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1 hour ago, LoooSeR said:

   If anybody is interested ( @Lord_James ), i can start new singleplayer campaign in EndWar, but pick Euroweaklings faction and just for massive lulz set difficulty to maximum (Hardcore).


On ‎11‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 2:31 AM, LoooSeR said:

I thought that this series wasn't that much interesting for people here.


I honestly haven't kept up with your recent Endwar posts, been really busy (far too busy, IMO) with finishing this semester. Last I remember, your were testing the AI in the skirmish mode, but I haven't sat down and read the posts since about halfway through page 8 (and all of page 9). Sorry for not keeping track :( 


But, I would prefer the American campaign, me being called "Aggressively American" once :D, and I'm sorta interested to see the abominations exceptionally well thought out modifications to the US vehicles (is it weird that I like the look of the "T-100 ogre" with the AA flamethrower and bustle mounted autocannons?). Although, it would be funny to see the euro-trash take over the (western) world. 




In relation to the second quote, I take an interest in RTS's, maybe because I'm terrible at them and/or appreciate the skill of those who are good at them (I usually turn into a spectator when playing RTS games, watching things move around and/or build, interact with other things, etc.). My favorite is Supreme Commander, and it's successor, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (stay away from SupCom 2 though), due to the massive scale, good graphics, and relative simplicity... and it was made in 2007 but still has a decent sized community (Forged Alliance Forever) that is still going 11 years later! It's a must have for RTS fans, but I cant do it justice, so I would have to recommend watching youtube videos on the game too see what it's all about. I personally watch Gyle Cast: 




Which is a Casting channel for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever. This is a "short match" for SupCom, of only ~30 minutes (I choose a "short" video cause I know some of you are busy), but it should give an ok look into SupCom, especially the incredible size of the battlefields you fight on. And for posterity, here's one of the crazier games, at about 1 hour 10 minutes play time: 





It's a great game (and available on steam), and I would recommend it for any of the RTS players on here. 

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57 minutes ago, Lord_James said:



I honestly haven't kept up with your recent Endwar posts, been really busy (far too busy, IMO) with finishing this semester. Last I remember, your were testing the AI in the skirmish mode, but I haven't sat down and read the posts since about halfway through page 8 (and all of page 9). Sorry for not keeping track :( 


But, I would prefer the American campaign, me being called "Aggressively American" once :D, and I'm sorta interested to see the abominations exceptionally well thought out modifications to the US vehicles (is it weird that I like the look of the "T-100 ogre" with the AA flamethrower and bustle mounted autocannons?). Although, it would be funny to see the euro-trash take over the (western) world. 


   No worries, some of posts are me just sharing and saving observations and pics for review and tactics guide. AI in EndWar is a strange case - at first it feels nothing special, but learning game and mechanics, while playing on proper difficulty, i started to see how important AI is for this game to work, as this is essentially a chess with strange looking tank-shaped chess pieces / or RTS-shaped arena shooter. Looking at AI under microscope (skirmish mode allows to observe 3 AIs actions in single battle, instead of 1 in singleplayer), a lot of small things, unique behaviors and developers attention in general is becoming visible and obvious, which is surprising to see for a game that was not popular (althought reviews are generally in 7-8/10 area). 


   So a vote for Americans. What about difficulty levels? "Normal" is not allowed, it is boring. 


57 minutes ago, Lord_James said:



In relation to the second quote, I take an interest in RTS's, maybe because I'm terrible at them and/or appreciate the skill of those who are good at them (I usually turn into a spectator when playing RTS games, watching things move around and/or build, interact with other things, etc.). My favorite is Supreme Commander, and it's successor, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (stay away from SupCom 2 though), due to the massive scale, good graphics, and relative simplicity... and it was made in 2007 but still has a decent sized community (Forged Alliance Forever) that is still going 11 years later! It's a must have for RTS fans, but I cant do it justice, so I would have to recommend watching youtube videos on the game too see what it's all about. I personally watch Gyle Cast: 








Which is a Casting channel for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Forever. This is a "short match" for SupCom, of only ~30 minutes (I choose a "short" video cause I know some of you are busy), but it should give an ok look into SupCom, especially the incredible size of the battlefields you fight on. And for posterity, here's one of the crazier games, at about 1 hour 10 minutes play time: 


  Reveal hidden contents



It's a great game (and available on steam), and I would recommend it for any of the RTS players on here. 

   Funny thing, i'm subscribed to Gyle for several years. SC is a RTS that i probably never will even try, it is too large scale for my low-clicks-per-minute fingers and "tactician not strategist" player mindset.



   Is here anybody else interested in second Endwar playthrough?

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   Review of Ubersoldier 2.

   Ubersoldier 2 is an addon for Ubersoldier 1 FPS set in WW2-style setting and centered around Nazi creating wunderwaffe soldier. Game was released in 2007 and made by Burut Creative (lol, creative) team, who stamped a first Ubergeneric shooty-game 1.





   As usual we start with visuals.

   Ubersoldier 2 suffers from same problems as first one - visuals are mixed bag. First level and few other are especially bad looking (even for 2007).
















   Game turned on post-effects, that made my eyes bleed. Tried to turn them off again, restarting game helped to get rid of it.



   For the most part Ubersoldier 2 looks mediocre. Developers obviously improved lighting, which made levels look less ugly for majority of play time.



   Gamerls love grey tight gameplay-less vents.



















   This looks as mediocre as it plays.



   Adding 1 light source made this grey boring building a bit less grey and boring.



   This effect is a small spark of life as everything else around is grey and boring.




   In few areas improvements are noticeable - they improved some of their modells.





   Better lighting, mediocre to bad art design for the most part, better modelling skills of objects, levels, enemies. Game still looks rather bland and meager set of colors of brown and grey doesn't improve things. Scenery for almost all levels is also uninteresting and lacks any creative touch. Ubersoldier 2 improves in few places where first game had problems - visuals on average across all chapters of singleplayer improved and there are less totally bad looking or half-assed enviroments, models of things and bad guys became better (i even like one - flamethrower guy looks cool) and changed lighting helped to game to generate a better picture than in previous game. Sound designs and music were nearly unchanged, special effects/partical system is also about the same. All this allowed Ubersoldier 2 get to "mediocre" level of presentation from "sort of mediocre at best".



   Developers added few things in Ubersoldier 2 mechanically - killing 3 enemies with headshots give you ability to trigger "Ubersniper" mode with 4th headshot, which is just a slow-mo. All kills in Ubersniper mode give you energy. Putting a knife into 3+1 triggers Berserk mode and kills during this mode give you some health. Player still have ability to turn on his magic shield to stop bullets, and that uses energy, that is slowly regenerating and usef for sprinting. Earning Ubersniper and Berserk give you points and after each level you can spend those points to upgrade max health, accuracy, shield, max energy etc.













   In field of mechanics gameplay became just a bit less bland and by the numbers. Other than that - everything else is about the same here as in previous game with few exceptions. For most weapons devs removed ADS and just made screen zoom in, which is better for frequent CQBs in this FPS. Weapons themselves are not interesting, usual selection of guns and nothing is standing out of arsenal. Althought Nazis this time ate more sausages so they have more HPs. At time some "regulars" can eat up to 5 shots in the head.



   At least rocket launchers feels powerful.


   Majority of fighting with Nazis will happen in linear indoor maze-like levels with steady spawning of scripted amount of bad guys, frequent turret sections and tight maze-levels are rather standart formula for a shooter. For me those "battles" almost never managed to achieve some sort of flow, for most part you just react to arbitrary or/and obviously placed triggers and spawns of enemies. 









   Few places felt like developers tried to do their own FEAR, but with Nazi SFs instead of Replicas. Some animations of those Nazi SFs were looking very much like some unique animations of FEAR mooks, BTW (one that i spotted was animation of enemy soldier running/strafing away while holding a gun with one hand, which i didn't saw pretty much anywhere else).















   Game could be a bit better if destructible cover was important. But only few objects have detailed enough physics model and level designers don't use them as cover positions for enemies, or leave them on level for player to use.




   All boss battles in Ubersoldier 2 are terrible. All bosses are just giant HP bars that you need to get through by shooting endlessly at big bad guy. Last boss fight was so god awful that i didn't bothered to end it and just exited game, selected "uninstall" and was done with it (and i didn't died, i was angry with 20 minutes long running around and shooting endlessly). Bosses don't give you any feedback of how many years you need to shoot them after you depleted half of your arsenal, they don't have interesting attacks (several bosses have exactly same attack of spamming self-guided fireballs, which feels as a cheap attack, as they can "squeeze" between rather small pieces of geometry on the levels) or interesting "phases".















   Last boss was a tank, but you are supposed to use mounted MGs around level to deal damage, but your own MG doesn't do shit. When you fire from your own MG and from mounted MGs, game doesn't give you any indication that one damage enemy and other one don't. Even god damn sparks from tank armor is exactly the same. Vehicle have red barrels on 1 side and in the rear, which i thought are weakspots, but no - they are not. There are no timings to learn about that boss - he just spam guided fireballs constantly and shoots MG/flamethrowers depending on range. After damaging him enough, an in-game scene triggers where one of previous bosses do something to current evil bad boss guy and game resumes, but now enemy spams even more of those annoying fireballs. Several trains came to arena and started to unload barrels and you may think that you need to lure tanks to those barrels and shot them (exploding barrels - enemy inside of a armored vehicle - bullets don't do shit you), but no, videos of that battle i watched shows that you just shoot him until dead. Jesus Christ, this is The worst boss battle i encountered.










   At some point i thought glass was a weakspot, but no - it isn't.


   On a gameplay side, it is slightly better than original shooter, but not by much. Fights against regular bad guys are a bit better, but miniboss and boss battles were unpleasant waste of time to "play" against. New abilities of main hero like slo-mo and "rage" are interesting for 1-2 times, after that they were uninteresting to get and use.


   Plot and characters.

   In previous game they existed, and same can be said about Ubersoldier 2 - there are some characters and there was a plot, i think. This time one (just 1) bad guy was given attention and developers bothered to create a build up/introduction before main hero fights this bad guy and his mooks in bad boss fight. Other than that - it is nothing interesting.












   Closer to end of this game:





   Sometimes instead of comics we get a cutscenes.



   AI and enemies.

   As in Ubersoldier 1, AI here is not bad, but overall is mediocre and lacks a feeling of an actual opponent that tries to defeat you, they feel like a CoD bad guys - generic human shaped robots that are lacking a bite and motivation. Variation of enemies is about same as before - regualr soldiers, Nazi SFs, MG gunners, flamethrowers guys, Psy-nazi and they added a Supersoldier juggernauts that act like minibosses. There are allies in Ubersoldier 2, and like in 1st they are not that usefull.





   Snipers, act like regular soldiers, just with different models. This pile is a result of scripted sniper section.



   Another scripted scene and another pile of bodies. Did anyone tested this before release?












   AI have some abilities that you need to counter and few things that can be exploited.



   Blindfire is used frequently by bad guys, my attempts to hit their hands were failers, i suspect that they do something with damage model when AI blindifre.





