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United States Military Vehicle General: Guns, G*vins, and Gas Turbines

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31 minutes ago, 2805662 said:




5345-A as an Australian example. What are the other suffixes? 

-U tanks













Mix of M1A1 and M1A2


-M tank







First pic is M1A1 from Ramadi 2005. M designation seems rare and no idea what the difference is to the more common "U". Both are used on tanks in service with the Army and Marines.


-E tanks









Egypt, Saudi and Iraq respectively

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2 hours ago, 2805662 said:

so no ID on where this was built? Do re-furbed bulls have the suffix removed?


I've never been able to confirm the hull letter thing, and in all the images I have only on Australian Abrams is the number legible.

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39 minutes ago, ZloyKrolik said:

Why the end connector on the fender latch lever? To keep the lever from dropping too far?

I think it’s to weight the spring to prevent it bouncing out of place? 

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4 minutes ago, Ramlaen said:




Interesting they chose a case-mate style tank for the OMFV, and the full caliber gun is also unusual. I like the rounded hull though, very mine resistant :D 

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Makes me think that it IS some sort of upgrade to the Bradley, based on the AMPV perhaps. Because the OMFV has to have a crew of 3 and they need to sit in a capsule. These models show a design without a capsule.

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On 4/4/2019 at 8:53 PM, ZloyKrolik said:

Why the end connector on the fender latch lever? To keep the lever from dropping too far?

It's to keep the fender from closing on you when you need to open it up for whatever reason.  


Source: Was a 19K myself

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The United States Government has identified a requirement to integrate a 30mm Weapon System on Double "V" Hull (DVH) Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICVVA1). The Lethality Annex to the Operational Requirements Document (ORD) requires Project Manager - Stryker Brigade Combat Team (PM-SBCT) to develop and field a Medium Caliber Weapon System (MCWS) for the ICVVA1. This requirement is intended to be accomplished in two phases which are detailed in sections A.2 - A. of the RFQ. Please note that details included regarding Phase 2 is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. This Request for Quotation (RFQ) W56HZV-19-Q-0082 (Phase 1) solicits contractors to perform a Design Integration Study (DIS) to integrate a weapon station using a Government-Furnished XM813 gun on a Government-Furnished ICVVA1 hull.

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-uses the same new hull seen above, but not the M8 turret

-improved underbelly and ballistic protection

-comparable protection to a Bradley

-MTU engine

-same overall dimensions as the M8 so it can fit in a C-130

-19 tons to 26 tons


I suspect their MPF includes components of the CV90 MkIV.

Edited by Ramlaen

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