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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help

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3 hours ago, Ramlaen said:



The Rope-a-dope strategy is working. Let the Dems wear themselves out for a year with this Russian Collusion nonsense, and then throw a knock out punch just before the midterms.

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57 minutes ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

Disregard all those congressmen calling for the release of the memo, this is just another Russian propaganda campaign for undermining our democracy.  Thanks for having this Debunked! for me Snopes!




Anyone who posts on 4chan is a Russian troll to these people.

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Are they really pulling a George Takei on this? "Anything I don't like is Russian collusion"


The Russians are colluding with the Republicans to distract everyone from the Russian collusion investigation by promoting a meme about the Russian collusion investigation! Those sneaky bastards! 


Holy crap these people make McCarthyism look tame. Also, it's not like the Russians would have any motivations to throw the US in to further political turmoil and /or seek revenge against the Obama administration for starting a shit storm in one of their client states.


If only Putin would shitpost like Trump. I would love to see him tweet something like "All Russians are liars". Then again, that might not work, the left seems to be resistant to paradoxes, considering that there entire existence is one at this point.

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