   Allies are heavily scripted. This is also an escort mission (which wasn't too bad, compared to Metro-2 addon).


   AI likes to melee each other.



   This can be used to lure baddies and machinegun them.



   AI is bad when it comes to getting away from players grenades.














   Yet another mediocre shooter. This addon improved some aspects of first Generic Shooter 7: Revenge of Jafar, but gameplay designs is still bland, lacking a vision beyond "A shooter game made by the numbers". It feels... sterile, lacking human emotions of people that were making it. If you get it for free you can bother to play it, but i wouldn't recommend to spend money on it.


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Tried to use Fraps for videocapture some time ago. I have a clip from Venom.

   In Venom even Fraps (free version) terrible videocapture works well. In Endwar - not so much. Probably will try another software.







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   Review of You are Empty.

   YAE is a strange FPS that was released in 2006 and made by 2 Ukrainian studios - Digital Spray Studios and Mandel ArtPlains (which are unknown before and even after this game was shipped). Making it work on modern computers can be a problem, game is not stable at times. And last level didn't wanted to load, so i had to watch ending on Youtube, lol.


You_Are_Empty.jpg You_Are_Empty_Soundtrack.png



   Because of strange situation with how game worked on my notebook, i couldn't change video settings from standart (it will ask to reload whole game and attempt to do this will result in main menu not working or not even loading). So i can't show maximum level of technical side of graphics, but YAE strong side is not in technical capabilities of an engine. YAE have strong art design and developers care behind it. A rather big number of enemies were modelled, some of them used just for a single level. And speaking about levels - in YAE many of them were also made with care and few of them even tries to convey author's views on some subject. Many levels are unique looking, they are different in atmoshpere, lighting, color pellet, while a not bad ambient music is supporting a tone of current map (i will link to complete soundtrack). This shooter feels much more alive than soulless generic shooty game "Ubersoldier 1" and 2 that were generated using generic tropes. It is atmoshperic, especially for somebody who lives in ex-Soviet country, developers made number of jokes in enemy design that would be lost for people outside of cultural space, and many more details of YAE make it a handcrafted experience.























































































   You Are Empty is a slow-paced shooter (mainly because hero is walking rather slowly) that feels like a Painkiller was mashed together with Bioshok. Amount of enemies per fight is not high (like 2-5), but shooting sections are frequent and to the end of not very long levels you will kill a noticeable amount of local mutants. Weapons are not very well made, they are no super unusual tools to deal with baddies, so as a shooter YAE is not something unique. Although it doesn't mean it is not enjoyable, landing a point blank blast from a shotgun sends bodies of mutants into a satisfying flight across a room. Bioshok associations are coming from non-gameplay side of the game - main hero slowly goes through  early/middle 20th century underwater Soviet city and fights number of mutated people that lived here and in the end you will meet a creator of this chaos.




   Main hero healths with alcohol.



   You also can get health by drinking fizzy water from those nostalgic machines. And it is even explained in a story why drinking it healths you, haha.












  Levels are linear, but they have secrets and sometimes they have several paths or made as arena. Nothing really interesting, but not too bad either. Sometimes player needs to find a key, or press buttons, but it is rather rare compared to actual gameplay.





   Plot and characters

   Story can be summarized by YAE itself:









   A "radiator" that would create a new builders of Communism by physically improving them, in short.


   When you are moving through abandoned city and damaged factories, you stumble across notes left by people before disaster and you can piece together what happened. Although you can't read them again after opening those notes once and first 2-3 of them were voiced by an actor that sound like machine testreading app.




   Sometimes you can meet NPCs (like.. 3 times in total, IIRC). One of them is serious, but 2 others are bizzare.















   Those Grandpa animations are not bugged, i checked it!

   Overal story is nothing special as it is, but small touches (especailly NPCs) give some life and humour to "story" part of YAE.



   AI and enemies

   YAE have rather big variety of bad guys both visually and gameplay-wise. Melee, ranged attacks, attacks from above, AOE, "tanks", static or often maneuvering - many types and their combinations make fighting not too boring. Sometimes you can see mooks fighting each other, although mostly in scripted scenes. Enemies (mostly) don't have "cheap" attacks, they usually telegraph their actions in some way. Welders have pretty "rythmical" attack pattern of their "attack from above" that you can learn quickly and they are rather fun to fight against.














































   AI itself isn't interesting, it is  mediocre at best. One enemy in particular have problems that were known by other developers in 90s - make sure that your mooks can actually move though doorways, if not - players will abuse this problem. IIRC Valve had this problem with alien grunts in HL1.







   And pathfinding isn't the best for a size of this monster


   Overall enemies and their AI is what i expect from this type of games, and for the most part it is doing what it is supposed to do. 




   As Metro-2, this game have number of bugs and glitches. Some of them are connected to just badly implemented mechanics, like ADS in PPSh being broken.








   This guy brought his car-shaped purse.



   Rear window conitnued to stay in the same place despite car being moved by dead body.


   IDK why this ragdoll pose haunts me, in several games at this point!










   Soviet soldiers think tey are above mortals.



   This mutated firefighter is very determined to stop me, block elevator with his own body!



   *metal rattle noises*



   Ummm.. what?




   You Are Empty as a shooter is nothing special, in some places it is slightly above average, at some others - just average. But what made this game enjoyable for me was athmoshpere, theme, combination of subtle humour and obvious bizzare/strange events, some of music and ambience, mutated people models, and a not bad pacing of levels. I am not sure if YAE should be recommended for english speaking audience, as part of fun of this game relies on cultural steretypes (for example Grandpa have barks that sound a lot like what stereotypical Petrovich would yell at kids trying to get to his shed or Street workers barking several swearings, mashed together in strange-sounding mess of words, but still understandable for Russian-speakers) and just familiar images as basis for its art design. 


   Here is a soundtrack for Yor Are Empty.


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   Hardcore is reserved for Euroweaklings. Also i want to fight Shpetsnaz commanders at Hardcore difficulty after i see how they perform on Expert.






   Lol, their moto...








   Armor plating on SPG is very important!



   Stock US IFVs have this normal looking turret (except hex shaped crap on the sides).




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   I skipped introduction operations, as we already saw them - Saudi Arabia was nuked, Russia got a lot of oil money after price increased and decided to get more out of this situation, created a terrorists organization called "Forgoten Army", launched through them attacks across the world, hacked European space laser system that destroyed American space craft that was launched from JFK space center, which started a conflict between all 3 superpowers. Yes, this is a plot of this game.


   Let me remind what our global objectives are:


   We are either assaulting and capturing Paris and Moscow, or we re taking entine world (28 regions count as a whole world)! All participants of this stimulating activity that is called WW3 have same amount of territory under their control. Time to start our combat operations.


   Preparations before first battle of our force.



   Russians weaponized their immigrants that were coming to welcoming hands of Canada and influenced their elections using combination of those immigrants and hacking. Now they are using Canada to launch attack on Grissom air forces base to create a foothold on US soil. This operation have a priority over any other possible deployment of our battalion.

   This battle will be first for 26th Mechanized battalion of Joint Strike Force. Troops are unexperienced in serious operations against tough enemies like Shpetnsaz. Our main straight is that a majority of battalion soldiers are combat engineers and we also have big number of IFVs that can move them on the battlefield.



   This territory is necessary for us - on strategic side of war this base allows us to create modifications for our forces, also it allows us to use air support in nearby regions, which will help JSF to hold our northen border. Grissom airbase itself with provide airsupport in this battle, and we will be able to call additional US Army force multipliers to assist us. Southern part of battlefield is pretty much empty, enemies probably will utilize vehicles there.



   Our opponent in this battle is Leonid Vilkov. According to intel, he prefer to use stand off type of weapons and utilize support of regular Russian army when he can. In this battle he will not have any serious support of Russian Armed Forces, as their main bases are very far away from here. But his tactics of using long range firepower can be deadly for my troops, as half of territory is open fields where combat engineers will not have any cover from artillery or tanks. If we will try to counter attack, he can easily relocate and use open fields to keep an eye on my troops and shell them to death. Our part of Grissom base is prepared for SGB attack, with barricades, protected fighting positions for infantry and so on.



   My plan is to take Alpha first in order to create an AA position against scouting gunships and kill them quickly, then we will go for Delta and either Bravo or Lima, depending on situation. Generally we want to be not too close to his forces and have firefights futher away from Shpetsnaz LZ, to force SPGs to move sloser to defensible positions, where we can hit them back. For this i'm taking IFVs and engineers in first wave, they will re-activate uplinks and provide good AA and anti-SPAAG/SPG support. IFVs will help to move them around faster, especially from bombarded places.


   Battle for Grissom US Airforce base begins!



   US army is moving to establish a frontline, we are going to Alpha first.





   Gunships arrived, they will be our eyes and QRF.



   And here we see Shpetsnaz Guard brigade deploying Zhukov SPGs. Blackfoot helicopters just after arriving to battlefield already are providing intel.



   Leonid already moving his "Bears" to outer walls. He is rather agressive, i expect those Shpetsnaz soldiers will act as spotters for KV-20 SPGs.



   And here is their AA coverage on wheels. Those BTRs are wheeled death traps against anything with anti-armor weapons, except air vehicles that are in serious danger posed by what is mounted in their turrets.



   We saw all first units that Shpetsnaz Guard Brigade managed to drop to this battlefield, now our troops needs to secure a superiority in this fight. Blackfoots are trying to get to Zhukovs and neutralize them. Cockroaches and their AA firepower are a problem for our unexperienced pilots.



   Gunships just started to engage KV-20s, but Vilkov managed to call Kamovs just in time. I will try to save our air assets and not lose them in a crossfire of SPAAGs and hostile choppers.



   BTRs tried to chase Blackfoots, but walls are solid enough to hold them away from gunship airframes. Shpetsnaz is pushing their regular army support to left flank in big numbers (3 sqauds), while part of their troops are already on edges of prepared defensive position inside of Grissom base.



   As expected, Russian artillery is clearing areas nearest to LZ. We have not much time left before they will start to shell our troops.



   Kamovs are on "free hunt", gunning down infantry without support. M118 Fastbacks are dispatched to at least push them away. Spartan SPGs were called as a plan B against Zhukovs.





   On their way to counter futher advancements by Kamovs Fastbacks caught Russian troops in the open. They will be quickly neutralized with close range fire of 25 mm autocannons. Also, in the same time we managed to establish a communication line with airsupport, so they are already called in to do a gun run on SPGs.



   Gun run killed 2 of 4 SPGs, Blackfoots are trying to finish them. We need to get them ASAP, Zhukovs are laready dropping shells on IFVs.



   BTR team was moving to save SPGs from our airvics, so i ordered them to fuck off there and called another airstrike on that unit. Leonid had them on the field for long enough. In the same time deployed Ghosts reactivated Delta uplink, and after few manipulations we will get US army troops support.



   Yes! Now we can act less concerned about artillery barrages.



