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Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

GOTTA GO FAST (Speedrunning)

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Speedrunning video games is really interesting to me, and maybe someone else in this forum. 


To speedrun a game is to beat the game (or the challenge in particular, All Bosses, *insert weapon here* only) as quickly as possible. 


This can be done regularly or with glitches that are naturally occurring within the game (Glitchless vs Any%).


We'll start with one of my favorite series, Dark Souls. 





Want retro? Here's a great Super Mario Bros speedrun.


This one is great, because his grand mother is there cheering him on.




Maybe Super Mario 64? This run blows my damned mind.



Like First Person shooters? Here's Halo: CE on Legendary.





And Halo 3, Legendary as well. 




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