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The Escape From Tarkov Thread: Good Hunting xXxSTALKERxXx

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1 hour ago, Sturgeon said:

For a "hyper realistic" game, there's a bunch of cheaty BS you can pull in EFT. Like healing while ADS, and magically reloading your mags from spare rounds instantly.

mags loading feature is WIP, actually. Healing was changed, previously player could heal several wounds at once, now only one. They are looking at implementing features without hurting gameplay much.

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Surprisingly it looks pretty good, I like how it's not perfect because a lot of video games make thermal scopes absolutely perfect when, unless you spend an absolute fuck load on one (I have one for my M300 that was over $20,000, It's basically military grade and incredibly good but, even then not magical arcade video game bullshit good), they're not even close to how they're portrayed in video games. Like how some won't even take into account background interference/surrounding object temperature or various atmospheric conditions.


They've said they're not finished with the Thermal scope yet since they need to fuck with the game engine first to get it 100% accurate but, I'll wait and see how that turns out when it happens.

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