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1 hour ago, N-L-M said:

Simply not possible, the whole rear section of the hull is different, as are the hull sides.

By the look of things, at some point in Merk 3 production they switched from the rounded, presumably cast hull nose to the sharp, presumably welded one.

I don't recall seeing any pictures of Ramaqh Mk3 with a sharp hull but there are Baz Mk3s with either.

maybe re-use of frontal parts ? 

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Considering how they were busy displacing Centurions and Pattons in service, where would they get all those hull parts from? It's not like they had several hundred merkava hull noses just lying around, or several hundred merk 2s to chop up. And that's if we assume the nose is 100% compatible, which it probably isn't. Why would one assume they're identical? The first roadwheel arm hub on the Merk 3 and 4 is right below the final drive base, which appears to be part of the hull nose, and therefore must come as part of the nose.


Namer nose, but the point stands.


On the Merk 2 you don't have those, as it has the bogies which of course sit further back on the hull.


Most reasonable assumption is that they decided to go cast on the Merk 3 when they started cause it's what they knew worked, and later switched to a welded design for whatever reason.

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Looking for a little help, please: I’m after an image showing the engine bay of an Achzarit with the engine removed, specifically, but not necessarily, the teaching example at the training base of the Golani Brigade. All assistance appreciated, thank you. For modelling purposes only.

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37 minutes ago, LoooSeR said:

  Kind of like UV sensor on MUSS?


Kind of this, I think:



The Radar is a static electronic scan device with search and track capabilities and has both self-detection capabilities and wake-up mode upon IR sensor cueing alert. In search mode, the Radar is staring. The entire hemisphere is sampled for each cycle. Pulse Doppler waveform is used for high resolution in Track mode. Antennas can be fragment protected according to customer requirements. In Stealth mode, the radar reduces its power consumption and risk of detection.


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According to social media,Hezbollah fired a kornet missile to merkava yesterday.Somes claimd that merkava was attacked in the viedo,but it is too blurry that I only saw tank and smoke( ESS worked? ).


IDF said "No injuries to IDF troops were reported".So what happened ?

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Hezbollah initially claimed they had fired a missile but then denied it. One of their squads, which had crossed the border near Har Dov, was intercepted and retreated back over the line. It seems that the intention was to launch an attack, but it was preempted. They seem to have put out their initial press release a little too early. 

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   They are using neural network-based AI system, to supplement crew of 2. As one of EA researches in AI field said, NN AIs currently is underresearched subject, with no theoretical back up or basis, which present a problem for designing NN AI. For now, making NN AI that works for complicated tasks is more of an art rather than calculated "production" pipeline.

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