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The BattleGrounds Thread - What the Fuck Just Happened? Since 2017

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Possibly the most frustrating thing to ever happen to me in PUBG:

On the new map, moving south to northwest. Enter a building. Immediately hear footsteps, pretty obvious that the other guy is waiting for me on the stairs. Fuck it, I've got a tricked out Vector, it's go-time.

Pull around the stairwell perfectly positioned on his neck, pull the trigger.


Bullets fly out of my gun like angry bees of death at 1100 RPM. Other guy doesn't go down.

He shoots me, I die.

WTF?, actual


Watch the death cam.


All my bullets hit the thin railing in front of him.



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Jesus Christ I have been dying to the dumbest shit in this game, lately. I died to a vehicle I was driving a couple of battles ago, I died to the circle several times, and then I died to the red zone in my last battle.

The funny thing is that I'm doing much better in combat these days. Just what the fuck.

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