   Shpetsnaz switched their tactics - they no longer have long range support and need to get into a fistfight with us. Blackfoots are baiting those angry Kamovs pilots closer to my AA positions, so we can destroy them in 1 swift attack. Those guys also were dodging our rounds for way to long.



   We got them, whole team in combined attack by fighter jets and gunships!


   Shpetsnaz ground assault meets JSF firepower!



   Shpetsnaz Cockroaches are trying to shot down Blackfoots, Leonid understands that they are a core of my actions on this battlefield. We will drive them into LOS of our combat engineers and in range of artillery.



   Pioneers squad launched several rockets against those BTRs, artillery dropped few rounds - and now they are full of holes.



   And they are running away!



   Time to clear our left flank. Army team was called in to hold Foxtrot uplink. Spartan SPGs are already aiming their guns on Russian engineers.



   Those crazy Russians are trying to run through fire to get to cover, from which they can put serious fire on our gunships.



   Blackfoots received minor damage, but we are moving them away. Flastbacks are covering their retreat, but those IFVs are vulnerable to RPGs of those Bears. Second Spartan gun carrier team was called for support against infantry.



   IFVs are moving away while using Foxtrot as obstruction between them and SGB combat engineers. US Army team is in place, but their car catched a RPG and blew up. But IFVs fire, and artillery shells are doign their jobs - only few Russians left alive on left flank.



   Leonid was not quick enough to deploy those APCs to support infantry against Blackfoots, so he tried to find a way to flank majority of my troops on left flank. But i knew that he will try to get around them, thats why Pioneers are here and ready to fill those wheeled death traps with rockets.



   Cockroaches are trying to suppress Pioneers, but...


   They are way too cool for that.












   Our victory over SGB 17th tactical battalion allowed to US army to launch a counter attack and get to a base from which those troops were sended to US soil, liberating part of Northen Europe!





   Russians lost their most northen region, and it is a bit too close to their capital, so they are launching a coutner attack, which we will try to defeat.



   Preparations before 2nd battle.



   Nice upgrade you have here. 



   Now situation is reverse. Enemy have ground and air support, we have nothing to help us. Our battalion is tasked with holding this region, and if we succeed here, a path to Moscow will be opened.



   We are tasked by JSF command to conduct a counter-counter attack against Russian counter attack, so we are going to clash almost head on. Our adversary in this battle is Fyodor Savilov, who is using a tactics based on using engineers and transports. That is rather similar to our 26th Mechanized JSF battalion characteristics.



   My plan is to take Foxtrot, Sierra and Lima, after which we will have enough of momentum to significant number of troops on the ground. Transports will be countered by tanks, engineers with SPGs at long range and by Ghosts in direct fight. Blackfoots and Spartan SPGs also will be usefull against SGB Ogre tanks. I'm affraid of flanking attacks, thats why Pioneers were given ability to call UGVs to defend captured uplinks. The more uplinks we will capture, the less servers for Russian to hack and more UGVs for their BTRs to get through! Also, those UGVs will alert me if they will try to get through long flanking mountain paths.


   Clash of armies at a familiar but beautiful place between mountains.



   In this battle we need to defeat enemies before they will hack enough servers to get additional supports. On top of that i need to establish my positions on this side of mountain pass without being bombed by Russian jets.





   Gunships will provide us with intel. Combat engineers are taking Foxtrot to put UGVs near them, so northen flank will be at least somewhat protected. I am not sending any other unit to the frontline to avoid higher damage from multiplie airstrikes or a single well-done strike. I hope that keeping main forces away will help me to surprise enemy.



   Russian regular army troops are coming.





   More of them killed now - more of US soldiers helping to JSF to defeat Shpetsnaz hardasses.



   Hey, look, SGB decided to show up. Those guys like to send conscripts and then hit damaged enemy troops and take all the credit for an easy victory. Not going to happen here, Fyodor.



   US and Russian armies meet at central village. Gunships are working on shifting balance towards our side.



   Those SGB anti-air vics are not quick enough.



   Next squad!



   In the open those guys are just practice targets for Blackfoot helicopter crews.



   We managed to save some of our soldiers for next phase of this clash. Tanks and SPGs are on the ground and moving to positions near Lima, which is a target for Pioneers to activate.


   2nd Phase:



   Bravo uplink is now crawling with Shpetsnaz troops. T-100 Ogres, KV-20 Zhukovs, Bears combat engineers, everybody is here. Good thing that i didn't showed to enemies anything more than a team of gunships, so Fyodor don't know what else we commited to this fight.



   And SPAAGs joined this big group of forces. They are preping for assault.



   Savilov sended his APCs expecting to see regular US soldiers and gunship squad, but he drove his wheeled death traps right into a platoon of M5A2 Schwarzkopf MBTs!



   While SPAAGs are in disarray, i'm using a moment and flying Blackfoots on edge of SPAAG gun range to rear positions of SGB. They will deal with Fyodor's most dangerous asset.





   Transports are almost finished, SPGs were all killed. Holding main forces in the rear and clearing area from regular army troops, who could spot my main force, was a good move that led SGB commander to misjudge a situation. Thats why he didn't tasked his tanks to participate in this attack. Both groups of Spartan SPGs are shelling transports, to kill them before they run away. 



   Pioneers are activating Sierra and secure southern road. We deployed 7 units, so far we saw 4 Shpetsnaz squads in total. There are few more, somewhere.



   T-100s are moving from Bravo to Delta uplink.



   Kamovs appeared from nowhere, now we have to deal with them. Because those choppers are bit too far from tanks, Fastbacks are going to assist Blackfoots to defeat Russian air coverage, before T-100s can react. Ogres are slow vehicles, i think we can manage that.



   Well, we managed to make them retreat. Good enough, now we need to move IFVs away.



   SGB tanks are starting to move. Now we have temporary control of air (before Fyodor's hackers will hack servers well enough to establish a link to Russian AirForces), Blackfoots can spot for Spartans. We must push engineers away from uplink or kill them fast enough, or SGM battalion will have a real ability to turn this battle 180 degrees.



   Spartans starting to apply a lot of pressure on SGBs. 


   Last Phase - finishing moves.



   Tanks dropped their target and now are trying to escape from LOS of gunships. They already lost 1 vehicle.



   They are basically dead at this point. Artillery is pummeling them to death. Engineers are trying to counterattack trhough forests and get to village, where they will be somewhat effective, but Ghosts (number 7) was tasked wth countering this move.



   Spartans already have a support in form of US army troops. They received some casualties (not from standing near muzzle brakes of 4 SPGs) before SPGs arrived here.



  And here is last uni that Fyodor managed to deploy on this battlefield. No idea from where it came, but i'm glad that it wasn't behind a frontline.



   Fastbacks will easily finish them.











   That wasn't as hard as it could have been, if enemies had better intel on my forces composition.



   Results of 2nd battle:



   Russians failed their attack, US advanced futher into Scandinavian countries territory. 



   Europeans used a moment and managed to conduct successful raid against Russian Military base in southern parts of their controlled territory.



   I like this camo. For some reasons JSF doesn't have proper snow camo.


   Completely stock Fastback IFVs:



   With few upgrades:







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   Continuation of US campaign in EndWar. JSF managed to push Shpetsnaz forces out of Rovaniemi base, but they are not accepting US flag over it. SGB are launching an assault operation to re-capture it. Preparations for our operation to stop Russians and a first moments in the field:




   We will have air support in this fight, but Russians have both Air Forces and Russian ground forces support in this region.  



   Our objective is to capture more uplinks and establish hacking power superiority over SGB hackers. So northen part of this region is not that interesting for me - it have less server hubs to capture per acreage. I'm planning to push majority of forces to military aiport territiry, where vehicles will have easier time dealing with Shpetsnaz forces thanks to long open areas between groups of structures, where infantry can establish good defensive positions.

   Operation to take back this base is commanded by Arkaviy Novikov, who prefer light infantry and gunships. He is rather competent, ex-KGB and ex-Special forces member who prefer to work in field units instead of cabinets. Overall - rather good tactician 



   I am bringing engineers and IFVs first to establish our positions and get airsupport. Will go with infantry and IFV-heavy compositions of task force to counter any potential huge number of Kamov gunships. Tanks and artillery will work on pushing enemies if they will get to positions inside of military base. 



   Chill weather, familiar to Russian "Bears" and "Wolfes". Forests probably are filled with them.



   Blackfoots are going to be my eyes in this battle. Highly forested areas will be very hard to see through from ground level.





   Is this Goldeneye?





   And as usual, enemy choppers are first to be spotted.


   First contacts, battle begins!



   Blackfoots spotted first group of Russian conscripts, moving through forests. 



   Let's go for a squad on the left, they will be faster to gun down. We need to clear forests as much as we can, so enemies will have less defensible positions to retreat from airfield.



   Transports showed up rather quickly. Way faster than Savilov's. Novikov care about regular soldiers more than previous SGB commanders did.



   We need to fuck off, can't lose gunships now. They will go to other place to find another infantry squad to murder.



   Meanwhile, Novikov's Kamovs are doing exactly the same. They are avoiding direct combat with my Blackfoots and flying around to crush our army troops. Fucker does know how to prepare for a main fist fight.



   US army soldiers firing at Komovs, flying near them.



   They are flying away. Probably they were tasked with something more important.



   Transports are now here, clearing base from our support troops. SGB is also going to fight us on airfield. My infantry is already at Foxtrot and taking it, while i'm assembling main assault formation. 



   Assaulting force is ready and now they are going to miltiary base. Schwarzkopf MBT platoon, Fastback IFVs, Pineers engineers, unit of Spartan SPG will be enough to push Shpetsnaz troops from military base.



   Russians are capturing Zulu, so my expectation that they are commited to attack on military base is confirmed.


   A full-scale airfield rumble between JSF and SGB!



   Novikov also assembled assault formation of his own - gunships, BTRs, T-100s, infantry. They are parked near Zulu, i will try to soften up them before direct contact.



   Gun run of our jets damaged one of their .. umm.. apperently my superiors think that i am bad at commanding troops after several battles already being won.. ok.



   Zhukov SPGs are moving to next uplink, Russians are going to take it to, and... Jesus, i know that infantry in the open is an easy target, stop reminding me that!



   Zhukovs are moving to firing positions, i have resources to call more gun runs on Russians. Kamovs now are trying to get involved into direct fight, but Blackfoots will be not wasted like that.



   Haha, good hit! But they are still oeprational. We need to clear skies from Kamovs so my gunships will have easier time dealing with those things.



   Blackfoots lured Russians to my infantry and IFVs, time to overpower them.



   And assault team of IFVs and tanks arrive just in time!



   Artillery tries to shell MBTs, but they lost their protection from above. We can get them, if we are fast enough.



   Delta is being captured by enemies, so number of uplinks under our control is going to be even. Our battalion needs to shatter their assault group and overtake them in this hacking race. Artillery is trying to pack their shit and run, but it is too late.



   Novikov reinforced newly captured position by Russian Ground force recon team and now trying to push wit Ogres, supported by combat engineers. I am abusing gunruns in order to keep them away from my troops as much as possible.



