform was at the final stage of preliminary tests. Then the company expected that the new samples will go to state tests in July 2019.

   On Tuesday, the press service explained that the tests of the machine themselves had passed in the summer, and now the signing of the preliminary test act has taken place, after which you can proceed to the state.

   Progress with Boomerang development, including K-16 APC and K-17 IFV.


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   The VMZ "Red October" has already begun smelting of special steel for the production of blanks for the command items of the T-90 tank. The customer - OJSC “Plant No. 9” - will receive finished products in the 1-2 quarter of 2020. Products within the framework of the State Defense Order will be smelted in a special furnace DSP-12, the operation of which gives the greatest economic benefit. The weight of one workpiece is about 3 tons and the capacity of the furnace allows steel to be melted simultaneously for three products. An agreement was also reached on the production of metallurgical blanks for the Armata universal combat platform. Their production will begin in early 2020.

   Note - Plant No. 9 is cannon-designer/production company.

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   Link stolen from otvaga

http://www.niistali.ru/upload/iblock/e29/90th anniversary of GABTU-7.pdf

   NII Stali PDF about anniversary of GABTU contains few bits about Armata, Kurganets and Boomerang. Last page, titled "Developments of Scientific Research Institute of Steel for promising equipment". It doesn't say if those developments are finished or still going on.


   First - Armata chassis and T-14 tank-related bits:


Tank "Armata"
- New ultra-high-strength steel 44S-SV-Sh
- New dynamic protection "Monolith" based on energetical materials
- System of electromagnetic protection (SEMZ)
- A set of means to reduce visibility
- Composite armor panels for additional protection based on ceramic
- Aramid-based spall liners/screens


1) 44S-SV-Sh steel is going to be used in few places on T-14 as protection against bullets and similar. Link


TASS news agency, citing the head of the marketing department of OJSC NII Steel, Yevgeny Chistyakov, reports that the new armor will be used to protect optical systems, combat modules, and external communication elements of Armata.




   "Weldable, for hulls of lightly armored vehicles". Plate shown on the photo have hit marks from 12.7 mm bullets.


2) It appears that ERA (or some sort of NERA/"MERA") name is "Monolith", not Malakhit. Description (possible, no back up source) of how T-14 ERA worked is in early pages of this thread.


3) Parade vehicles had some parts of that EM "masking" system (a cable was visible, placed on the edges of the hull)




- Aluminum armor inclluding layered
- Upper Hemisphere protection complex
- electromagnetic protection system
- Addon dynamic protection
- Composite armor panels based on ceramics of additional protection
- Energy-absorbing chairs


"Dynamic protection" is just ERA, Chairs in qoute are for dismount against shockwave created by mine explosions.


   Ok, Boomer:


- Upper Hemisphere protection complex
- electromagnetic protection system
- A set of means to reduce visibility
- Composite armor panels based on ceramics of additional protection


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50 minutes ago, alanch90 said:

This was just posted on facebook: first look at T-14 thermal signature.

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas, personas sentadas e interior

What is really interesting is that the frontal Monolith "ERA" and side modules (forward of 2S24 blocks) seem to emit heat.


   First? Video is from 2017. 


   And already was posted in this thread , in 2018:





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On 11/30/2019 at 9:41 PM, heretic88 said:

The agony continues... Chelyabinsk plant in deep trouble, in addition to bankruptcy, they are unable to manufacture engines for T-14/15/16. 





   At the end of November, the network publication Lentachel.ru, citing information from blogger Alexander Podoprigora, published material on the development of an engine for the Armata tank at ChTZ.

   The material was called “ChTZ failed the task of developing an engine for the Armata tank. However, the information presented in the publication was not reliable. ChTZ-Uraltrak LLC is currently operating as usual. The development of the engine for "Almaty" is carried out in accordance with the terms indicated in the statement of execution. Design documentation has been developed. Within the framework of the state defense order, samples were made that were sent to the head contractor for installation on the product and passing state tests.

   Roman Mazurenko.


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6 hours ago, Pascal said:


So at what distance did they shot at 100 m or 2000 m?

   IDK, hard to tell for sure because of camera angles and fish eye effect on camera that was mounted on the vehicle. Although 100 meters could be default setting during target tracking with optical systems part of the video, and before shooting they could have lased that target.

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          Currently this tank is localted in Kubinka, in running condition BTW. Main designer was Nikolay Popov.
          Object 292, as you see at photos, had a new turret. This turret could have been mounted on existing T-80 hulls without modifications to hull (Object 292 is just usual serial production T-80U with new turret, literally). New Mechanical autoloading mechanism was to be build for it. Turret had special Abrams-like bustle for ammunition, similar feature you can see on Ukrainian T-84-120 Yatagan MBT and, AFAIK, Oplot-BM.
          Engine was 1250 HP GTD-1250 T-80U engine. 152 mm main smoothbore gun was only a little bit bigger than 2A46 125 mm smoothbore gun, but it had much better overall perfomance.
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      Panzerkampfwagen 2000
      In 1988 Germany developed a concept for a tank with two crew men. In order to test whether it's possible for only two crew men to operate a tank effectively, a Leopard 1 and a Leopard 2 were modified. 

      Field trials were held in 1990 and subsequently it was concluded to be a viable concept in 1992. The project was however canceled, because the downfall of the Soviet Union meant, that a new battle tank was no longer needed. Furthermore Israel stealing submarines and reunification meant that the budget was not sufficient either.
      Neue Gepanzerte Plattform
      In 1995 a concept for a whole family of armored vehicles(SPAAG, MBT, IFV) was developed, where the MBT would be manned by two man, just like the Panzerkampfwagen 2000. A prototype was build and tested in 1997. However a further budget cut lead to the cancellation in 1998. Wegmann desgin: Turret + autoloader:
      Diehl developed an APS for this tank: AWiSS

      Hull length = 8,67m
      Full width = 3,98m
      Width between the tracks = 3,5m
      Height = 2,71m
      The intended combat weight for the complete tank was between 55t and 77t.
      Can anyone calculate the the cross section areas and the protection levels for the front and the side, assuming mid-90s filler materials were used?
      Thanks for your attention!
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