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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

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A bit more about that exoskeleton


Russian sappers use passive exoskeletons during demining in Syria




As i guess, this is russian "K-2" so-called "passive" exosuit. It does not have any special devices like servomotors to help you move, or batteries to make mechanical parts of suit work. This is just sonstruction from some metall parts, which take load from ammunition or cargo to itself.

Below you can see some vidos with demostration of this exosuit:



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15 hours ago, Khand-e said:


LoooSeR's companion can get pictures from all those hard to reach places!



I'll see your voyeuristic meat robot companion and raise you...

Boston dynamics wildcat


When you see a version of this fucker with a tail... Umm honestly you should probably just shit yourself so it doesn't rape you

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