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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.

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I did chance upon an application where itty bitty shaped charges are designed for penetration first; petroleum exploration!


A 2 inch mining shaped charge will apparently punch 11.5 inches of sandstone.  I have no idea how sandstone compared to steel, but as a general rule of thumb, shaped charges will penetrate into concrete about twice as far as they will steel.  So that would be almost three charge diameters.


I actually could've told you alot about this if you simply asked, this is something my still living Grandfather does.


One interesting thing is that a very popular liner for rock punching in petrol (both with liners and EFPs) is actually Aluminum as it mostly disintegrates (Aluminum is like Magnesium, once it's "energized" enough, that shit just burns up with furious intensity) and is less likely to leave a hole plugged after going off. they often also use sintered liners for the same reason as these will make the break up easier.


No point punching a hole only to potentially mistakenly plug it again immediately after because you poorly planned it.

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Donward and Marlin 95 fans everywhere: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


What is a FourFiveOh Bushmaster? And where exactly do I buy this in Alaska?


Also, it looks inferior to modern loads in both 45-70 Government and .444 Marlin. 


And a lever action gun is still more ergonomic.


The only issue today is the QA of modern lever action manufacturers coupled with Beanie Baby lever action collectors who have artificially driven the price up on used lever guns.


Edit: But hey, the price seems inexpensive so it has that going for it.


Edit: Although it doesn't even come with iron sights so you have to buy optics or irons. So that adds another hundred at least.


Edit: Although Brownells has a plain jane 1895 chambered in 45-70 with irons for $579. Yes it's two pounds heavier. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing in that caliber.

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Yeah. And I'm not bad-mouthing Ruger rifles. I'm just kind of perplexed by the .450 Bushmaster offering which seems rather obscure. I guess its for the guys who want a gun chambered in a hipster cartridge that no one else uses...

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MSRP on a Marlin Guide Gun is like $800, last I checked (earlier today). So comparing MSRP to MSRP, the Ruger is $200 cheaper.


Other rifles in the Ruger American Ranch series are going for between $350-$400 on FunBroker, so that $200 difference basically holds up in street prices I bet.


The point isn't ".45-70 guide guns are teh badz, u need da Ruger bloopenshooten riffle wit da mussel break!", it's this recurring argument I've made that if you set out to design a bolt gun and a "cowboy gun" (tube fed monobloc receiver levergun) for identical purposes, the bolt gun will end up being a shitload cheaper, a shitload lighter, and almost certainly much more accurate.

Which says to me that leverguns are horribly dated and the type badly needs a re-invention that takes them beyond their current circa-1870s paradigm. Of course, it doesn't seem like the people who actually buy lever-actions want this, they want something that looks like it's straight out of High Noon. And I guess that's fine, so long as we're honest about it.

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I'm looking at Brownell's and this is what they have listed. $579




Now that isn't the "Guide Gun" variant which has any number of cool kid features including the neat-o gray stock, stainless steel and ugly as sin rail which can go from $629 at Cabela's on up to $979.




Again. That's Cabela's prices where you are paying to look at dead animals, water features and Mech's Christmas drug-alcohol-prostitute fueled parties with the Cabela's corporate board. And they all come with iron sights...


Now this is assuming that Remington has ironed out all the QA issues with the Marlin. 

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