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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

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9 hours ago, Beer said:

That looks like modified rollcage and light ramp from the Dakar KaMAZ truck. 

   They use some parts of "sport" Kamaz trucks on their armored versions.

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   In Dagestan, special forces of the FSB and the Russian Guard entered into battle with a group of militants, which had previously been discovered in the Khasavyurt district of the republic.

   The shootout, according to TASS, occurred in the forest between the villages of Goksuv and Mutsalaul. It is assumed that the resistance to the security forces was exerted by the militants of the Andirean gang. Five of 6 members of the gang are on the federal wanted list.

   According to available information, one officer / soldier of one of the law enforcement agencies was injured, 6 terrorists were killed.


   Recall that on the evening of May 21, near the village of Goksuv, the security forces noticed a bandit group that hid in a forest.

   According to the Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, at dawn, law enforcement agencies began searching activities of the area. The department confirmed the conduct of a special operation.



   NSFW. Bandits that were killed:
















   Most of their weapons are civilian or conversion of civilian guns:










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On 5/23/2020 at 8:49 PM, Beer said:

120 mm mortar used in CTO isn't an often seen thing.

   Use of indirect fire weapons is not unusual for operations in areas outside of towns/villages. For example - several AGS used for indirect fire.


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