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   Better view on Fused-Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle. FOV - 97 degr.





   “This is the first public demonstration of the new generation of NVGs,” explained Lynn Marie Bollengier, vice president and general manager of military engineering solutions at L3 Technologies Inc., “Before this system, this particular customer would have to choose between having a squared wide field of view system or having a 40 degree field of view fusion system, with a long wave thermal overlay component. So what we've done is combine those two capabilities so this customer doesn’t have to choose anymore. They get both wide field of view and a thermal overlay.”

   Also, Lynn Marie Bollengier added that, like other thermal fusion goggles, this brings in a long wave thermal image to a color micro display inside the goggle. So the user could get a good detection with that thermal as well as extremely high resolution wide field of view. ”

   Bollefrood also said that one of the key functions of F-Pano is the augmented reality system, F-Pano is connected to the network and interacts with the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) system that runs on end-user devices. “We have developed a plugin for ATAK, which allows the user to decide exactly what information from ATAK he wants to see in his NVG” she said.

   She also noted that this NVD is being developed as a modular system, i.e. some modules can be simply disconnected from the NVD. She added: "It was specifically designed so that this NVD could be as flexible as the end user needs."

   She acknowledged that the thermal imaging sensor installed in the F-Pano increases the weight of the night vision device, which indicates the need for weight reduction work.

   Very tight schedules of the company show that the tests of the system should take place this summer, including the augmented reality system itself. "In the end, we will be able to get feedback from specific customers about this system."


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