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Ok since i developed some kind of an obsession for counting pixels i had to make an estimation for the Merkava 4 UFP thickness. Of course the results are just estimates because angle of the image and all that.





I have to say that the results are very close to what @Mighty_Zuk came up with many many pages ago. 

EDIT: as an added comment, given these numbers i don't think that we should consider Merkava 4 UFP as "thin" compared to other MBTs. 600-650mm LOS is thicker than UFP of soviet made MBTs such as T-80 and T-90. Now, how this physical thickness translates into protection effectiveness is another issue entirely. 

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A bit of news we all missed

Apparently the IDF 188th Brigade is going to start transitioning to Merkava 4s this year. The 188th is the last active brigade (other than the training school) to operate the Merk 3, which means that in a few years they'll only be in reserve service. 

I wonder what this means for the Merk 3 Trophy retrofit project. There was the one vehicle photographed in 2017, and since then its been awfully quiet. If the Merk 3s are all going into the reserves, it may no longer be worthwhile to pursue, as the systems are most likely better spent on active service vehicles.

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Oh lord. The toad like,  Magach heavy APC. The AFV with the worst aesthetic values ever. Relieved it never went into service

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      I am sure there are many very interesting stories to share about this topic. Let's start with couple of articles about the weird and sometimes downright crazy history of Czechoslovak assistance which helped Israel to survive its early days. It's true that Czechoslovakia asked a lot of money for bypassing the UN embargo but it doesn't change the fact that it helped in the critical time - before the change of course was ordered from Kremlin in 1949. It's also worth mentioning that the arms-smuggling to Israel brought up to 1/3 of all foreign currency income of Czechoslovakia at that time! It's all in Czech but well understandable with the google translate. 
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      Originally posted by Rossmum on SA;

      Looks pretty good for the time.
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      I heard Merkava tanks have  revolving magazine for main gun loading.
      Magazines hold 6 rounds for Merkava I, II,   5 rounds  for Merkava III, 10 rounds for Merkava IV. 
      After emptying the magazine, how is the procedure for filling magazines with stowed rounds?
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