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The BattleGrounds Thread - What the Fuck Just Happened? Since 2017

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5 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

"Why do people play shooters?" <- Rich Evans


Keep in mind this guy likes fucking Stardew Valley.


That review is just atrocious. It started giving me cancer, so I stopped.


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I've gotten decent at punching people out. Several times I've noticed that other people were headed to the same cluster of buildings that I was, so I redirected to land as close to them as I could. Most people try to run away from you and find a weapon, and during that time you can get a couple hits in. Then they have to go through the pick up and loading sequences, and that's when you can knock them out. So far I've gotten six or 7, one of them was going for a shotgun, another managed to get a pistol, and my favorite so far is punching out someone and taking their pan.

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