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On 10.12.2017 at 8:25 PM, Serge said:

What is the main difference between the A7 and A7V standards ?

  • additional armor module on the hull front
  • improved torsion bars with a maximum qualified weight of 70 metric tons
  • L55A1 gun (only some tanks)
  • changed final drive ratio (slightly lower top speed, but higher acceleration)
  • third gen thermal imager with high resolution integrated into the gunner's sight
  • improved laser rangefinder with greater range
  • new air conditioning system with integrated NBC protection system (the air conditioning adopted with the 2A7 upgrade requires a separate NBC protection system; however the old NBC protection system is kept to serve as air conditioning system for the driver)
  • new ammo racks to hold the heavier DM11 HE-ABM ammo (on 2A7 this ammo could only be stored in certain racks)
  • total refurbishment of all engines

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