   Spartans are joining this action.



   My counter-push starts.





   Infantry left their positions and moving forward while tanks and IFVs are covering their push.



   Infantry will cut a road between Delta and Zulu, so no reinforcements will able to get to Delta without getting hit by rockets and bullets.



   This mean we can slowly work on defenders of Delta without getting interrupted by unwanted guests. Schwarzkopfs and Spartans are chewing Russian conscripts easily by dropping HE payload on their heads, while being outside of effective range of their weapons. Good working conditions for JSF personal!



   While main forces are clearing airfield, Blackfoots were moving to northen part of military base, to see what Novikov is up to. Looks like knowing that airfield will be a hard place to get back to, he decided to take Whiskey uplink. Tanks were moving to positions near Zulu to prepare for counter-counter attack, but my choppers caught them before they reached their positions. Can't attack them directly with gunships because Shpetsnaz engineers are near, but JSF AirForces still have some ammunition and jets ready for a gun run.



   Tanks are trying to get out of our LOS, but they are too slow.



   After this platoon of T-100s lost one of their vehicles, they changed roads and direction of their attack, but a proper use of Blackfoot speed allowed me to spot them again, before they managed to get too close. Spartans are aiding gunships in their attack on Ogre tanks.



   Novikov and almost all Russian commanders so far used their tanks with infantry support, but i don't see them. But there is a fuck ton of trees around...



   Oh, here they are, just lagged behind tanks.  


   Spartans also helped here. Their assault group was defeated.



   My troops spotted another formation of Sheptsnaz manpower, and it looks like this was a second assault team. Novikov tried to take us in pincers, but active maneuvering of Blackfoots over important part of battlefield allowed me to brake his plan. 



   Capturing Zulu made Russian command very nervous, and gave Novikov permission to use WMDs against us. Arkadiy used it to clear Zulu from our troops, killing light infantry in the process. 



   ...but this move means i also was given authorization to drop kinetic rods on enemies. Knowing roughly number of forces that Novikov could deploy, i decided to use it against second assault formation, he can't have much more than those tanks and squad of footmobiles... and looks like it was his last troops!




   After operation was over:









   Europeans are going deep into RF territory.



   Looks like story with artillery repeats itself.


   Lessons: Novikov is mostly competent at using gunships (he lost his Kamovs as they were caught in my glorious ambush using big number of units that were not spotted earlier, coming from 2 directions), use regular army support to defend important positions. He tries to support regulars unlike previous commanders who didn't bothered to support Army soldiers. Arkadiy also orginised attack from 2 directions, when tanks were caught during preparation phase, he changed a direction of attack for this team.

   Standart (at this point) tactics of not showing majority of troops before important part of our hostilities somewhat worked on him, but not as well as on Savilov. Also Novikov managed to recover from losing his first task force, and counter-attacked me. Long range fire, tanks and IFVs can be usefull against him. Not sure about our combat engineers effectiveness, it depends on enviroment. 

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   Northen frontlines stabilized after several battles and use of WMDs. Both aJSF and SGB decided to take time to prepare for futher actions. Our battalion was tasked with new operation - landing in Western Europe from JSF sea bases, advancing through Portugal and Spain, our ultimate target - Paris.


   Preparations for battle and first moments of JSF operation:



   Eurotrash have regular army support in this fight, we will not have any serious support during this operation. Our battalion should win this battle differently from operation in Rovaniemi against Shpetsnaz troops.



   Landscape does not favor use of infantry, majority of territory is open fields and small hills. On the other hand Eurotrash have an access to village where they can put infantry and AA/AT teams, use it as rather easily defensible position. So in general my plan is to go AFV-heavy deployment and utilize Spartans against dug in foes. Our troops will not go too deep into enemy territory, creating a line between Yankee and Zulu to stop any attempts to advance. This will cut Europeans from big number of uplinks (they still will have easy way to Foxtrot and Sierra). If this will be the case, we will have a "safe space" established on significant part of map, dominating rest of battlespace with SPGs will be an easy task and quicker way to win. 



   Engineers and IFVs are usual first units to land on battlefield, so we can capture positions, reinforce them with UGVs and have serious AA firepower against Eurocopters. Tim Schwider is a commander who prefer to fight using long range weapons and supports, so gunships will be critical to victory.



   Those US army soldiers are the only support we will have. Blackfoots are called in for recon and support.



   Pioneers are moving on foot to Alpha uplink, as it is not too far and IFVs are needed in other place. "Roulette" team will be moved futher north so we will have eyes on our left flank.



   Fastback IFVs are going to support regular army troops, togethe with Blackfoot gunships.



   First wave of Eurotrash are spotted. Hot phase of operation begins.


   Open fields full of grass, sun and piles of dead bodies.





   Cottonmouth is assisting our frontline troops. We are picking most dangerous units that are trying to enter buildings or take any sort of good position.





   That is a very close combat...





   Both Eurohorde and our infantry squad were killed. Second horde of Europoeans futher away flanked our soldiers and finished them.



   Gunships are checking northen path. We almost activated Alpha uplink, also tanks are already on the field with Spartans arriving shortly after them.



   And here are Enforces forces - they brought Archer SPGs and their wheeled death traps. Gunships will be relocated to find a gap in Euro defenses to get to SPGs.



   Foxtrot have serious AA defenses in form of choppers and infantry. Meanwhile IFVs were moved back to engineers, to deliver them to another uplink faster, as artillery is now a major danger for them. 



   Artillery is located somewhere near the village, so i am trying to lure European airvics futher to the south, so i can flank SPGs from the north and have enough time to kill them or force to retreat. Pioneers eastblished EW software on our captured Uplink, it will be helpfull in this plan.



   Cottonmouth is attacking SPGs and thanks to EW, Eurocopters are disabled for some time. IFVs are under fire by those Archers, but that will be fixed.



   Yeah, run away! Eurocopters are recovering from second EMP strike, time for Blackfoots to get out. I don't want to spend more EW attacks here. After SPGs being out of battlespace, i can start ground attack.


   Tracks are better than wheels and foots!



   Enemies taken Sierra, as i expected. We now can must prevent any futher uplinks capture by Eurotrash, so our main target - everything on foot. I put together assault team of tanks, gunships and IFVs to break open their defenses. We need to move IFVs to get Eurocopters shot down, but outside of AT firepower of engineers, while tanks should outrange engineers, while not falling a victim of AT capabilities of hostile choppers. All that + EU army troops that arrived to Foxtrot to defend it, so my gunships have limited sapce to move.



   IFVs are helping to gunships to clear skies, while Schwarzkopfs on left flan (outside of the frame) are tanking rockets of engineers and suppressing them with cannons. Additional IFV was called to defend 2 Spartan SPGs team, that are now moving from LZ to play major role in 3rd stage of this operation.



   Tanks are moved beind hillcrest to cut LOS of Euroengineers, now they are shelling Europeans regulars while retreating. 



   Regrouped SPGs, they are tasked with finishing engineers, who thought that tanks moving back to Zulu means open way for them to retreat to Foxtrot. MBTs were re-directed back to help IFVs to crush those guys.



   Engineers were finished, but gunships spotted their reinforcements - eurotanks. Our positions are now rather easy to defend thanks to complete task force and Spartans deployed.





   They are done. Pioneers are capturing Lima, which means we can either try to get Zulu and Bravo, or take Delta, put UGVs there as well to block northen flank for sure.



   At the same time IFVs are working as artillery spotters. 



   Huh, i was not unreasonable to suspect that Eurotrash will try to flank us. This team of engineers were caught in right time, now they are food for SPGs. Engineers near Lima were moved forward, to block a way for Europeans to get on top of the hill (one right under gunships).



   They are fucked.



   We are just picking units 1 by 1 at this point. Spartans are dominating battlefield without problems.



   We won by killing or defeating all troops Eurotrash managed to bring in. This battle, unlike fight against Arkadiy Novikov, went almost exactly as planned. 




   After this battle:



   Shpetsnaz is advancing in southern part of Europe.



   But EU managed to cut Russains from their mainland.


   Looking at Schwarzkopf tanks in barracks.







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   Eurotrash was very angry with US invasion of Western Europe and successful defeat of European forces in Portugal, so they are trying to do a distraction attack on JFK Space center with major aim for good PR for their Euro army. 26th Mechanized battalion of JSF was given a task to counter this attack, as we already shown a good effectiveness against those guys.


   Prep for Eurotrash spanking and first moments of our operation:





   And as usual our task is to re-take our uplinks (they are part of our strategic defence system) and take more than enemies. Our opponent is Guillaume Delas, who is aggressive and all-rounder leader. Terrain favors flanking attacks through uplinks, but i will try to drawn Enforcer corps forces to the middle area of this battlefield to leave free space for my infantry to take servers without much of resistance. In this operation our battalion will have access to AirForces support, which i plan to use as much as it was used against Arkadiy's Shpetsnaz manpower.



   I'm going with more infantry-heavy composition of troops on the ground, so we can take more positions quicker, create better AA and AT defence of uplinks. To move them around we will also need several platoons of IFVs. Main focus will be northern group of uplinks, we will take them, reinforce each with UGVs so later we can go for "eastern" cluster of server hubs and take them from European hands. Tanks and gunships would be tying Europeans in fistfight on the central launching pad, i will call them a second wave of reinforces.



   2 engineer sqauds were picked as first units to be deployed exactly because of this situation on the screen. 2nd squad of Pioneers will go for Alpha uplink, which is located right next to our LZ. 1st team will be moved by IFVs to Delta uplink, while Blackfoots will work on European first assaulters. 



   Our LZ is in the shadows of this giant building.



   Cottonmouth doing their usual job at this point - spotting, intel, using their firepower in places where they can get away with killing enemy sqauds without taking damage. Europeans decided to send a lot of troops to this launching pad, that was destroyed by European space laser anti-ICBM system and later attacked by Forgotten Army terrorist group.




   First clash of forces on smoking Space Center launching pad. Lots of murder right next to high-tech space tech!



   US army troops arriving to battlefield.



   Missed a moment when this thing exploded, killing both those squads nearby, although it took some time to damage this tank enough.



   Hmmm.. what about few 155 mm cannons, firing at enemies in direct LOS with big ass HE on top of this thing?



   US troops managed to survive fighting with what was let of regulars of European army. But now Enforcer wheeled transports with gunship cover arrive, so Blackfoots needs to change positions. Most likely Delas bit the bait. 



   They are probably trying to take Foxtrot. Zulu is in their hands, some of their forces are working on Whiskey. My engineers are working on establishing connection to our air support, so they are staying on Alpha for a bit longer. Tanks already on the ground, they will be usefull for dealing with Eurocorps APCs.



   APCs were hit by airstrikes, now i am calling second one. Infantry managed to jump our of those death traps before gun run connected, so they did not received serious damage. US army soldiers are adding their firepower against those APCs.



   Cheetahs decided that Blackfoot gunships were hanging out near them for way to long and now try to chase us. Tanks are arriving to launching pad, they will be my main force here to punch arrogant people from the continent. 



