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    • By Life_In_Black
      Not exactly the same concept as the WoT forums or elsewhere, I figured this would be the place to post something unknown so as to get others' help in identifying it. Could be identifying the tank itself, a particular modification, , where the picture might have been taken, a user or unit, etc. I'll go first:

      Obviously this is a Centurion with an 105mm L7, which is what perplexes me. It's not Israeli, as Israel didn't experiment with camouflage on their tanks until sometime in the '80s. And the presence of the 105mm L7 means this isn't during the Suez crisis in 1956 either. So where is it? And is it British, Australian, or some other country using it?
    • By Mighty_Zuk
      Welcome to Mighty Zuk's place of mental rest and peace of mind. This is my realm. 
      I've decided it would be best to ditch the old Merkava thread for 2 reasons:
      1)It does not feature any bunched up information in its main post, and valuable information is scattered across different posts on different pages. 
      2)Many AFVs that are not related to the Merkava, or related but are not it, appear in that thread with improper representation. There are other AFVs than the Merkava, and it would be better to refer to them in a general way.
      As time will go by, I will arrange this thread into a sort of information center. 
      I will take up a few first comment spaces to make sure proper amount of information can be stacked up on the front page and for easier access for everyone.
      [Reserved for future posts - Merkava]
    • By Sturgeon
      I'll start off with a couple Pathe videos:




    • By EnsignExpendable
      Now, we are all in agreement that the best tank the Germans built was the StuG III.

      But did you know that the Germans had other vehicles? It's true! You should talk about them here.
      Links you should click:
      Our Problem Child: Rossmum on the Panther tank
      Germany's White Elephant, a look at the Tiger tank in theory and practice
      Tiger II: A Royal Pain
      An overview of Germany's armour quality