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The infectious diseases thread.

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A thread for discussing various infectious diseases, and news associated with them. So Ebola, HIV, SARS, etc.


Starting with a couple articles about HIV that came across my FB feed.  90 % of all HIV cases trace back to a strain that comes from Kinshasha/Leopoldville back in the 1920s where it spread out due to rail and other transportation networks.








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    • By Toxn
      What it says on the tin: I know stuff about genetics and biotechnology (especially population genetics and crop biotechnology), so feel free to ask me anything about these topics. If there is something I don't know enough about (human genetic disorders, for instance) I will do my best to remedy that issue or tell you so.
      I am also a trainee patent lawyer, so you can also ask questions related to Intellectual Property law. I must, however, stress the 'trainee' part.
      Fire away, chaps.