   That firefight is happening right next to giant ball of liquid oxygen.



   Delas is moving his Panther tanks to central area.


   Tanks are shelling APCs, while gunships are trying to get rid of European SPGs.



   Second team of APCs showed up to save artillery, Cottonmouth is getting out of this heated situation. Tanks area nearly done with APCs.



   Our exchange of rockets and shells ended up with more casualties for Europeans, but little to no advances for us both. I need to do something to brake through European well-balanced group of units on the other side of launching pad.


   More meat to the grinder!



   Pioneers are done with Delta, UGVs are now defending it. They will be dropped at Sierra instead of undefended Yankee, which should pull off some of Enforcer corps troops in their direction. Second team of Pioneers are moving to self-propelled Rocket transporter near launching pad, they will provide additional AA defence for tanks as gunships probably will be needed near Sierra.



   Blackfoots only left airspace for a moment and Eurotrash decided to hit tanks. But Roulette was already on their positions, so hostile attack failed. 



   Gunships moved back, it appears Eurotrash is trying to use this small lul of action to sneak APCs through swamps, out of central area. I don't want them spreading around the map, where they will have elbow room.  



   Attacking Panthers forced Delas to bring back APCs. Let's make them feel like gunships are retreating.



   Schwarzkopf tanks are engaging Panthers. If needed, they can drive futher away from enemies, and Pioneers will ambush them, using this rocket transporter as a cover. Meanwhile, first engineers team is re-activating Sierra point and looks like my plan is working - Eurotrash APCs are moving towards their position. 





   IFVs and combat engineers managed to seriously damage European wheeled death traps. 



   Additional platoon of IFVs arrive to clean remains of infantry squad that jumped out of burning wheeled death traps.



   EU evac choper is picking survivors of defeated tank platoon, while Blackfoots are finishing Cheetah gunships. They lost one helicopter, but team is still battle capable. Pioneers are using this moment to push Foxtrot.



   While moving towards Foxtrot, 2nd team of engineers had a direct close contact with European riflemens, that ended up as firefight in very tight space. Engineers were trapped in between buildings, while Europeans jumped inside of big structure that was overlooking them from above. This would have been a death situation for engineers, so i called a gun run on enemies, knowing that several Pioneers will not survive that. Enemy squad is defeated, our unit is battle capable, but you can see that at least 5 soldiers died during this fight and from a gun run.



   At the same time 1st group of Pioneers specialists completed their work at Sierra, now we will move them to a new place. Most likely Yankee, to drop UGVs there and close our left flank. Central area is ours, whole team of EU troops there was defeated using "divide and rule" principle.


   Eurotrash will be thrown out of US soil!



  Blackfoots continue to provide me with intel. This team of slow ass footmobiles is a bit too late to a fair of defeat.



   Hammer is on launching pad, overlooking Nothern and Eastern entrances and dominating them with 120 mm cannons. 



   Those engineers are trying to sneak through a swamp, but i waited for a moment when cover will be too far to get to. Combined firepower of gunships and tanks will finish them in a few moments.







   We have taken majority of uplinks, Europeans Crashed Delta in attempt to stop our computing power superiority, but we still have 4 while they are at 3 operational server hubs. Bravo is easy to take, if needed.



   Europeans are trying to throw everything left at us, but they can't get out of their LZ area without JSF showing them why AA capabilities are crucial.





   Airstrikes are going rain on their heads.













  Victory is ours!



   Well, at least they appreciated my skills at defeating enemy, instead of burning fuel without reasons.


   After this operation:

















   Russians conducted a raid on Ramstean base, so Enforces will lose some of their suport from above.



  US landed troops in southern Europe and taken a military base from Europeans. Bad week for Eurotrash, Sheptsnaz an JSF are breaking and burning them at all fronts!



   Man, those upgrades...






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   After our great victory at JFK Space center, Europeans were forces out of US. Enforcer corps tries to mitigate that lose by assault a base in Southern part of Europe that was captured by US army shortly after our battalion finished operation at Space center.


   They made a strange choice of attack place - thin line of EU controlled regions is surrounded by SGB-captured territory. But we are not going to dodge this fight, our battalion was moved from US to Ft. Levski to insure a victory.


   Prep and first moments of mission:



   As usual, we need to re-activate uplinks in order to re-establish major AA defence of this base. I'm going to focus more on left flank, as it is easier to defend, thanks to more structures located there. Right flank lacks good defensible positions, and Sierra is located in almost enpty field with 2 giant fuel tanks nearby. We will go from left flank to the middle and then, depending on situation, either clear right flank, or will try to gun down survivors of first 2 phases of operation. We also have regular army support, so some holes in defences can be partially closed by them.



   My opponent is Karl Haider, who is rather agressive leader that like to use light infantry and gunships. Wich means we should go with AA-heavy task force. Ground targets will be 'serviced" by artillery, so Spartans should be brought to this brawl as early as we can. Experienced squad of engineers will be on the frontline, while "recruits" will be busy with less dangerous tasks.







   We didn't even left our LZ and enemy gunships are already spotted, moving together with infantry squad.


   Left flank attack - clashing with Eurohordes.



   European regular army troops are charging through military complex entrance on the left flank. Instead of waiting our own Army troops to stop them, we are aggressive, pushing right to that flood of human meat.



   A big piece of this stream of cannon fodder separated from the rest and runs to central part of this base, losing soldiers on the way.



   Karl is aggressive as well - his wheeled death traps already near entrance to military base. Fastback IFVs and Blackfoots are trying to chew through Eurotrash meat, turning this small area into a grade A meatgrinder. Second platoon of Fastbacks is being deployed, as i expect significant air threat, according to a briefing.



   Huge number of those guys are already dead. IFVs are dropping Pioneers in order to counter European APCs.



   Engineers are rushing to Delta and starting to work on re-starting it, under fire. Eurotrash APCs fucked off in a mere sight of AT rocket launchers that Pioneers carry.



   Just a few enemies left.



   Close range rocket fire!



   We effectively secured Delta, Whiskey and Zulu just by dropping soldiers in a right place, as those Euro APCs probably were not empty inside. Karl tried to capture Delta or even Whiskey before we would get there, if we started with Zulu.



   Although enemies managed to get to central area through right flank, but this is not unexpected. We need to coutner their attack trough Lima, or they will be able to cut my troops in 2 groups, with second one (near Zulu) being an easy target.  2 Spartan SPGs are on the ground and already moving to firepositions.



   Haider is really aggressive - he moved his Cheetah choppers right to our LZ and spotted 2 Spartan teams moving. Good thing that second engineers team already prepared defences in form of UGVs and their gatling guns. I am bringing Blackfoots on top of that to shot down Eurocopters ASAP.



   Second team of IFVs that was moving to Whiskey to drop Pioneers there was reverted to deal with brazen Europeans.



   In the same time experienced team of engineers near Delta have their own battle - they garrisoned a guard tower at base entrance and now launching rockets at APCs, parked in front of central building. APCs already dropped infantry squad that is moving at full speed towards Lima. We need to counter that, immediately!



   APCs lost one vehicle, they are now moving somewhere to avoid more AT rockets from "Wild Card" squad of Pioneers.



   Rocket exchange while moving around those satelite dishes ended in our favor, no damage was taken by SPGs, who are now ready for next phase of operation.


   Cleaning up territory of central administration building from Eurotrash!



   Gunships forced Enforcer corps infantry to run back and jump into a building to avoid getting shredded with 35 mm autocannons. Fastback IFVs are providing spotting for artillery and supression of enemies in order keep them under artillery shells. Karl brough his tanks to punch through US Army forces and get Lima. Yankee is already being hacked by Euro Grenadiers. Spartans are main damage dealers at this point. 



   IFVs were moved back to avoid damage frm tanks, brought Blackfoots on left flank as a mind game - Karl will not try to move his Panthers into area with engineers and gunships, who have serious AT capabilities. This will protect IFVs and our territory near Delta. Tanks will be likely to be moved to Lima, where Euro infantry will not be able to cover them from Cottonmounth.



   Spartans made a great job at burying Eurotrash under ruins of their cover. MBTs are now easy target, they were only preparing to attack Lima.



   Central area is nearly clean. We managed to repel Enforcer push to Delta, smash central group of European troops and now we need to clean right flank. Some of enemies are already spotted near Yankee.



   Haider sended a group of engineers in attempt to test grounds. Those Grenadiers ate several rockets already.



   Blackfoots are working as artillery spotters.



   Those Grenadiers don't want to go away, so i brought Fastbacks and parked where they can see them. Attacking this position by charging though open road against amount of forces we have will be a suicide. Also, Ghosts are deploying in order to counter possible hordes of hostile engineers, as we destroyed some AFVs and i didn't saw many of them lately.



   Fuck off, artillery is busy!



   Oh, now i see why those assholes were watching entrance. Karl is stupid, he decided to assault head on our position near Delta. Spartans are working on increasing number of Eurotrash vehicles to write off. Wild Card team of experienced Pioneers are shelling attacking cannon meat with rockets.



   Blackfoots are not used to gun down Euros, intel is more important. Karl mis-orginized his attack, as Panther tanks are very late to party.



   APCs are dead, infantry lost a lot of their soldiers, so defence is going rather well for us.





   What was left from 2nd squad of European footmobiles ran away and now trying to take shelter from JSF artillery inside of those crappy buildings.



   "I'm sure that wooden roof will stop a rain of 155 mm shells!"



   Tanks did not committed to this total failure of attack and stayed near Alpha. They are easy target for Blackfoots.





   Spartans also want a piece of this pie!



   Shortly after tanks were dead, Karl brough APCs (again, too late). He decided that if 2 infantry squads and team of APCs didn't managed to punch through Delta entrance, a single group of APCs will do this job.



   Entrance itself was reinforced with US army unit.



   APCs concentrated their rocket barrage on them, instead of experienced and well-armed Pioneers.



   ... with obvious result for them.


   Right flank and French fries - next in our menu.



   According to my plan we started attack on right flank, but after Bravo was taken, Karl called his superiors and cried that he can't breach Delta position, so they dropped Space Laser on it, knocking out a team of engineers, IFVs platoon and both Spartan SPGs that were moving to a new firing position to cover right flank and enemy territory near Alpha. Damn, now we have only 3 active units on the ground. Fastbacks are neutralizing European UGVs near Sierra.



   Gunships are keeping their eyes on Karl's LZ. When i will see a new wave of Eurohordes, our WMD in form of Kinetic rods will be dropped as a payback.





   Fastbacks are cleaning area near Sierra from Eurotrash footmobiles. I brought CV in order to counter any ground or air vehicle, as at this point Karl can bring anything left in his stocks.



   ... Something like those tanks. We re-builded our task force, Spartans, IFVs and engineers are on the ground and all moving towards their positions.



   And APCs, which are waiting infantry to load up. Karl is trying to attack us, and not sure where - 2nd engineer squad is hacking Sierra so Enforcers can try to take it back and stop us from taking Yankee as well.



