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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

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9 hours ago, Xoon said:

What counts as a machine gun in the UK?


I believe this is a witness description rather than an authoritative statement.....As I said above, it is entirely possible that it was a SMG, it wouldn't be the first time, here's a 2016 story: 




Another from 2008, slightly different MO:




& the granddaddy from back in 1999:




IIRC the weapons from this one turned up in all manner of interesting places.  ;)

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Only nine months after the fact.


I'm sure the casinos and Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Association determined that enough time has gone by that releasing this footage wouldn't harm the bottom line.

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   In Dagestan, the leader of the gang, who provided armed resistance, was neutralized. This was announced on Sunday, May 3, in the information center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

   The special operation took place near the village of Kvanada in the Tsumadinsky district of Dagestan. It became known that the bandit is hiding in the forest. At 04:15 am in Kvanade and Gemerso was introduced the regime of CTO.

   On the demand to lay down the gun, the gunman opened fire. As a result of the ensuing battle, he was neutralized.

   The criminal was identified as the ringleader of the Tsumadin gang. An automatic weapon and ammunition were found at the site of the fighting. The operative-investigative group is working on the site.

   There are no casualties among law enforcement officers and civilians.


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More from Hard Ingush about operation in Nazran, with video (NSFW)




   "In the evening of June 7, the commander said that in the morning we will go on searches in two settlements of Ingushetia and two in North Ossetia. Nothing unusual, a simple verification of information about the possible existence of extremist literature and other prohibited items.
   We are already accustomed to these planned checks on the eve of the holidays (Russia Day on June 12) and the World Cup.


   They divided the boys into five groups and identified the addresses. At a meeting with the operatives, they asked if there could be weapons.
   They said that no, the usual "chairborn Mujahideens", which on the Internet place lectures of radical preachers. Early in the morning lined up and each group went with their operative. By eight in the morning three addresses in Ossetia and three addresses in Ingushetia had already been examined, six people were detained. A lot of interesting things have been discovered - besides extremist literature - weapons, explosives ready for sabotage, shahid belts and hatabkis [home made small grenades], as well as bottles with flamable liquid.


   The alleged leader of the group had a buyat "Islamic state". About 8:15 the boys called from one of the addresses in Nazran - we have fire contact, send reinforcements.
Well, the commander singled out 20 people already free and sent them to help the boys, because there were only eight people there. We jumped on GAZ and URAL.
We come, a "decent" address. The operative is talking with a man, as it turned out - the head of the family, a former lieutenant colonel of the police.

   According to the situation, 2 Aupovs sons with weapons and their mother barricaded in the house, and the father has been negotiating for an hour to get out them of the address. He managed to get my wife and child out of one of the bandits. During the time when the armored URAL was moving on a narrow street, the truck body hit the gate of home ownership and the shooting started immediately from house. The commander already wanted to give the command for the assault, but the chief from the operatives said that we must continue to negotiate. Father again went to persuade his wife and his sons to lay down their arms and surrender, but in failed. Even when based on the reviewed video from GO-Pro, it is clear that when the father was negotiating in the back of the house there was a movement, his sons looked out from one of the rooms and told him that they will not come out and fall as martyrs ...


   Ayupov Magomed, "Abu Muavia"
   After that the commander decided to go with shields to try to at least bring the mother out alive, although I did not quite understand the operatives, because in all the concepts she was the accomplice of the bandits. Well, there was a fight, under the cover of the fire that started in house, these two scum tried to escape through the backyard, where they were taken out by the punishing hand of justice. After extinguishing the fire, and analysis of place, several improvised explosive devices, "Saiga", a Kalashnikov rifle, ammunition, hattabki, extremist literature, mobile equipment were found.


   When the danger for the operatives was dealt with, we withdrew and went back to the base. "


   After 4 days it is fun to watch, as the anonymous authors of the Ingush websites and publications referring to "the word of witnesses", which did not exist there, because the cordon stood for a few streets, a post materials about "extrajudicial executions".


   Mother, unfortunately, also died. According to the conclusion of the pathologist - she received a deadly gunshot wound. Ballistic experts reported that the bullet withdrawn from her body was from the "Saiga" found in house. The son killed the mother.


   According to the procedural concepts, the mother - in fact, was their accomplice - sheltered them in her house and refused to surrender, that is, assisted them in the crime. In fact, after the first shot towards the officers, all the negotiations were supposed to end and the bandits had to be dealth with, but operatives were negotiating with them for another hour and a half after that.


   We tried to keep these people strayed from life, even though they did not deserve it. These are the humane "death squads" in Ingushetia - they try to keep the bandit alive until the last.


   Special thanks to the father for his courage, despite the threat to die at the hands of his ill-fated sons, he until the last moment negotiated and tried to save their useless lives.


   P.S .: tracks have already inspected the phones and computer of these bandits. They were the main ideologists of a large group, spreading instructions for making IEDs and conducting subversive war against "infidels" and "imams murji'ah" (they have even already been defined list of Salafi religious leaders, who in their opinion were subject to extrajudicial executions).  Thanks to well-coordinated work, we managed to prevent several murders and terrorist acts. All details are not disclosed, since the search of accomplices continues.


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14 minutes ago, Belesarius said:


Clearly New Jersey needs stronger gun laws, even though they have some of the strongest in the nation. Hey everyone, let's all blame inanimate objects and make up excuses to take away things from people who have not and would never do anything wrong with said objects!

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53 minutes ago, Belesarius said:


Interesting that they were willing to print hearsay that "neighborhood beef" was the cause right away.


Gonna be some people looking mighty stupid, for example, if this really turns out to have been terrorism.

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