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So National Geographic has a mini series airing right now called The Long Road Home. I'm curious if any else is watching it right now. The show is about black Friday, and the beginning of the siege of sadr city in 2004. It's filmed at Fort Hood with cooperation from the U.S. Army so it features a lot of authentic armor. The first couple of episodes feature Bradleys quite heavily, and starting with episode 4 it looks like Abrams starting getting more screen time. It's pretty cool if you want to see some authentic tanks and vehicles as long as you can stand some cheesiness and army wife shit.


Edit: Just realized I posted to the wrong board.


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Most GW stuff is a sour pill for me since so many of my relatives were in it. 


This being on a cable channel does not help.  I do not do cable. Or Sat. 


Not sure how I feel about for profit channels making offerings like this. 

You want to know what the fuck happened, talk to people.  Relatives, Friends



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