   Looks like it is Delta, again. Karl tries to use a result of WMD attack and punch through, but Fastbacks are already on point with CV arriving shortly after. It is good that Karl probably have no heavy infantry left, Fastbacks can deal serious damage to light infantry without taking casualties.



   8 seconds left before our computing power superiority will be able to secure us a victory!



   Haha, too late Eurotrash! CV with support of UGVs, IFVs, artillery and Blackfoots would have been able to stop this assault.


   Results of this operation:





   "B" probably because of WMD strike and big number of knock out units.



   Shpetsnaz is mackign their way to Ramstein AB.



   EU Enforcer corps failer was exploited and we took region futher North from Ft. Levski.


Oh man, those upgrades... @N-L-M will probably appreciate upgrade for tanks:




   Just a small note - SAW in this case is a 3 barreled handheld Gatling gun.



   I do like those UGVs



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   Our operations in Europe are going well, we are pushing Eurotrash hard. JSF command tasked us with conducting a raid on European military base to strip Enforcer corps from supports, so we soften their resistance during our next operations in Spain.


   Our task is to assault military base under European Army control. Destroying 3 critical buildings will count as a victory. Terrain and location of some of our targets guide us to Western side of this map, Zulu, Yankee and Sierra targets will be our victims. This mean we need number of ground vehicles with light/medium infantry support at most.




   Our enemy is specializes in the use of mounted infantry in offensive operations, so we need light infantry on the ground on top of Pioneers and Fastback IFVs. We will rush to Zulu and take it out ASAP, will try to push through middle bridge to be faster.



   Military base walls sprinkled with guard towers are visible on top of the hill, and this is where we are going.



   Our party is rolling towards first victim.


   Target one as aperitif



   And first Eurotrash APCs arrived, this Santiago guy is rather aggressive. APCs are upgraded and will be able to deal some noticeable damage to at least one of IFV platoons, so we need to deploy infantry to kill enemies faster.



   Hitman unit is unexperienced, but it is a chance to gain it without being steamrolled by Shpetsnaz tanks.



   Well, at least they were trained to look cool while deploying from transports.



   Enemies also dropped a squad of Eurosoldiers.





   Hitman have some casualties, but unit is combat capable, so we continue.



   Pioneers are working on Foxtrot uplink, while Ghosts are taking positions to cover them and prepare to move to Yankee target. At the same tume IFVs are clearing area around Zulu from defence and we are deploying 2 platoons of Schwarzkopfs.









   Gunships are keeping their eyes on possible places of Enforcer corps counter attack.



   And here it is, they are trying to attack is from Eastern flank.





   Whole task force is assembled and shells Zulu target.


   Target 2 - steamroller mode: on.



  Wild Card was moving through forests south of Foxtrot and spotted second group of hostile transpots, rolling to our positions. It was a right idea to skip Delta uplink and go for Yankee target directly.



   IFVs arriving to outnumber APCs and deal with them faster. Pioneers are backed by Ghosts, while tanks are helping to Fastbacks.



   Tanks punched through APCs leftovers and went directly to open area near Yankee, with aim to take overwatch positions. They spotted Panther tanks and now are destroying those poor motherfuckers with help of Pioneers. Some of Eurotrash infantry is stuck in guard tower near entrance, but they lost majority of their soldiers while running to that tower.



   Pioneers are taking positions inside of cleared guard tower to shell this storage building, with almost everybody else firing at it as well.





   Last UGV that defended this building is killed, we are moving to next building to level it marked as Sierra.



   Those guys are going to live very short and eventful lives.




   Target 3 - our main dish.



   Establishing secure area around Sierra with tank cannons.



   Tanks are being put at corners of building to dominate open areas around targeted building.



   Infantry of Enforcer corp was suppressed by tanks, so they are sitting inside of one of hangars licking wounds, so tanks can work on target.










   After this operation:














   Our next target:



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   This time we go straight into action. JSF continues push through Spain after raiding Euro military base and this time our battalion clash with Eurotrash head on during marching forward Le Ceito base that we raided.





   Enemies are in moving towards us full force in the background, this group of transports was way ahead of others and they will fall first.







   Upgraded UGVs of my CV are capable dealing with gunships rather well.



   Slaughter begins right about now. Euroweaklings will be smashed by Shpets... umm.. i mean "we will finish Eurotrash in no time!"









   European Command truck is nearly cut from his friendly troops and i am going to take advantage of that.







   SPGs spotted!



   Spartans will finish them.



   Only few left on a plato above us, main bulk of Enforcers were already defeated.


   Clearing remains of Eurotrash forces:



   My battalion managed to break a spine of European troops on the ground, bulk of their main forces are now smoldering and rusting, filled with lead. We have no casualties thanks to superior firepower of combination of Schwarzkopf tanks and Spartan SPGs, working in tandem with IFV, CV and Gunships. Now we are sweaping area near this scenic main highway.



   Enforcer corps tries to throw more meat and steel at us in order to contain our assault, this time combined attack with Cheetahs and Panther tanks.



   2 tank platoon with SPG help are easily defeating Panthers one by one. Fastbacks are assisting Blackfoots with Eurocopters.



   They are done, last Panther tries to run away.



   Clearing leftovers near custle.



   Securing our right flank.



   Another group of Eurogunships arrived to became a part of those hills.





   Looks like we won!



   Arghh, Eurotrash decided to throw yet another pile of meat at us.



   And here it is. Do they have a chance?










   After this slaughter was done:



   They died from sound polution!























   Now SPGs can take a hit, or even 2!


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   Animations of engineers firing from cover - i only now noticed that it wasn't just "just stand and shoot at target". Note how 3 soldiers are doing different things during normal mode of fire, it is rather well choreographed for 2008 RTS. Hell, not many RTS since then have this much attention put into infantry. 4th soldier in each fireteam is reserved for special attack (a burst from MGs), shown in second video, although is it a bit disappointing.



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   JSF push towards Paris continues, and 26th Mechanized battalion is on a tip of the spear. We made our way through European Enforcer corps ambush near old castle in Spain, and now our battalion is approaching Le Ceito base in southern France, that we raided earlier and weakened EU forces in nearby regions. JSF will attack Le Ceito in order to take it and create a conditions to assault Paris in very near future.


   EU army will have serious support in this battle from other military bases, our battalion still don't have good air support or Ground troops to reinforce us during operations. Capturing this base will allow us to have some sort of US Army reinforcements for us to use.




   This time we are going to kill all European troops in order to capture this base. Our enemy is commanded once again by Karl Haider, who likes to use gunships when he can. Locations of LZs and terrain will funnel our troops in a tight corridor between southern hill, on top of which military base is located, and a river, so this battle will be a head on clash.  



   I'm going with balanced troops composition, with slighly more AA-capable units like IFVs and engineers. Ghosts will be usefull against EU army infantry and Enforcers Grenadiers.





   First moments of operation and Karl already buzzing around my troops with his Cheetah gunships.



   Those things will be shot down very quickly


   Elimination starts now:



   UGVs are using their rocket pods against airvis already.



   Spartans are moving to their positions despite gunships nearby, we will need range and firepower of those SPGs to gain an edge over Eurotrash hordes.



   CV overlooks hordes of European soldiers.



   And here are wheeled death traps of Karl's battalion.



   Head on "collision" of troops leaves roads and hill sides full of dead bodies. Tanks are pushing forward to destroy first group of APCs. Second team of EuroAPCs are visible behind first one.







   First APC platoon was defeated, second one is under concentrated fire of Schwarzpof tanks and Spartan artillery pieces. 2 squads of Euro cannon fodder are not a threat to us at this point.


   Second wave of Eurohordes



   Eurohordes at our left flank, killing US soldiers with artillery support.



   Cottonmouth penetrated airdefence of Enforcers and now they are going to finish those SPGs.



   Grenadiers are rushing back to save Marskman SPGs, but they are too late.



   No more artillery support, and this was done just in time, as my main troops are attacked by Karl's command truck and UGVs.





   Blackfoots joining this action. Karl used his CV rather badly, he probably wanted to do this attack with help of SPGs.



   He is not going to survive.





   Freshly airdropped UGVs for escorting CV are now under concentrated fire. SPGs and Blackfoots are still working on CV.





   CV is nearly destroyed, but before defeat it manages to launch a recon UAV. Also, more Cheetah gunships on Blackfoot tail, let's lure them to IFVs and other troops.



   CV is defeated.





   And those gunships as well.


   3rd stage of this brawl for Le Ceito



   Now we are clearing area from infantry, that tried to run to our side of the river.









   Karl throw even more Cheetahs at us, loaded with everything left to fire at us.



   Artillery finished UGVs left from CV, so we can deploy ifnantry to ambush attackers on this road. 



   At this point they are done, if they will not run away.








   After this battle:















   Shpetsnaz Guard Brigades are using weakening EU forces to re-take some of their previously controlled regions.



   New gizzmos!


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   Paris is under siege! We finally reached Paris, the capital of European United Statets. Our battalion is tasked with assault of one of parts of Paris and capturing positions or defeating defenders in this sector.


   Enforcer corps will have all kinds of supports during defence of Paris, we will not have such luxury during first stages of Battle for Paris. We need to win several times here to capture EU capital.


   Prep and first moments of Battle for Paris.



   Santiago and his battalion are better equipped than our troops (shown as Rank, he is 9, our is 7), so this battle will be even harder. We need either capture more than a half of positions, or defeat European troops. Terrain favors defencive operations for both sides, with middle bridge being damaged and non-crossable for vehicles. So middle part of our side of the river is going to be under danger of gunship attacks. Also, much attention should be given to right and left flanks, where enemies can cross bridges and attack our troops.



   I'm going with AA-heavy forces to be first deployed. Combat engineers will capture Foxtrot, Bravo and Delta, after that my actions will depend on what enemy is going to do. Generally my tactics will be defensive, until our more experienced/better equipped enemy will be weak enough to do coutner-attack. SPGs will be a key to defensive stage of my plan, they will help to mitigate any superiority of enemies, if intel is correct about them having any sort of "superiority".



   That is usual weather for Paris.



   US army troops are going to help us in first moments of this battle.



   Pioneers are rushing to a birdge on our right flank (looking from LZ) to block it.



   First enemies are spotted, battle begins.


   Battle for Paris - how to defeated Eurotrash in their capital: Volume 1, First contact.



   2 regular army clashes at damaged bridge.





   Fastbacks arrive to this skirmish, they will add their firepower to destroy Cheetah faster.







   Cheetahs were shot down, now Blackfoots are clearing European side of the bridge, as those guys are easy target.






   Volume 2: Trench warfare



   Second phase of this operation will be stagnant on movement, but full of explosions. We are bringing Spartans and Schwarzkopfs to deliver maximum amount of fireworks on Eurotrash side of the river. After their troops will be pummeled into the ground enough, we will get to 3rd stage of battle - assault.



   Pioneers on my right flank are working on minefields. If enemies will try to do a flanking counter-attack, they will have serious problems with "flanking" part of their plan and only few of them will ever get to our main forces.



