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1 hour ago, DogDodger said:

Are we sure that's not some type of M113-based vehicle? :)


You are correct, I was looking at the general shape of the road wheel and not specifics like the number of nuts or the return track height.

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Whatever the machine, your caption was accurate! And today I coincidentally received the following email with the subject "RE: Wheel Solid For APC M113":



Dear Sir,


As per the subject we are in need of the Wheel Solid for APC M113 the part number is 12313083,NSN-2530-01-139-3-748  Quantity 3000. The manufacturer or supplier should be NATO Approved.



The requirement is from Pakistan Heavy Mechanical complex where APC are repaired and are there for maintenance.



Please feel free to contact if any question.



Best Regards,





Mubbashir Bangash

Business Development Manager-Islamabad

Suite # 8, 4th Floor, Plot # 26,

Service Society Markaz, behind MCB Bank,

Sector E-11/2,

Islamabad, Pakistan.


So I should be able to recognize an M113 wheel since I apparently have 3000 to spare! :lol:

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23 minutes ago, Scolopax said:

Do you have more photos?

Some, I didn't take a whole lot but here's what I got











Some observations


Most of the M4s were in rough shape besides one A3 and a Canadian Firefly. 


I didn't see the following that I thought would be there: T28/T95, T29, Tiger II, Su-100


I caught a glimpse inside the warehouse they restoration team works and could see some of the old Mark V tanks and I suspect the missing tanks are also deep within it as well. 


Many of the cold war era vehicles had tarps over them, so you couldn't fully see some of the things like the M8 Buford, Chieftain, Leopard, AMX-13, or M60A2 Starships. 


They had a couple of modern MRAPs there that dwarf everything but the WWII LVTs. 



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Definitely an M114.  I've never seen the hatch before there either, and I can't find pictures of any other vehicles with it.  There are also clear changes to the engine area up top and on the front glacis.  Perhaps someone had some fun and interest with the thing and souped up the engine.

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Thought it was probably an M114 but didn't see any M114s with the similar hatch. If anyone did make modifications to it, it didn't last. Oil sump got stuffed full of rocks and candy wrappers. Everything not welded down was torn off, no glass remains intact. It would have been cool to bring it back to service but I think it's screwed

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