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    • By eggs benedict
      hello everyone!
      so i read that the T-90 shares the T-72B turret , thus BDD armor , however this documentary (?) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKGv5JQBTI8 says "aluminums and plastics".
      is this any legit? did they like , keep the t72b cavity design and change the fill?
      also , did the combination on new welded towers change?
    • By Collimatrix
      Most historical arms and armor were made of metal, leather and stone.  This is the thread for historical weapons and armor made of weird shit.

      This is an example of armor made from the Gilbert islands made of thick, woven coconut fiber.  The helmet is made from a pufferfish.
      I've seen a set similar to this in another museum.  The woven fiber body armor looked like it would be reasonably effective.  Coconut husk is pretty tough and the vest was very thick.  I wasn't so sure about the helmet.
      The Gilbertese were also the foremost users of shark's tooth weapons, although other Polynesians used them as well:

      Several historical examples I've seen are these strange, branching designs:


      Polynesians were not the only ones to use teeth in their arms.  The Mycenian Greeks made helmets out of boars teeth.  One such helmet is described in the Iliad, and there are a few archeological discoveries of such:


      And finally, a club used by Inuits made from the penis-bone of a walrus:

    • By Collimatrix
      This is wonderful.
      I learned:
      1)  The leo 1 had poor hull armor, but excellent turret armor!
      2)  Chieftain's armor was 16 inches thick!
      4)  The T-64 was the Soviet's own version of the leopard(?!)
      Actually, the materials science stuff seems solid, and jives with what I've heard before (but how much of that is people repeating this article?).
    • By Collimatrix
      "Special armor?"

      It's all fucking NERA.
      Some models of T-72 had it.
      Merk IV's have it.
      Abramses have it.
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