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Turret Traverse Speed of Soviet style IFVs

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I can't read russian or ukraine language so the range of information is very limited for russian AFVs.



I'd like to have information about how fast turrets of soviet IFVs rotate.



Especially BMP2, BMP3, BTR-82

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According to the technical manual for the BMP-3, maximum traverse speed is 35 deg/sec in automatic mode with "overcharge", and maximum traverse speed in the semi-automatic mode is also 35 deg/sec. Not really sure how they came up with that.


Turret traverse rate for BTR-82 is unknown, sorry. My best guess is that the turret uses the same motors as the BMP-2 and BMD-2, so the max traverse rate could be 30 deg/sec or more.


On 7/5/2017 at 0:08 AM, DogDodger said:

Tankograd says the BMP-2 can traverse at up to 35 degrees/sec if the stabilizer is in the less accurate semi-automatic mode, and 30 degrees/sec in automatic mode.


Automatic mode is the default mode for day to day combat. Semi-automatic is for anti-air only, because it severely degrades accuracy in exchange for faster acceleration and faster top speed. 

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