   Possibly first victim of minefields is driving to right bridge. Spartans managed to land few shots on this group of tin cans, so they already lost 1 vehicle. Also, another minefield was put here, as emergency for sitaution if horde of enemies will push through first 2 minefields.



   Meanwhile Eurotrash deployed Panther tanks. 2nd battery of Spartan SPGs are moving to firing positions, while first one is busy with APCs.



   That is a risky move, as hostile APCs are moving to help tanks.



   Army soldiers were killed by APCs and dismounts, but engineers with help of SPGs finished wheeled tin cans, now Pioneers are dealing with leftovers of European infatry squad.



   Left flank was left open deliberately. Troops are located in such way that enemies on left flank will not have a good place to hold, as it is open area (park). This light infantry thought that they are doing a smart thing...



   Look at them! So smug and fancy with their blue muzzle flashes and blue camo.



   Yes, run away leaving a trail of dead Eurotrash!



  Blackfoots are moving back to right flank. I noticed movement there, so Santiago is probable trying to make his move.



   And here they are, another group of Eurotrash light infantry, trying to sneak in our side of Paris.



   CV is going to be delivered to reinforce some positions. In the same time Cottonmouth is filling Enforcer Kommandos with shells. They will do quick hit and run attacks in order to not receive damage to nice paintjob.



   Santiago tries to send European Army through left flank bridge, as a suicide attack team. Those guys are going to smash their light wheeled cans right into 120 mm barrels of Schwarzops.



   Hit and run continues. They jumped into cover, so gunships were moved back. After some time infantry started to feel more safe and left their cover to move forward, so it is time to hit them again.



   Eat our rockets and die!



   And artillery shells as well!



   Our foes are getting destroyed, let's fuck up second group of Eurotrash!





   We managed to deal some damage, but they jumped into a building. It will take some time for SPGs to connect slabs of concrete with heads of those guys, so we are leaving them alone, until they decide to get out. This mean artillery will have more time to shell other targets.



   Tanks on other flank defeated enemy unit, that was trying to take cover inside of house. Using their range superiority and absence of other more important targets, Schwarzkopfs finished them easily.



   Those guys left their hideout.



   Excellent. Run, little squishy practice targets, run further away from cover!



   This is perfect!



   Almost in the middle of this bridge they were caught by our fireworks team. We will service those clients really well.




   Volume 3: Trench Warfare, again!



   We have a little time window to breathe and reposition troops.





  Yeah, it was really short. Infantry is spotted near Whiskey, Panthers team is advancing to our positions.



   Artillery starts to shell Eurotanks. Pioneers team, that was working on minefields was shelled by them.



   Pioneers, after taking some casualties, regrouped and fire back at Eurotrash tanks.




   Spartans are creating a nice view for everybody on this side of river



   Tanks are slowly pushing left flank.



   Santiago decided to counter that advance. 



   So we are going to counter his counter by our EMP strike and Blackfoots gunships.



   Ghosts and Pioneers are advancing on right flank through piles of bodies of idiots that Enforcer corps used as infantry.



   Cheetahs are trying to run away from our fireworks delivery helicopters. But we like our customers. We are going to service them totally and completely.



   Huh, looks like we don't need 3rd stage of my plan.




   After this exchange of fire over river waters:







   Umm.. i think we overdone this whole "minefield" thing.



   No, seriously. This is like.. 5 clusters of mines on one flank.





   CV was acting here as AA system.













   We also taken Ramstein base.



   And Shpetsnaz taken one of regions near our recently taken Ft Levski.


   First victory out of 3 needed to capture Paris. This time we managed to get very close to one of enemy capitals in very short amount of time. But while we are taking it, enemies have a lot of time to conduct their own operations.

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   Second operation inside of Paris, part of our Great Battle for Paris. Eurotrash got their asses kicked hard during first clash, this time we are going to repeat our victory by wiping  a floor with Euro faces!


   Overal situation is rather good for US - Europeans are getting pressed from 2 sides. But this time Russian commanders decided secure their southern flank and are going to attack Ft. Levski. Our JSF battalion is tied by combat inside of Paris, so we are not going to participate in it.


   Before operation and first contacts:



   Thanks to supporting JSF units that captured Ramstein while we were busy with first battle in Paris, our troops now have airsupport. Enforcers still can get their fighters and bombers from British islands and regular army troops.



   General McMilitary tells us that our enemy this time is Antonio Maldino, who is a cunning tactician, equally good at defence and offence. Our task this time after we established our positions in first battle is to destroy this counter-attack by Enforcer corps. He will probably try to attack us from flanks, maybe even both in the same time (i kind of expected that in first fight for Paris) in worse case, so we need to hold our side of the river and don't allow enemies to penetrate deep into our territory. This dictates a defensive operation (again), so SPGs and good recon will be a staple of my plan. 



   Which means before this battle we are mounting a new gizmo to Spartans SPGs - a MRLS pods on both sides of cannon. Will be usefull against hordes of Eurotrash, especially if they will bunch up on bridges.



   To make my plan work, we need to establish air and ground support in order to conduct counter attacks or hit enemies in places where artillery is not able to send their presents. Also, in first stage of operation i expect Eurocopters attack, thats why we need Fastback IFVs. CV is going to work as mobile road block with me standing in a hatch and screaming "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!". All other troops will be deployed after operation starts (tanks and gunships).



   Operation starts. *Alex jones voice* We are going to kick their ass!



   Infantry is getting into IFVs, second team of Spartans are on the way to LZ, Blackfoots arrived to work as our eyes. We can start to implement my genius plan of standing around and firing artillery at bad guys. What do you mean it is boring? My plan have a lot of explosions in it!





   Heh, predictable Eurotrash commander.


   Defeating Eurotrash in their Capital for a 2nd time.



   US army soldiers firing at Cheetahs, we are going to exploit this moment.





   Artillery is busy with Euro cannon fodder, while Blackfoots and Fastbacks are filling Cheetah with shells. Euro tin cans on wheels are moving to our right flank. Maldini is rather aggressive in this battle.



  Heh, as i wais affraid (seriously) Eurotrash decided to push from both flanks. Artillery is going to have a lot of work, calling Schwarzkopf tanks in order to fight those hordes.



   Good thing that Panthers were not well-supported, so Cottonmouth can add another mark on their gunships, soon.



   On a right flank Maldini is trying to conduct his main attack, using several units. If those wheeled death traps supported tanks on left flank, Panthers would be able to penetrate futher into our territory.



   SPGs and UGVs are making new holes in those tin cans. I'm trying to kill unit one by one using focus fire, which will allow to "deconstruct" assault group and strip them from capabilities each unit have (AA, AT, etc).



   CV is working as mobile road block, together with UGVs. Rocket pods on UGVs was usefull addition to those small bastards. At the same time Pioneers are working on making emergency minefield, that will be usefull to take out enemies that will be able to push us from right flank.



   Maldini is going to attack us with his Command truck directly. Pioneers are rushing towards their positions, Spartans are delivering their deadly payload to hostile CV.



   "Paintjob is already ruined, sir!"



   CV is moving away to allow space for Spartans to fire. Almost whole task force concentrated their fire on European command vehicle.



   That is what you call close range tanks and artillery support!



   Eurotrash command truck is holding on a duct tape at this point. It is effectively dead. According to map, enemies decided to not push forward to save their commander vic. Enforsers attack failed, on both flanks.


   Continuation of this OP:



   Maldini after short amount of time tries to attack us, again. I'm going to repeat our tactics of waiting enemies arriving to direct LOS half-dead, thanks to recon choppers and Spartans artillery pieces. Eurotrash commanders are desperate.



   Attack is from both flanks, gunships and SPGs need to smash tanks in order to defeat this attack.



   On right side of our forces things going on better - tanks, IFVs and combat engineers will have enough firepower to defeat this push.  



   Spartans are now assiting Pioneers with Euro footmobiles. CV was rushed to left flank, as it is rather light on troops. It will combat Cheetah gunships near central bridge.



   Pioneers are just launching volleys of rockets at EU attackers. Only infantry was participating in this push, so IFVs and tanks are not in real danger, if we will not allow Europeans to find good cover and firing positions.



   Burst of gatling guns is a good finishing move against infantry.



   Eurocopters were landed by UGVs and ... it appears that it was last unit that Antonio managed to deploy here!




   After this battle:











   Apperently standing around driving a little bit betwen flanks gave me 100% mobility rating.



   One unit of JSF managed to take Ramstein earlier, other one lost Ft. Levski. Damn.



   Well, at least i can cheer up myself by installing more toys on IFVs! Fastbacks now have AGL, Rockets pod and this strange RCWS on top in addition to main AC. 


   So that was a rather short battle, just under 7 minutes. We can easily beat one more battalion of Eurotrash!


   This battle will be last for Paris. We need to capture Alpha position, or we can kill all defenders. This time Enforcers put Alexis Matz as commander of operation to hold Paris. Defenders after 10 minute mark will get a lot of reinforcements and ability to fling WMDs at us.


Preparations and moments before first contact:



   My plan will be very different from previous 2 battles. Maldini attacks from both flanks shown that in future battle Europeans can overwhelm my defences with their hordes, especially now with huge reinforcements arriving after 10 minutes of operation and middle bridge being repaired. Alexis is better commander and he doesn't have a certain way to lead his forces - each battle his tactics are unpredictable. Defensive approach will be like giving initiative to Alexis, and i don't want this fight to be dictated by Europe's best officer. Fuck him, we are going to smash through their defenses, drive right to Alpha and fuck things up! Thats why battalion will be deployed to almost maximum capacity, with 2 tank platoons and 2 IFV teams that will carry infantry through fires and ruins of Paris and piles of dead Eurotrash!







   Time is running out, we need to do things faster. We are going to collide with Cheetahs head on!


   Hot phase of our operation "Fuck Alexis Matz"



   HESH rounds from Schwarzkopfs landed well. But we need to kill them faster!



   Add rockets!






   Finish them NOW!



   Infantry  is going to take and upgrade uplinks in order to give us some support if my plan will fail. While infantry is working on computer stuff, IFVs and tanks will punch through Euroepan defence. When infantry will be done, IFVs will arrive to get them, with tanks being supported by gunships.



   Left flanks looks like an easier way to Alpha, as enemies will not have too many buildings to hide their AT teams in. MBTs are clearing hostile autoturrets.



   Spartans are suppressing enemies in central area. 



   Killing Marksman artillery trucks is critical for this plan. If they will survive, whole path to Alpha will be inside artillery effective range.



   Both tank platoons are shelling barricades to make a way through them to hostile side of Paris. 



   We are going to use regular army support and send them to attack, if needed. Cottonmouth continues to provide Spartans with intel on enemy positions. They are bunched up, time to unwrap our MRLS pods.





   Do you feel it? Its a shock waves, going through your body!



   Schwarzkopfs are slowly chewing through lots and lots of defensive UGVs. We are on their side of the river, 5 minutes left. IFVs are moving to get infantry.



   Tin cans are almost dead. On a map you can see US army troops are coming to help us.



   Few of them left alive after artillery and MRLS strikes.



   We are not living much space for Alexis to move his troops. Tanks flanked that group of forces that ate a lot of HE from Spartans. Artillery and tanks are going to finish them.



   APCs, tanks, infantry, gunships, SPGs - all were defeated. Troops are rushing to Alpha.



   Not pictured - a fight with infantry squad and UGVs near Alpha (was so busy with it that forgot to make pictures). Looks like we straight killed all Eurotrash troops on the ground. Alexis Matz didn't had much time and space to do his plan.




   Paris is ours! Eurotrash suffered a critial defeat! 



   Central area is more like a graveyard now.



   Thanks to them!



   Abrams tanks of US army that were called in as a support, didn't had time to arrive, hahaha!





   2 squads of JSF infantry, 2 platoon of tanks, CV and 2 platoon of IFVs were pushed to Alpha, crushing all Europeans in their way.





   We were very close.



   Final battle was just 7 minutes long.





   Huh, meanwhile Shpetsnaz is using a moment when many JSF forces are busy with Paris. They will be next after we will clean remains of EU forces.


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   After our great victory in Paris, we very quickly moved back to US in order to defend Grissom AB from European Army attack through Canada. They are trying to pull our forces away from Europe to re-take their now slightly ruined capital.


   Our task is to re-establish control of our base by re-starting uplinks after Euros hacked them, or kill all attackers. Karl Haider once again will be my opponent. 


   Prep and first moments of operation:



   We need to grab as much uplinks as possible, thats why we are going with 2 squads of combat engineers and no CV. IFVs will help with AA support, as Karl likes to use Cheetah gunships. My plan in general is to stay inside of defensible main part of base and get out to deserted parts (South and East) only when they will be empty or for fast flanking attacks/area denial. Eurotrash will flood military base through entry points near Foxtrot and Lima (most likely), so we need to create a hardened position near Alpha for sure.



   Task force is ready to start. Bravo, Lima, Sierra, Yankee and Whiskey were damaged before our operation began, so we can't upgrade them to use avaliable supports. Thats why i want to concentrate on other server hubs.



   Blackfoots will be our eyes in the skies.



   Cheetah are loaded with ATGMs, they are rather dangerous.



   Eurotrash hordes are incoming.


   Battle for Grissom Base starts! First wave of Enforcer corps assault:



   Blackfoots are clearing area from Eurocannon fodder. Karl is serious about assault this base, Panther tanks are already on the ground.



   Trying to secure our right flank. Pioneers are capturing Bravo and after taking it we can drop UGVs here to close airspace for Cheetahs, that Haider likes to use.



   Looks like Eurotrash picked entry near Lima as their main floodgates.



   Heh, now i see where Europeans are going - gunships dispatched to try to clear Alpha. Pioneers and IFVs are good enough to deal with them, we need to deal critical amount of damage to them in order to strip assault formation from aircover, as i'm deploying Spartans against it and don't whant Eurocopter buzzing around them.



   Gunships are trying to run and they are probably trying to lure us to their main forces, but we need to damage or shot down all of them at any cost.



   Just a little bit more fire!



   IFVs done their job, now they can leave. During retreat they lost a vehicle, but Spartans are already sending their greetings to Euro tin cans. After Spartans will destroy wheeled death traps, gunships can easily kill Panther tanks.



   Gunships are checking what is happening behind enemy lines. Tanks are being delivered, one team is on the ground. Enemy attack failed (no pics, was concentrated too much to remember to snap few screenshots), so we have a little breathing space.



   Infantry team that was left from first wave of assault. Destroyed tanks and APCs are visible on the right. Far away we can already see a second wave preparing for their breakthrough mission.



   We need to clear this area before second wave arrives, or Eurohorde will be even bigger and harder to stop. Airstrike is called on Eurohorde on the background, while horde of infantry inside of hangar are receiving Spartans attention. Also, enemies managed to capture more uplinks than we, so our defeat clocks starts to tick annoyingly.



   I was thinking that main forces of Europeans are in the middle and big chank of them were defeated, so tried to push engineers and IFVs to Sierra to deny enemies more of territory, but engineers discovered in a last moment that Sierra was full of camouflaged riflemens, that ambushed our Pioneers from close range. Our Pioneers are now fighting a group of UGVs and Enforcers Kommandos in the same time, Cottonmouth diverted to help them. We are in danger of losing veterans, we need to act strong and swift.


   Second wave of Eurohordes!



   Another horde of Euroforces is incoming. They are really trying to take this base at any cost! We managed to save Pioneers at Sierra, currently they are working on it. Cottonmouth is retreating, i will call in second team to this fight. Pioneers team that pushed forward and captured Foxtrot is under fire from several units. I though they had time to run back, but enemies left them not enough time, so ordered them to stay on Foxtrot and delay part of Eurohorde. Alpha uplink is build up well enough - engineers put mines on one of 2 entrances, UGVs are on the ground to support us, Fastbacks are supporting tanks with their ACs.



   Pioneers at Foxtrot were defeated, but part of Eurohorde was stopped for long enough to our troops to shot down one of gunships group and suppress infantry squad. Tanks are pushed to frontline to tank damage and treat our guests with 120 mm shells.



   Defence of Alpha is approaching a breaking point, Fastbacks ar conducting flanking attack thanks to previously established positions at Bravo and Sierra. I didn't expected this turn of events, misjudged preparations for second wave with Pioneers squad stuck on Foxtrot, it could be very helpfull in repealing Eurohorde onslaught on Alpha. Autocannons will not do much damage against infantry inside of buildings, but it can distract hostile forces. Can't push futher with them, Panther tanks are not far.



   UGVs are taking all damage output of Cheetahs, so we can destroy them. 1st tank platoon is working on stopping attack near Lima entrance, they are overwhelmed, but at this point European attacks looke like it failed - main bulk of task force is combat capable, while Eurohorde infantry was stopped, Eurocopters are going to be shot few moments later, after IFVs will finish bringing down hostile number 1 (1st Eurocopers squad). After losing Cheetah Karl will have only 1 Panther platoon and some squishy Europeans to attack us, and they are going to be easy target for Spartan SPGs.



   As expected 1st Schwarzkopfs platoon was defeated, but looks like Eurohorde is goingto lose all their airvis.



   Few moments later - only pieces of this horde are left on the ground alive - 1 infantry squad and 2 Eurocopters. 



   Spartans will chew them up.


   Eurotrash is very angry. Wave number 3!



   Europeans are very angry that thei hordes number 1 and 2 failed to gain any ground inside of Grissom Air Forces base, so they are hitting us with their space laser. 2 Spartans team were defeated, but we can recover them for future battles. I'm bringing 2nd MBT platoon and squad of Ghosts, to deal with squishy Europeans that Karl also use frequently. 



   IFVs are shelling soldiers inside of building near Lima, while Viper team of funships have yet another party of Eurocopters on their tail.



   Decided to clear Lima with our own WMD strike. Karl is not going to win this battle anyway - we are nearly re-established our task force.



   Damaged group of Cheetahs are trying to clear Foxtrot from another team of UGVs that we airdropped there. Panthers platoon is moving to North entrance, they are going to eat an airstrike.





   Karl tries to create yet another horde, 2 squads of footmobiles are visible. We are going to kill this horde in its infancy!



   Tanks are bursting into European LZ to crush squishy Europeans. Spartans team is on the ground, but those are unexperienced crews, so we are not going to rely on their work. Recently deployed engineers captured Delta, so victory clocks are now ticking for us.



   Schwarzkopfs and Panthers are exchanging shots with each other, with infantry unit in the way.



   2 teams of gunships are deployed, they will hunt down any survivors.



   Infantry squad spotted  moving to Foxtrot.



   And it is done! They were last forces Karl had in his battalion!




   That was a harder battle than i expected, partially because misjudged timings of Pioneers movement to and out of Foxtrot, should have tried to put more minefields near Lima entrance.


   Time for next operation. Europeans continue their attempts to harass us, they are launching attack on Springfield in order to push us back from Europe. Our battalion was not far from area of EU Enforcers assault, so we were tasked with conducting counter-attack.


   We are going to have all support we can ask for. while Eurotrash have nothing to help them if we will fuck 'em up their troops on the ground.




   Terrain is rather open, so we are rather light on infantry and more heavy on AFVs. Our task is to grab more uplinks than enemy or defeat all troops that Eurotrash will bring to this fight. Santiago will be leading this operatin from EU side, we have met before, during 1st battle for Paris and raid on Le Ceito base. He is rather aggressive and likes to use mechanized infantry (mostly with APCs), thats why i'm deploying tanks as well. CV is going to be used as mobile road block and support when needed, IFVs will be usefull against air threats. Layout of battlespace hints that our foe can get to our side of map via town in the middle or through both flanks, so we need to stay mobile. Lima is going to be taken first and fortified, so artillery will have a place to park and deploy their main caliber.



   Operations started.



   JSF's paintjob is fancier than what SGB have.



   Maus, is that you?



   Strange Italian-looking city of Springfield.


   First contacts



   Tanks and IFVs are going to clear central part of this region, so my gunships can move around it without being underfire from all angles.



   Eurocopters are shot down, we have clear way futher.



   Panthers platoon, with APC moving to uplink (probably to pick up infantry). Spartans are being delivered to counter any attack through town.



   Blackfoots are dealing with Panthers, AFVs are moving back to Lima to get out of direct LOS of Panthers in order to avoid unnecessary damage.



   Infantry squad of Eurotrash that was moving to Delta was defeated before they even managed to get to Delta. Next target - a horde of Grenadiers that are running from Bravo to our gunships in block their way deeper into Euro LZ.



   Spartans also think that it was a good idea to run into LOS o Blackfoots.



   Troops are working on stopping advances of Eurohordes on left flank - MBTs and CV detroyed European tin cans on wheels and now processing squishy type of Euroforces.



   Another infantry squad in our sights. Santiago have problems with this type of terrain - he is sending infantry units without proper support, so they are easy snack for either Blackfoots or Spartans.


   Continuation of skirmish for Italian-looking Springfield.



   Cheetah choppers arrived, by we already have 2 teams of our own gunships flying around.



   Gang raid on Cheetahs!







   We are advancing on the left flank, Spartans are making sure that enemies near Delta are going to repeat fate of first infantry squad that tried to take it wihtout sking Uncle Sam.



   And thats all? We only few moments ago called regular army support, but I'm ok with that.




   After battle was over:



   US Army didn't even reached their positions.









   Now Europeans are trying to take their capital back - thats why they are trying to assault Ramstein, in order to strip us from Air Forces coverage. Shpetsnaz managed to grab Partual while we were busy with Eurotrash in our homeland. 





   Battle for Ramstein was recorded (was testing software) and i forgot to do screenshots. Quality is not that good, probably because i didn't picked appropriate video settings, or because EndWar isn't well optimised for my notebook (or all togehter). In a video you can see that destroyed units sometimes don't have proper textures, which never happened before.















"4 barrel launcher for smart munition" - *normal underbarrel GL modelled*



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